My Darkest Moment
My Darkest Moment
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Version: 1.02
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Download My Darkest Moment APK to play a game where emotions play the most critical parts. It’s a journey into gross darkness. Do you think you can handle it?

Name My Darkest Moment
Version 1.02
Updated Oct 7, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer ChillyRoom
Google Play Link com.chillyroom.darkmoment

What To Know About My Darkest Moment

My Darkest Moment is an adventure game with quite an extreme theme. The game is devoid of the everyday action and battle you see in most games, but what is here is way worse. It capitalises on negative emotions of all kinds, taking you on a journey where you have to deal with them.

My Darkest Moment carries a lot of emotional weight. Maybe that’s why it has this title. It is full of puzzles and other game elements that constitute dark moments at every turn. Thankfully, the gaming environment is diverse, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored at any point.

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My Darkest Moment is a puzzle game. It was published by Chilly Room and released on the 21st of February, 2022. Players go on a journey with the game's main character to learn about his lonely life and the factors involved in it.

Game Genre And Background

My Darkest Moment can be categorised as a physics-based puzzle game. It is more than this because of the emotional gaming involved, but most features are puzzle-like. The game is based on the weird idea of turning realistic situations into puzzles. It also features monologues and short scenes to help you understand what’s happening in it.

There are lots of avenues for players to interact with the game too. While playing, you’ll interact with the game objects, including the balls and clocks. Unfortunately, your character is stuck in his emotions. It’s up to you to figure out a way to get him unstuck, just like you would do for yourself in real life.

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My Darkest Moment is based on the life of a masked character who lives a solitary life. He travels from place to place with you as his companion. You'll learn bits of his story as you move with him and solve challenging puzzles.

My Darkest Moment combines profound storytelling with enticing gameplay that sweeps you off your feet. The game is saddening, but it is enjoyable once you get past the negative emotions. If this is not something you can take, it’s best to just let it go and play happier games or neutral ones.

My Darkest Moment’s Unique Features

My Darkest Moment is an endless game, so you have enough time to enjoy all it offers. The features you’ll interact with include:

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  • 3D Graphics: The game’s graphics are beautiful and true to the story. Although you’ll find nothing but gloomy colours, and faceless people with no hope, the visuals somehow remain eye-catching. It gives you the feeling of darkness and mental conflict. For people who struggle with anxiety or other mental disorders, you’re advised to avoid the game or only play when you’re experiencing happy emotions. You can get caught up in the game episodes and not differentiate it from real life. The visuals are that good, and the storytelling is unique.
  • Dispirited Sound: It is no surprise that the music also stays true to the game's dark theme. Expect horrible, depressing sounds when you play. The music is gentle but does not fail to engage you in the gameplay. This is another unique element of My Darkest Moment.
  • A Masked Character: The main character in My Darkest Moment is a masked man with a long nose and a lonely life. At first, he is imprisoned in a strange circle. You can rescue him from this by giving him a shooting star. You can’t leave him after the rescue, though. You still have to help him get through returning to society. In this game, you control your character's actions as he solves puzzles and makes decisions.
  • Challenging Puzzles: Solving puzzles is key to developing the game story. The puzzles are different, and the mechanics are easy to learn. Each puzzle game involves a circle and some form of question you’ll have to answer.
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  • Game World: My Darkest Moment is set in a strange world of deep darkness and very little light. Using a variety of scenarios, the game asks, “what would you do if you were faced with this dangerous obstacle?”. The only light source in all the scenarios is your character, and even that light is faint. The game environment appears black because of the darkness, but you’ll find sentences and story frames on this black background. In addition, you can view the masked man’s actions and location in the frame.
  • Game Controls: My Darkest Moment places you in the role of a man who’s faced with many obstacles. This means you’ll come face to face with these obstacles too. You must be on your toes as you play to ensure your character remains safe. The game helps out by providing you with a simple control system. You don’t even need to use keys. Just touch your phone screen in the direction you want your character to move.

With the aid of a detailed map, My Darkest Moment clearly defines the paths to take to get to different locations. Endless gaming means endless adventure for you. After playing for a while, the game’s difficulty increases, and you begin to come across more obstacles.

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 The way My Darkest Moment manages to get dark colours on a dark background to capture your attention is applause-worthy. The motion effects are smooth and will look good no matter what device you play the game on.


My Darkest Moment may seem too sad or unsuitable for people who already live sad lives, but the theme has its usefulness. It acknowledges the fact that people go through these emotions every day. Humans face obstacles and have to come up with ways to overcome them. The game is a realistic onscreen representation of that.

You’ll enjoy the vividness of the game features, exploring your world, and being in the mind of the masked character. The puzzles will have you doing lots of brain work to solve and save your character. So get ready to put in the work!

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Download My Darkest Moment APK to play a game where emotions play the most critical parts. It’s a journey into gross darkness. Do you think you can handle it?


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