My Talking Hank
My Talking Hank
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Download the game My Talking Hank APK to keep you company and make you feel less lonely. Take care of your puppy and invite other animals over to have fun.

Name My Talking Hank
Updated May 21, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Google Play Link com.outfit7.mytalkinghank

About My Talking Hank

The most recent game in the well-liked "My Talking" series is "My Talking Hank." Hank, the puppy, is so endearing that Outfit7 has ensured it's also one of the cutest.

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Players of My Talking Hank will be able to control and look after an amused amiable virtual dog named Hank. His striking and chubby appearance demonstrates his warmth, allowing players to instantly become acquainted with just one encounter and eager to join him in several exciting contents. Additionally, the game includes a wide range of exhilarating activities that guarantee to give players the best experience in the casual gaming genre.

Activities in My Talking Hank

Talk To Hank Directly In Real-Time

Player engagement with Hank is the secret to unlocking all My Talking Hank's potential and fantastic features. Hank is a wise and intelligent dog who responds sensitively to the player's physical interactions regardless of where they touch the screen. Players must care for Hank in the meantime by providing him with any content or components, creating a comical and enjoyable life for him.

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Hank needs to eat, drink, sleep, play, urinate, and engage in similar activities to maintain his health. These items also call for direct interactions, and gamers can expand Hank's activities by using other exciting features or content. Above necessary, Hank will progressively alter his personality and look based on the player's involvement or care, adding a realistic and colourful touch.

Awesome Mini-Games Featuring Hank

Mini-games are the ideal option if Hank wants to have fun, and they are varied with different styles so that players can enjoy them to the maximum. In addition, Hank is made into a distinctive character by the material, diversifying gameplay and raising overall user enjoyment. So naturally, the mini-game payouts are significant, providing the player additional money to support Hank and provide for his every need.

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Change Your Location And Travel

It's fantastic that the player may alter Hank's living situation to raise his mood and bring the game's world to life. My Talking Hank will introduce a variety of lovely places with notable variances in the environment, setting, locales, and other aspects. Although the journey is thrilling, players must have money to pay for everything. Therefore mini-games will also alter by the places Hank is visiting.

Invest In Delicious Foods With Top-Notch Textures.

Hank is a comical dog, but he occasionally has intense cravings for delectable cuisine, particularly high-quality sweets. Therefore, the player must balance their money so they may buy a range of food items and even the ingredients for delicious meals that will grant them extra experience points. Additionally, the meal has various unusual effects that boost Hank's productivity and give the player various alluring advantages when caring for him.

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Wear Modern Outfits, Including Hats.

My Talking Hank will discuss a sophisticated fashion system with many different genres or categories because Hank is also a fashion fanatic. Everything is based on well-known market designs, and players can make Hank more attractive or glamorous by dressing him in imaginative costumes. If Hank is pleased with the skin combinations, he will, during the live interaction, unlock more effects or new functionalities.

How To Play My Talking Hank

Hank is a sweet puppy, but he requires self-care instruction. At the bottom of the screen, do you see the meters? You are informed of Hank's needs.

If he needs to eat, simply tap the icon to transport him to a cozy chair and table where he may do so. A wide selection of cuisine is available for purchase. Of course, the longer he can go without meals, the more money you pay. But because you'll likely be logging in frequently, you might as well save your money.

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Need to use the restroom? Don't do anything. Just send Hank to the toilet. He handles the rest. Hank frequently requires encouragement during nap time. Bring him to his hammock and tap the sun till it becomes the moon. Once Hank has had time to rest, return later.

Players can change Hank's attire by clicking the coat hanger icon. Early on, this isn't important, but eventually, you'll have some new accessories, and dressing him up is entertaining. Next, you can get more coins by tapping on the cash bowl at the bottom of the screen. Finally, you can get some free coins by just watching an advertisement. It is tedious but helpful.

Animal Luring

Attracting animals to your island is one of the primary sources of entertainment. It is straightforward but complex. Choose any meals and toys you wish to start with. Simply put, you want to draw as many animals as you can! Keep it inexpensive, and have fun taking pictures of the delivery.

As you advance and make money, consider investing in more expensive goods. Additionally, it's more enjoyable and is more likely to draw rarer creatures. For example, I liked taking pictures of a hippo jumping on a trampoline.

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Make sure you are consistently luring animals in. All animals provide you with some sort of experience. The first animal takes a short while, but the subsequent animals take much longer. Be tolerant before you step away from the game for a time. In this manner, you continue to advance.

Different animals have varying tastes. Zebras and white tigers, for example, adore synthesizers. It is possible to purchase animal-specific tips using diamonds, but this can grow pricey. So instead, simply learn to experiment and monitor the results.

You can earn more coins and receive a significant reward for each animal if you take a picture of them holding 20 different toys. So don't forget to do this.


Thanks to their remarkable personality and growth, Hank is a great buddy for players in various thrilling and enjoyable activities. Players are kept busy and get rewarded with coins, costumes, and items from different levels of the game.

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Download the game My Talking Hank APK to keep you company and make you feel less lonely. Take care of your puppy and invite other animals over to have fun.


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