Pascal's Wager
Pascal's Wager
Size: 74,7 MB
Version: 1.6.7
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Download Pascal’s Wager APK, a definitive edition action and challenging role-playing game. Set in a dark fantasy world to discover the tale behind the mysterious Dark mist.

Name Pascal's Wager
Version 1.6.7
Updated Apr 28, 2024
Category Action
Developer Giant Global

Discover the Fantasy of Pascal Game

Pascal's wager is a hardcore 3D action game set in a dark, violent world where existence entails combat to survive. Pascal is a role-playing game with a deep storyline that lasts for about 20 hours of gameplay. It is an addictive RPG adventure and action game in that you have to battle your way to a world of dark fantasy that is dominated by monsters and demons.

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Giant Global published Pascal's wager game as a soul-like action game for game lovers who love the fantasy of a dark world game. In this game, the player's strategies and decision-making ability will play a role in defeating the enemies and clearing the challenges in the game. The game is graphical and beautiful, with high-end visuals that make Pascal's wager gameplay a fascinating one. Pascal's wager game stems from an argument of a philosopher, Blaise Pascal, that posited that humans bet their lives on the existence and non-existence of God.

Pascal's wager centers on Colossus, the god that dispelled the dark mist in Solas and brought light to everyone. When the sun disappears, causing eternal darkness in the entire kingdom, Colossus appears, emits light, clears the night's mist, and leads people to find the land of light. To survive the darkness, people followed Colossus, which made them the walking gods.

The colossi are scattered in different areas and provide light for their surroundings. The colossus of Heggem near mine that people rely on to live and work and the colossus of Adamina with the light that protects from darkness and sendril. Thousands of years after the appearance of the Colossi, a mysterious illness befell these creatures of light, just like the sun, they began to fall and went into extinction.

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Following the trail of the fall of the colossi, a postman named Terrence lost his wife with his belief that his wife had something to do with the fall of the colossi. Terrence the courier and his companions embarked on an arduous journey to find his missing wife and uncover the mystery and truth behind the dark world.

In Pascal wager, you will step into the shoes of Couriers and explore various handcrafted locales in the intriguing world full of stories, mysteries, and secrets. In the adventure, the veiled truth of Solas awaits you to be discovered. To do this, you must master five unique, powerful, and versatile characters with distinctive styles of combat to engage in an incredible challenge with the dark forces as your planning, reflexes, and determination will be tested by dark forces.

Features of Pascal wager

  • Engaging Gameplay: Pascal wager has a detailed and complex storyline. Despite this, the gameplay is not different from others of the same genre. Choose the character to fight with. You can have two characters to fight with, and one takes over if the other is defeated to continue the combat. With this feature, you have the flexibility of choosing the fitting tactics for each region.
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The control of the game is designed in a simple way to enjoy the footage of the game. The virtual joystick is located at the left to control the character's movement. While on the right are the skills key for fighting, such as sliding, running, slashing, and blocking. At the bottom of the screen, there are other information like HP and mana.

  • Characters: the game has many characters to journey to uncover the mystery of the dark world. There is Terrence, a knight, a courier who was expelled from the church for sins in the past. He sets out to discover the mystery behind colossi and his wife, having gotten the clue behind the downfall of the colossus.

Viola is another character, and she is a gunner with a gun. After Terrence saved her in sendril, she joined forces with him. Viola also has a mysterious past regarding the church, which she didn't reveal to Terrence.

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Norwood is another character who is a companion to Terrence. When they were in Adamina, Norwood saved Terrence. He is a mysterious assassin with a mask.

Benita is another character who is Terrence's only friend. She is a monk who has the power to perform magic. She sacrificed her eyes to rescue her friends as it means nothing to her because her world originally had no light.

  • Graphics and sound: Pascal wager has an intriguing and unique graphics style with both minimalistic and complex visuals as light and dark colors are combined to create an impressive visual atmosphere. With the image of Pascal's Wager Android version, a great job has been done to give some charm with the characters, environment, and monsters stimulated in realistic detail.
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The sound is also one of the attractions of the game, giving a cold and gloomy sensation while playing the game. The sounds lead to emotions in different regions and storylines, giving the feeling of excitement, curiosity, and thrill of the next action. Complement your journey through the adventure in the dark world with Pascal's wager download game on your device.

Download Pascal's wager

To have amazing gameplay of the adventurous and thrilling experience of the dark world to discover hidden secrets, get Pascal's wager latest version of the game, which is an upgrade to the previous version to enjoy smoother gameplay. With Paschal's wager free download, you can enjoy a mysterious world and get a rich combat experience that requires proper planning for revealing top secrets and mysterious things in the location.


Are you prepared to embark on a mysterious journey to discover secrets of the dark world and the stories behind the disappearance of the light from the race of humans? With Pascal's wager OBB file on an Android device, you are set to unravel things unknown. The application file of Pascal's wager is highly compressed so that it doesn't take up space on your phone despite its huge graphics. Get it installed and enjoy the thrilling actions of the game.

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Download Pascal’s Wager APK, a definitive edition action and challenging role-playing game. Set in a dark fantasy world to discover the tale behind the mysterious Dark mist.


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