Mad Skills BMX 2
Mad Skills BMX 2
Size: 103.75 MB
Version: 2.6.6
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Download Mad Skills BMX 2 APK to start playing challenging dirt bike races on your phone. Jump into races with people across the world and enjoy winning amazing races.

Name Mad Skills BMX 2
Version 2.6.6
Updated Mar 24, 2024
Category Action
Developer Turborilla
Google Play Link com.turborilla.bmx2

Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a great game to play whether you are a fan of BMX racing or not. This game, unlike many others like it that get boring over time, has been built with different challenging but interesting modes that would keep you glued to your phone for hours.

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Aside from the fact that the game is a great improvement from the first version of Mad Skills BMX. This fun game also opens your mind to the game spirit of bicycle motocross racing (BMX, for short), a game which started in California, the USA, in the 1960s and has since become one of the millions of games to reckon with all over the world.

Mad Skills BMX 2 - An Overview

There's no special story behind Mad Skills BMX 2. It's just an arcade game you'd come to love and enjoy as you continue to play. This game is so straightforward that all you have to do is tell your character racer when to jump, come down, and do mad skills by tapping your thumbs on your mobile screen. And if you could do all these with just one of your thumbs, then you get to enjoy this game to the nines.

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The Mad Skills BMX 2 game is what they call a sequential racer game. What this means is that you would is that your character will get to beat and play each level of the races they take in a sequential line and not until they have won one. So as you progress in the game, the difficulty level develops, and you get to enjoy real challenges as you go.

Your charge is to beat the other character, your AI opponent, to the finish line, and the faster you can do this, the more rewards you get to earn. At every level, you'd run multiple tracks and also have a face-off with a tougher AI opponent at the end of each region. If you can win this tough AI, you earn a new bike, and you can change bikes as you race through the sequential levels in the game.

The Mad Skills BMX 2 gameplay allows you 2 main controls as you play. You have the up and down controls, and with these, you can pump, jump, bunny-hop, and do wheelie down race hills. Your character will continue to pedal whether you control it or not, so you have fewer worries on your hands in terms of control.

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You do not only get to win new bikes, but you also get to upgrade the existing ones you have with pumps, speed throughs, and jump stats. With Mad Skills BMX 2, you can even boost your actions as you play to better earn more rewards on the game. As you play, you also get more of Mad Skills BMX 2 unblocked and would gain free access to different upgrades that you can apply on your bike and rider's gear to enjoy the game more as you progress in the game.

Amazing Features of Mad Skills BMX 2

Aside from its gameplay, there are a few other important things you should know before you initiate your Mad Skills BMX 2 download.

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1.     Multiple Challenges and Elements to Unlock

In this game, you'd have a lot of challenges and elements to unlock, which will fuel you to continue to play every level you enter. You'd be tasked with unlocking race locations, bikes, and other feature upgrades that add spice to the games you play. 

2.     Innovative Graphics & Controls

One of the things the developers of this game, Turborilla, have been able to score big on is the innovative graphics and controls they're able to integrate into the gameplay. The game has been made so easy to play that players can divert their drive to things other than the game's controls.

With simple taps on the up and down button of the game, you can control your rider too, jump, run wheelie downs, pump and do so much more.

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The game's graphics are also exceptional, and you'd find no trouble immersing yourself in the game.

3.     Different Bike and Rider Customization

To better fuel your drive to play this game, you'd also get to play for bike and rider upgrades. You'd be able to change your biker's bike and gear and add feature upgrades that help you to have smoother rides through tracks.

4.     High Competition

In this interesting game, you'd be playing with other players in your location, state, country, and worldwide to win a race. You can join a community and have healthy competitions with others to unlock more game features.

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5.     Extra Competitions

To add to the fun spirit of the game, Mad Skills BMX 2 allows you also to play other competitions aside from the major gameplay to win amazing rewards, so you can have Mad Skills BMX unlimited money to initiate upgrades as they come in the gameplay.


Whether or not you like this sport, it's certain that when playing this game, you will enjoy every bit of it. What would make you enjoy this game the most is the interesting graphics, controls, and extra competition modes you'd get to play to earn more amazing rewards.

So, don't hesitate to go on with your Mad Skills BMX 2 game download to enjoy the interesting game of BMX racing. If you can't play BMX rides in real life, this game is your only chance at playing and enjoying one.

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Download Mad Skills BMX 2 APK to start playing challenging dirt bike races on your phone. Jump into races with people across the world and enjoy winning amazing races.


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