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PC Creator
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Version: 6.5.0
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Download and install PC Creator APK to be able to build and upgrade virtual PC. This game will teach you how you can be a computer engineer where you repair PCs.

Name PC Creator
Version 6.5.0
Updated Apr 9, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer UltraAndre
Google Play Link com.ultraandre.pccreator

Important Information about PC Creator

PC Creator is a very intriguing simulation game developed and released by UltraAndre. This game simulates the lives of those passionate about technology.

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Some people have a passion for technology; they work and live with the sole interest of owning the most advanced and latest technological equipment. In this game, however, you play as a young guy with high love for computers. If you are passionate about computer technology, you might find this game highly fun because it offers several incredible pieces of knowledge.

Develop Your Career

Playing this game allows you to become a character who loves computers. Initially, you completely create the character you want to assume by making it in your likeness. Then, your task is to receive orders like software installation, operating system installation, computer upgrade, repair, etc.

At the start of the game, you are inexperienced, just a common newbie. So you need to have the chance to improve the skills required for the job. The harder you work, the higher you will climb in the levels and earn enough money to build your computer.

This game has simple gameplay. You only need to use your fingers to take whatever you need. You won't have to move the character at all. It is easy to get the hang of this game even without reading the instructions provided by the system.

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This game possesses a lot of rudimentary to learn the components of a modern computer; depending on your budget, you can build a computer. But the game's component has changed their names, and the names are different from the ones we know in reality – the only familiar names you may see are those of manufacturers, such as AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and so on.

As generally known, a computer is supposed to have essential elements, such as a cooling fan, graphics card, RAM, CPU, mainboard, and case cover.

Build Your Computer

You can build a much simpler PC than it originally was, and you can build that computer even if you don't have enough PC knowledge to do that in reality. You just have to select the components in your closet, and every step of the game is simplified. For example, designing a mainboard is unnecessary, and a cable is not required. A primary school child can build a computer on his own by playing this game.

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Another interesting aspect is that you can install your computer's OS (operating system) or the customer's request. You are free to install software, run the 3D benchmark, overclock, play games, and so on. But there are only a few software and games in the virtual store, so building a computer may not be as realistic as it should be. You can freely install it with macOS; however, you must purchase a license for Windows. Besides, there are several antivirus software stores such as Avast and Kaspersky. Some games include GTA V, PUBG, The Witcher 3, Fortnite, and many other incredible games.

Play with Friends

This app gives you the chance to exchange hardware with your friends. Besides that, there will be a weekly technology battle among manufacturers. This is similar to the Clan of the sword fighting game. If you like a certain brand, you can join that company. You also have the chance to place items in the warehouse to help other members, or you can request for exchange or permission.


This game possesses average-rated graphics. Even though nothing is too beautiful or outstanding, it is hard to criticize any aspect of their design. If it does not excite you, they assure the player will not be disappointed in the graphics.

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Further Incredible Features of PC Creator

Unlimited Money: For people passionate about technology, especially computers, almost everyone understands that this passion is very expensive. It is not cheap to purchase a computer, including its components. In PC Creator, you won't be able to upgrade your computer if you don't have sufficient money. This version of the app will provide you with more than enough money that you can spend.

  • Purchase More Components: When you make a certain amount of money in the game, you can purchase several things. First, you will locate a shop where software and hardware components are sold; you can use these components to upgrade your customer's PC. Also, you have to pay close attention to the size of the room because you will have to get a bigger room when you have a lot of money, and how you handle the work will even be more interesting.
  • PC-Related Work Experience: When you use this game, you will take part in interesting gameplay where you will have to meet customers' needs in upgrading or assembling a specific PC. You will receive a certain request which you must complete earning some money. Also, players will learn useful tips about PC-related things, including the factors surrounding them. This is very important information and would be useful when you want to purchase or upgrade a new PC.
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There is a facility where you can do your work, but that facility is temporary and small. With the facility's small size, you will only receive a few requests at first. Also, you will be able to observe the facility from a broad perspective and can make some factors within the facility to facilitate upgrading or creating a PC. Finally, you have the chance to fully access this game's gameplay with the assistance that will provide you with important information which you may need to read carefully.


Every PC-related simulation in this game promises its players a better understanding of setting up a perfect rig for PC. In addition, the most famous components of a personal computer will be available in this game, providing you with the virtual feeling of being a PC geek even if your idea of this branch of technology is limited or nonexistent.

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Download and install PC Creator APK to be able to build and upgrade virtual PC. This game will teach you how you can be a computer engineer where you repair PCs.


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