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NieR Reincarnation
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Download Nier Reincarnation APK if you are a lover of dramatic games, or you love role-playing in the game. Nier reincarnation brings you adventure and dramatic combat.

Name NieR Reincarnation
Version 2.18.0
Updated Feb 17, 2023
Category Role Playing

Nier Reincarnation

Nier reincarnation is an engaging game full of adventure. The game is full of different game styles giving players adventures and thrilling experiences. According to the director of the game - Taro Yoko, the game is considered an RPG.

Japan's game technology industry is growing each day. Many games from rising Sunland have emerged, and people worldwide love it. However, the nier series has attracted a reasonable number of players worldwide. Nier reincarnation was a success, and it was widely known in  2017.

nier reincarnation for android

The game was attractive, unique, engaging, and full of adventure; hence many players worldwide are attracted to it.

Nier reincarnation takes your mind and emotions to the highest level. The game is available on all mobile platforms–android and iOS. Its style is a progression of the previous version. Nier reincarnation has a fantastic story plot, which is quite understandable for anyone to play. It has an excellent production quality which has made players glued to the game.

 If you are a lover of adventurous, dramatic, and engaging games, you can't go wrong with nier reincarnation.

Nier Reincarnation Description

 Nier reincarnation is a role-playing adventure game in which players play as a heroine, a mysterious character in the game. The game is adventurous as you must move from one location to another, trying to uncover the mystery behind the girl's predicament.

 Two talented individuals developed the game – Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito; they were the main producer of the previous nier series – nier:automata, with the assistance of a talented graphics artist – Akihiko Yoshida. The game has beautiful graphics, beating the record for the best game art on the phone.

 The game was announced at  the live stream event of Nier, a replica of Niconico. Nier reincarnation has distinct gameplay, which has made users accept the game without trashing it.

nier reincarnation gameplay

 The game took place in the same universe as the first other nier series time, but it has a different protagonist and timeline.

The game settings took place in an area called the cage, which has dungeons and towers. Fio is the main character in this game, who woke up on the floor and has no memory and, at the same time, lost her voice. Then, she embarked on a journey with another character, a strange creature called Mama, searching for her lost memory and her predicament. On the way, they will enjoy adventures and be able to uncover the mystery of the tower and dungeon. Fio is the heroine of the game.

 As you progress in the game as the player, you will unlock your heroine's memories to discover her true identity, and fortunately, you will come across companions to help you in the game. Your team will consist of 3 members. To experience and engage yourself in the game, you need to overcome many levels and dungeons to unlock the next level.

The gameplay and control system of nier reincarnation is easy to understand and navigate. Nier reincarnation gameplay is divided into two different aspects. The first involves exploration, where you will be able to go through a variety of beautiful settings.

 During this exploration, you can improve your weapons and other secrets that will allow you to have team combat with the characters; these characters will help you face the shadow. In the game, you can choose whether to control the combats manually or automate them.

download nier reincarnation

 In the game, you can recruit some characters during the story mode.

 While playing the game, the power of the dark creatures will increase gradually; hence as you progress in the game, you need to increase the strength of the characters by obtaining equipment and pets and improving your level.

 The game has characters, including A2, RION, Lars, Gayle, etc. You need to spin the gacha system like in other RPG games. The game has many features that have engaged and attracted gamers.

Features of Neir reincarnation

Here are the amazing features of the game;

Simple Gameplay

This is an essential feature of the game; the game has simple and accessible graphics. You will play as a girl named Fio, who is accompanied on a journey by a grandma named Mama and other characters to interact with as you journey to uncover the truth behind her predicament. This is quite interesting and simple.

nier reincarnation

Diverse characters

Nier reincarnation has several characters with their powers in the game. There are over three characters to interact with within the game. Asides from interacting with the characters, you can increase the strength of the character by paying attention to the skills, ascend, enhance, and requirements. These are the things that will grow the strength of your character. 

Awesome graphics and sound quality

Nier reincarnation has great graphics content in 2D and 3D mix, giving you a realistic and immersive game experience.

Diverse game mode

To make the game interesting, there are two game modes in the game – PvE and PvP, whereby players can interact with other players. This is cool.

nier reincarnation characters


Nier reincarnation has a cool and straightforward gameplay, and it is available on all mobile platforms. Download the latest version of the game to enjoy an adventurous game.


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