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Download and Install Limbo APK and experience an incredible feeling of gaming as your try to stay alive by solving different puzzles and overcoming challenges.

Name Limbo
Version 1.20
Updated Oct 24, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Playdead
Google Play Link com.playdead.limbo.full

Limbo – The Description

Limbo is an intriguing adventure game developed by PlayDead. The game was first released on XBOX 360 in 2011. The game gained immediate popularity and was developed on PC a year after its release. Limbo was the topic in gamers' mouths worldwide for a long time. The first mobile version of this incredible game was developed in 2015 and was completely free for download.

The Quest for the Light Source

No matter the time of day or night, the darkness still follows and surrounds Limbo. The roads are booby-trapped, and there are corpses strewn everywhere.

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Limbo is an orphan and a homeless body with a small body. He lacks fatherly or motherly affection. He has to survive all on his own as he grows up in a brutal war, and there is no nearby relative to help him. Despair and death seem to follow him in the darkness, but Limbo is determined to survive. The will to live has forced him to embark on a quest to find the light of life and escape from death.

Limbo is an adventure game salted with puzzle-solving. It is a pretty addictive game because the players seem to be sunk in the game's world – as if they were little Limbo. The game opens with a black-and-white desolation, the echoes of cries and screams, the reality of death encompassing every angle, and the boy moved from the dark corner. Yet, despite all the catastrophe going on, the boy's silhouette still pushes forward despite heavy footsteps and breath to create a solution to the terror in the dark land of death that seems to have no end.

Limbo's Gameplay

There is no dialogue or instruction in the game whatsoever. Instead, the game is an endless quest where you'll take the boy's position, searching for light in the darkness that harbors monsters, with traps almost everywhere he steps his foot. As Limbo, your task is to navigate and control the running, jumping, swinging ropes, and overcoming obstacles.

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There are no stages in the game – you only need to continue moving forward where you will swim through rivers, cross jungles, and walk through abandoned houses. While swimming, deadly sharks are waiting to devour you. And on land, there are people trying to kill you. You will have to fight through and try to survive all the challenges and deadly weapons on your path. If you are killed, you will return to the part you previously crossed to begin the quest again.

For the entire game, your major foes will be deep pits, abyss, lakes, trees, and the sharpest vaults – the most dangerous are the gigantic spider monsters hungry for your flesh. Overcoming all these obstacles is not easy, so you must continue to think deeply while you exhibit great skills to rescue yourself. However, overcoming these obstacles is the only way to stay alive in the game.

Sound and Graphics

Black and white are the two major colors of the game, and there is a fanciful concept that would familiarize you with the game at first sight. The buttons move forward and backward, and there is a high-jump function – all these are structured to make navigation easy, especially for new players. The death and fog effects of the game, including the character in every path of the game, make Limbo pretty appealing to gamers.

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When it comes to sound, there is no background music for the game. Most of what you will hear are the heavy and loud footsteps of the protagonist. In some cases, you can hear the rain, the wind chime, crows, the sounds of crickets, and some other natural effects that make the game real enough and give you the chills. Moments of silence in the game also play their own role in bringing artistic values to the game, ultimately making the app different from most other games.

Features of Limbo

Limbo is a blend of horror and adventure games. While you play as the Limbo character and try to stay alive, you must solve some puzzles to progress in your quest to find the light. Besides that, there are several features you can enjoy by playing the game. Consider the following features:

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  • Unique Gameplay: Limbo provides you with a horror and adventure experience like no other. The elements and combinations that make up this game make it the masterpiece it is. Limbo was considered one of the best games to ever be developed in the year of its release. Even though the game might appear simple at first, there are complex puzzles you may have to think deeply about before solving.
  • Puzzles: Limbo is a puzzle game salted with adventure and horror. Therefore, always expect to solve some complex puzzles in the course of playing the game. You will need to overcome some monsters by putting boxes and setting traps. Everything in this game is after your life. You must take careful steps and be cautious with your decisions. Puzzles are designed in subtle manners that demand deep thoughts. Limbo is not a regular puzzle game you are familiar with.
  • Controls: the game's control only gives you the chance to use two buttons. The first button is for helping the boy move and jumps wherever necessary. The second button is used for interacting with elements in the game. Besides these two buttons, there is nothing else you need to navigate the game with.
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  • Offline: You don't need a constant internet connection to be able to play Limbo.

Final Thoughts

Because there are several games in the horror and adventure genre, the developers of Limbo have made extra effort to ensure that this game stands out among all other games of the same caliber. In this game, you will play as Limbo – a little boy battling a mental disorder. He thinks his sister has been abducted and sets out in search of this imaginary sibling.

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Download and Install Limbo APK and experience an incredible feeling of gaming as your try to stay alive by solving different puzzles and overcoming challenges.


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