Murder in the Alps
Murder in the Alps
Size: 175.57 MB
Version: 11.1.0
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Download Murder in Alphs APK latest version for a thrill-feeling adventure. If you ever dreamt of unraveling mysterious events, now is your time!

Name Murder in the Alps
Version 11.1.0
Updated Jun 20, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Nordcurrent
Google Play Link com.nordcurrent.murderinalps

About Murder in Alphs- Hidden Mystery

Murder in Alphs is a single-player mystery-solving game that Nordcurrent released on October 2nd, 2012. It is a fully interactive crime novel turned game. However, it is packed with mini-stories and additional content. This game is designed with improved OS compatibility with Android and iPhone devices and can be played offline for faster performance.

The game is fun and simple to play. It is a follow-up to the original story. It is a multi-chapter game in which Anna, a journalist on vacation, solves various mysterious murder cases in Alphs. However, in the game itself, there are mini-games and mini storylines that make it easy for each player to step into the shoes of Anna and solve these murder cases. In this game, you are the main character Anna, and you get to interact with every in-game character in a bid to solve the mystery cases.

murder in the alps apk latest version

Murder in Alphs is mystery-packed. This game offers an enticing thrill, armed with in-game collectibles and a rich in-game storyline. The background music matches the game's theme, and the beautiful sceneries in Alphs will immerse you deeper into the storyline. It is an excellent addition for lovers of games with nice scenery.

Interesting Gameplay

Murder I'm Alphs is heavily revised, and this version of the mystery story turned game is thrilling. It is an art game with great graphics and enveloping details. In this gameplay, you would be the main character, Anna, whose main aim is to solve the mystery happening in Alphs.

Your main mission is to find out who the killer is before the killer kills more people or even worse tries to kill you. However, this game is similar to other mystery-based games like- Taken souls: Blood rituals, Unsolved: Hidden mystery games, Family Mystery 3: Criminal mindset, and so many more. You will discover the characteristics, mini-games, and stories behind each gameplay as you play.

murder in the alps

The game has a storyline, and you will know more about it through your interaction with in-game characters through your character- Anna. 

Cool Characters

The characters in Murder in Alphs are human. However, each character in the game plays very different roles, and they are different in personalities as well. As a result, you interact with everyone to disclose who the killer is. Also, the characters are portrayed in excellent graphics and beautiful animations that clearly illustrate every gameplay.

Each character has its function in the game. Some are visitors like you, while others are merchants, gunsmiths, store owners, hotel managers, and many more. As the main player, you can interact with every character in the game in a bid to unravel the killings.

Amazingly Stylized Designs and Animations

The graphics of this exciting game are comical and brightly illustrated. However, it is not too flashy or dull. Instead, the colors blend well with the comical outlook and give an exceptional 3D graphics representation. In addition, the 3D style of the game makes it more lively, which adds to its appeal.

In-Game Modifications and Features

One unique characteristic of this game is its user-friendly software. Players can customize many features of the game to their taste. Here are some things you can modify and features that exist in Murder in Alphs:

murder in the alps free download
  • Mini-games: Some in-game locations are more mysterious than others. However, in order to progress in this game, you will need to finish a mini-game. Also, you will learn about all you need to complete the mini-game during the gameplay itself. In addition, at the end of a particular time, a 'Skip' button will appear. By clicking, you can refuse to complete the mini-game; it is all up to you.
  • Items: During gameplay, you will find various items that can be useful in various places. To use such an item, however, you must drag it from your in-game inventory to the object or location you want to interact with.
  • Story Menu: Murder in the Alps" is multi-chapter story gameplay that requires you to help Anna solve Alphs' mystery. This menu lists the game's chapters and sub-chapters - advanced storylines with different in-game characters. However, to fully understand, you will have to read the description of the chapter or subchapters.
  • Energy: This in-game feature is needed to perform different actions in the game. However, energy is given as a reward for new achievements and collectibles. It can also be purchased from the in-game store if you like. Therefore, click on the 'Add energy' button to do this. Also, you can get any energy from the store in different ways.

The game allows you to make as many modifications as possible to build thrill.

Easy Controls

Murder in Alphs uses touchscreen navigation that is highly sensitive to the slightest touch. So you can move your player in any direction easily on your mobile devices. In addition, you can use the controls to perform basic actions such as navigation, interaction, energy reload, collecting collectibles, and many more.

murder in the alps apk

In this game, you control only a single character, Anna. But since you are the main character, you can interact with all the in-game characters and learn to understand their various personalities and unravel their secrets.

Other Amazing Features Of Murder in Alphs

Murder in Alphs boasts an engaging and interactive role-playing adventure with mystery for more game effect. But there are many more features packed in this game. These features include:

  • Amazing storyline with unexpected turns and twists. Hours of interactive gameplay and an awesome plot.
  • Solid in-game sound effects and background music.
  • Mysterious characters with mysterious personalities and dark secrets.
  • In-game interactions and find out who the killer is.
  • Offline gaming for easy performances anywhere and anytime.
  • 3D graphics and animations with a stylized design.
  • Hidden object gameplay allows you to explore each picturesque location in Alphs.
  • Experiencing an authentic 1930s atmosphere.
  • An in-built strategy guide to help you through the game.
  • Every single game scene is filled with collectibles.
  • Unique achievements that involve rewards and so which require great skill.
  • Amazing mini-games and hidden object scenes.
murder in the alps apk 2022

As far as the features and gameplay go, Murder inAlphs is a noteworthy game.


Murder in Alphs is the latest comical thrill adventure. It takes mystery hunting to a new level because you can interact with characters and solve scary, mysterious storylines. Murder in Alphs is the best gameplay for you if you are a lover of scary gameplays.

The fun part is that it will not end here. More interesting updates will keep coming to give you more excitement. Also, the in-game mini stories are one to look out for too. So try this game out, and you will not regret it!

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Download Murder in Alphs APK latest version for a thrill-feeling adventure. If you ever dreamt of unraveling mysterious events, now is your time!


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