Love Balls
Love Balls
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Version: 1.7.3
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Download Love Balls APK and bring together all star-crossed lovers in this difficult physics-based puzzle game. Help two passionate balls find each other.

Name Love Balls
Version 1.7.3
Updated Dec 5, 2023
Category Puzzle
Developer Lion Studios
Google Play Link com.supertapx.lovedots

Love Balls

Your objective in the romantic-themed action logic play Love Balls is to help 2 ball lovers connect on the gaming area. It makes use of sketching tools to regulate the motion of the balls. You can create many types of tools, instruments, plunges, ships, and tunnels. Your creativity is the only limitation. It's crucial to achieve the intended result. It is remarkable that the game's aesthetics are distinctive and seamlessly fit into the adventures general feeling.

Description of Love Balls

Writers, musicians, poets, as well as various creators are inspired to create their finest work by the romantic subject of love. We have seen the love stories of Bonnie and Clyde. The developer, Super Tax, was moved to create Love Balls as a reaction.

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In the puzzle game Love Balls, your goal is to assist these two balls in love to fuse together. Use your imagination and a pencil to draw pictures on the screen to complete your task.


Love Balls has straightforward gameplay. Two balls in love are separated from each other by an impediment. You must create a line on the screen that, as it drops, causes one of the balls to move in the direction of the other to connect them. Drawing a curving line that passes over one of the balls is required. But as time goes on, the level of difficulty significantly rises.

Remember that you receive fewer points for drawing more lines on the screen. Therefore, your objective is to connect these two balls using the fewest number of lines. Your closest friends in bringing these two lovely balls back are triangles and curves.

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Love Balls contains several levels and simple lovely artwork. You will face additional problems as the level of difficulty gradually rises.

The love of two balls

Like everyone else, Love Balls have the right to desire. Here, you will play the role of Venus and assist 2 cute bunnies, but your arrow will be replaced by a biro. A fuchsia orb and a cyan orb make the two balls. Although they are drawn to each other, making love to each other is difficult. Your task is to use a biro and paper to design trails that will bring one ball toward the other ball.


Since all that it requires to succeed is a mere biro touches, you might initially believe that this is a game for children. It's not simple. You must be able to execute perfect movements. There are several elaborately designed barriers on each level. This game becomes difficult if the blue orb is high. The ball will fall if you draw hastily or improperly, and it won't ever reach the other ball.

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On each stage, you can tap the device up to 3 times to draw. Your rating is determined by the quantity of diamonds that correlate to the least amount of strikes; for instance, if you complete a stage only with one drawing, you would obtain 3 stars. Thus, everybody's goal in this activity is to complete each stage with the best rating achievable and post it on social platforms to post with your buddies. Finish each stage to receive payment. You can purchase new biros with the cash.

Although challenging to play, it is simple to comprehend. You will engage the mind to think of possible answers and evaluate it. No player so far has experienced early breakthrough. You give it a chance, and if it does not succeed, you try repeatedly till the result is what you're looking for. You must be creative and experiment with Love Balls.

Fall For its flexibility

The act of drawing your answer is a deceptive mechanism that is simple to understand yet lends itself to intricate gameplay, just like the best puzzle games out there. Drawing weird lines and shapes that are never obvious but are required to connect Brian and Penny throughout the app's numerous levels since they are positioned in different locations. The further along you go, the more difficult things become. The game includes elements like mesh areas where you are unable to draw, falling objects that further impede your celebrity lovers, and other things that make you change your actions.

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The software is enjoyable because of how flexible its puzzles are. The best answer will always result in the best score, but it's not the only one, so you're free to come up with your own. You have two options for solving the puzzle: either draw one line at the start that will make everything fall into place or create numerous lines after things start dropping for a quick approach.

Features of Love Balls

Stunning design

In this kind of activity, the, visuals are not essential. The aesthetically pleasing theme of the game will allow it enjoyable for you. Additionally, the game's soundtrack is sappy. Whether or not you are presently dating someone, you experience joy and relief when you witness two balls overcome challenges to unite.


Romance is practically the aim of the game in this instance. It features two balls deeply in love: a blue and pink dot. They are held apart by their current situation, surrounding area, and lack of any limbs with which to move around. Here is where you step in.

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The two love-starved small circles must be brought together. They are only capable of moving in the direction of gravity and can never be made to fall together. By adding items to the environment, you enrich it. Every line you draw on your screen has the same potential to have an impact as a solid thing. You can draw more complex shapes like triangles to act as ramps or make a bend to give a definite lonely dot a small push forward.


Love Balls is a fantastic game that would be ideal for you to play over the weekend with your friends and family. This analysis might not be comprehensive. To experience the fun of this game, download Love Balls using the link below.

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Download Love Balls APK and bring together all star-crossed lovers in this difficult physics-based puzzle game. Help two passionate balls find each other.


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