Matchington Mansion
Matchington Mansion
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Version: 1.161.0
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Download Matchington Mansion APK to enjoy a match home decor concept. Bring out your inner designer by exploring the matching idea of this gameplay.

Name Matchington Mansion
Version 1.161.0
Updated Jul 10, 2024
Category Puzzle
Developer Magic Tavern, Inc.
Google Play Link com.matchington.mansion

About Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion is the perfect game to hone your interior decoration skills. However, the gameplay and the in-game storyline are useful for real-life interior decoration. From the in-game designing tools to the ones you can craft as a player, this game allows you to experience the zen of decorating homes and matching in-house items from your mobile phone. Also, there are extensive settings that you can use for developing decorations ideas and carrying them out.

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Magic Tavern Inc. developed and released the game on the 11th of October, 2017. It is regularly updated with new features that players can use to maximize their gameplay experience. However, it's a free game; there are in-game purchases that you can use to get the most out of your gameplay.

The Matchington Mansion game was designed for mobile devices. Also, the amazing and engaging storyline is something to look out for while engaging in this impressive gameplay. The game's graphics are incredible, with a lot of incredible additions that make the game one of a kind. Also, the 3D graphics are something to look out for as well.

Gameplay in Idle Home

Matchington has an engaging storyline; even with the main detail being designed, in-game interactions still make gameplay stand out. In addition, you can play on different levels to enjoy the outlook specific to each level.

An outstanding graphic section also makes the game incredible to play. Also, the control system and the game are very adaptable with touch screens.

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As a player, your main task is to match the items and decorations in your mansion in a very aesthetic way that is also appealing to the eyes. Therefore, your creative side will show while you try to make your mansion amazing. As a result, you can design your mansion with different types of decorations but all in a matching concept.

In addition, you can transform your mansion into your dream real-life home. Also, there are no frills or hidden features; just improving the look of your mansion majorly internally. And, of course, do not forget that in-game purchases are available for you to make the most out of your gameplay.

In-game Features

Matchington Mansion has amazing features that stand out from other interior decoration-based gameplays like Gardenscapes and Homescapes. These features include

3D Graphics

Another highlight of Matchington Mansion is its graphics. The 3D graphics make the gameplay more attractive and enjoyable to engage in. However, despite being a three-dimensional graphic display, the game is straightforward, with no blurry pictures. Also, the bright features of the game are one thing that keeps players wanting more of this game's experience.


In Matchington Mansion, the gameplay screen has easy controls that anyone can easily understand. These include the buttons for choosing in-house decorations items, moving items, painting, doing a little detail, and so on. Also, the game effectively passes the aesthetics vibes test.

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In addition, the in-game screen controls make it easy for you to get the hang of playing this game, especially if you already have an idea of home decors. However, with Idle Home, you do not have to do too much; tap on the screen and begin to earn!


It is usual for all games to have unique powerups that help boost the player's ability. As a result, Matchington Mansion comes with various types of powerups that help players clear the screen within a short period. However, before you can effectively enjoy powerups in any gameplay, you also have to take full advantage of its effects. Therefore, below are the various powerups that Matchington mansions have:

Firecracker: This powerup will appear when you match four identical pillows, allowing you to blow up everything in a row or a column. Unfortunately, as a result, once the firecracker appears, the only way to fully enjoy its use is by swapping the firecracker with any pillow or even double tapping it.

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Big Firecracker: To acquire big firecrackers, you must match four or more identical pillows in an 'L' or 'T' shape. Therefore, to add to the inventory, you can swap or double tap, or you could use the firecracker to smash pillows in a bigger radius.

Square Firecrackers: The square firecracker will appear after four identical pillows are successfully matched in a square pattern. However, this firecracker works differently because it destroys surrounding pillows.

Rainbow: This firecracker is the fourth firecracker in the game. With this firecracker, it can only be added to your inventory when you match five identical pillows together. To use the rainbow powerup, you will have to swap it for a specific pillow to remove the other pillows. As a result, this powerup works effectively when the board is full of identical pillows.

Compatible Devices

The Matchington mansion game can be played on mobile devices such as Android and IOS. In addition, the game can be played on these devices, either alone or with friends, in the multiplayer feature.

matchington mansion

Other Features

Other features make the gameplay very interactive and interesting to engage in. These features include:

  • Decorating your mansion and deck out your garden style
  • Puzzling out the adventure story laid out by your friend Tiffany, other quirky characters, and a house cat or any pet
  • Unlocking hidden in-game areas
  • Make DIY decorations
  • Piecing together hidden objects
  • Interacting with in-game characters
  • Reveal dozens of game secrets
  • Combine boosters and powerups
matchington mansion apk


If you always have wondered how the mental picture you have of your dream mansion will look physical, then Matchington Mansion has your back. Matchington Mansion is the perfect 3D interior decor-based game for those who enjoy decorating and want to practice, learn color combinations, match identical pillows, and decorate your dream mansion. In addition, you can make your dream mansion on your device, as it has limitless in-game customization for you to take advantage of.

However, interior decoration lovers will enjoy this game since it mimics famous real-life interior decorations with matching concepts.

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Download Matchington Mansion APK to enjoy a match home decor concept. Bring out your inner designer by exploring the matching idea of this gameplay.


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