Ravensword Shadowlands
Ravensword Shadowlands
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Version: 21
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Download and install Ravensword Shadowlands APK and dive into a fantasy adventure game story. Learn to use great swords, arrows, and magic for the greater good.

Name Ravensword Shadowlands
Version 21
Updated Sep 28, 2022
Category Role Playing

Game Story

Ravenswood: Shadowland is a sequel to RavenSword: fallen king. The game happens to be a simple, fantasy adventure. For centuries, a war has raged between Tyreas' humans and dark elf invaders. The war is on, and the epic magical weapon, the Ravensword, has been lost!

The main quest revolves around searching for this magical weapon. A final war is being fought at Heronmar, the elven base. However, it quickly devolves into total carnage as catastrophic magic causes chaos on both sides and leaves both sides devastated, except one.

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You take on the role of the sole survivor, who turns out to be the good guy. The truth about what took place at Heronmar gets revealed after you wake up and gather your bearings. You are a descendant of kings who can wield the great Ravensword. Your responsibility is to find the sword and kill the evil demon now threatening Tires.

The game has a cinematic and heroic feel; it's an epic tale of good fighting evil. It tells stories about warriors and magic. The central theme of the game story is about the Dark Elves imposing darkness on the kingdom of Tires, and you gave to win the war and restore order to the world.

Game Description

Crescent Moon Games developed RavenSword: Shadowland, published by Ratalaika Games S.L. Crescent Moon Games is an award-winning developer known for games such as Ravensword: The Fallen King and Aralon: Sword. Ravenswood: Shadowland was released in 2013 and was meant to be a mobile device game. If you enjoy RPGs, you'll love it. It's an adventure RPG set in a large open world.

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The world in this game is very grand, and the graphics are pretty good. The game begins with a brief introduction and a tutorial. After that, the game world is sparse but densely populated with overwhelming animals and beings.

The game story allows you to explore and have an adventure across an enormous and well-detailed world, gather powerful items and weapons, level up your skills, and use compelling narrative to unravel the mysteries of Tyreas' Kingdom. You can also switch between 1st and 3rd Person views while learning new skills, making quests, and making decisions that make or mar things.


Ravenswood: Shadowland has been likened to open-world role-playing games in the Elder Scrolls series, such as Skyrim. With a few exceptions, combat is divided into three categories. Two are equipment-based: melee and ranged. Although there are different types of melee and ranged combat, each style requires its own set of skills, equipment, and training. For example, magic has its spells, but they are all taught similarly, with the same equipment and skills.

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You can personalize your character in any way you want. Hair, beard, brows, eyes, nose, mouth, jaw, and face can all be customized. However, as you progress through the game, you'll notice that all those details become irrelevant as you're outfitted with a helmet. In addition, you should have customized the physique - height, weight - and motion, which would have been far more critical.

The gameplay is responsible for a large portion of this game's success. The small world's orderliness. Several houses, tasks, monsters, and Goblins to eliminate, different purposes, enemies to slash, dragons to mount, and friends to fight with.

You can customize your view distance, camera sensitivity, and controls, among other things, in the settings. Unfortunately, you can't see your character's face even if you try to pan the camera; it will always come back to your character's back, unlike other games that allow you to pan around the entire body while in motion. Nevertheless, leaving aside some minor flaws, the game had excellent gameplay that you would enjoy.

Game features

Ravenswood: Shadowland has some exciting features that make it one of the best RPGs you'll ever play. The features include:

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  • Picking a Lock
  • Keeping Secret Magical Runes
  • item improvement
  • Lots of loot and armor upgrades
  • You survive or die based on your decision
  • multi-part quests with mounted combat
  • Horses of Reputation and the Jail System
  • There are numerous enemy types, including massive prehistoric creatures.
  • A wide 3D RPG game world to explore in 1st and 3rd person, with on-the-fly switching.
  • The scenery is exciting and realistic.
  • Physics of Ragdolls
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  • Sean Beeson composed the original soundtrack.
  • Many items to choose from
  • Combat based on reflex and precision, with dodging and manual blocking.
  • Weapons include bows, crossbows, axes, swords, hammers, and hammers.
  • Mounts that fly
  • Well-detailed graphics that is a prominent and noticeable aspect of the game. The 3D game design allows you to pay meticulous attention to the details. The scenes are beautifully designed, and the majestic prehistoric monsters are faithfully reproduced.

New Updates

There are also new updates from the developer, and they include:

- Controller and touchscreen interaction had been fixed

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- Text Clipping in the text journal has also been fixed


When you think experience systems, quests, loot, magic, and enormous 3D worlds, are too much for a smartphone or tablet to handle, Crescent Moon Games decides to clear your delusions. Instead, they somewhat find a way to bring that experience to mobile devices and have done that successfully.

The creation of Aralon: Sword and Shadow is enough to tell you this developer still has enough beneath their sleeves. Now they have decided to return to the land of Tires in Ravensword: Shadowland. This is an RPG adventure you don't want to miss.

Ravensword tries to make a big idea work on a small device. The gameplay is acceptable, and there are plenty of upgrades and loot. It's a tell-tale story game that you'll find interesting. Ravensword is an excellent game with great visuals and gameplay. It can be purchased and downloaded Google play store.

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Download and install Ravensword Shadowlands APK and dive into a fantasy adventure game story. Learn to use great swords, arrows, and magic for the greater good.


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