Killer Bean
Killer Bean
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Version: 5.08
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Download Killer Bean APK, a great high-speed shooter game with the best features. You can role-play and engage in gun battles when you download the game.

Name Killer Bean
Version 5.08
Updated Oct 27, 2023
Category Action

Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed is a free-to-install action game that was released in March 2012. The game is a high pace shooting game that comes in a cartoon style. It is packed with lots of amazing features and challenges your shooting skills.

The main character, Killer bean, has great skills and enters battles in the shape of a funny and sweet bean. You can collect weapons and upgrade them to have unique attributes and effects. Join Killer Bean on his quest to eliminate the enemies through action and shooting.

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Play the Killer Bean latest version and enjoy Killer Bean free shopping. The game is free to install, but some in-app purchases require money. Put your intelligence to work and explore different game levels as you join the city's heroes in fierce gun battles.

Features of Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed is packed with various exciting features set to see players as they engage in action.

Killer Bean Gameplay

The storyline starts with Killer Bean, who was a member of an elite assassin society until they tried to kill him. He left society and took up the quest to kill everyone who had a hand in it and find out the cause of everything.

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Killer Bean (Unlimited everything) brings exciting and engaging experiences and in-game activities for players. Get ready to be captivated and have a lot of fun with the fantastic gameplay. The game comes with several in-game levels and unique setups for you to enjoy.

Interestingly, the Killer Bean all weapons version is set to help you overcome all challenges you might encounter. Also, the 2D action gameplay has many interesting mechanics and features to work with. Hence making the game the most entertaining for you.

You can never get tired or bored of playing this game as the in-game ammunition and weapons are at your disposal. Killer bean unlimited ammo/weapons pack opens you up to new addictions as you advance in level.

Intense levels

Killer Bean has 26 levels; it doesn't sound or look like a lot until you begin the game. After trying out the game, it was discovered that it is difficult to overcome a level as it requires focus and good shooting skills. Killer bean's difficulty is a result of its fast pace and shooting speed. Both the enemies and the main character have been designed to be very fast.

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Touch controls

Killer Bean Unleashed was designed with active in-game touch controls that help make shooting easy. The touch controls are easy to get used to, so feel free to use them as you play. There are three buttons for movement and one for firing. Move around, find the bad guys and shoot without mercy.

Game modes

Killer bean comes with several game modes where you can enjoy the gameplay and have a unique experience. To follow up with Killer bean's story, follow the game's Story Mode. Use the Mega Levels to test the depth of your skills as the game becomes more challenging. Use the Survival Mode to explore the shooting quests and create high scores.

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Guns and ammo

There are special ammunition and guns in Killer bean unleashed. By unlocking this feature, you have access to Killer bean with all bullets unlocked. Every weapon has its unique feature to help you on your quest. There are 12 guns waiting to be unlocked; play your cards right and enjoy the powers of those weapons.

Play anytime: Unlike other games, Killer bean can be played with or without an internet connection. You can unlock and enjoy as many features as you wish when disconnected from the internet. This makes the game accessible and interesting to all gamers.

Bonus items: To make the game very exciting, players can choose from a variety of bonus items in the game. Each item carries special and unique power-ups attributed to Killer Bean, the hero.

You can activate powered shots to make heroic triple jumps with absolute destruction. This feature enables your invulnerability and many other effects temporarily.

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Game Sound and Visuals

The game was created with 2D graphics, but the color schemes are quite modern and depict the action of the game era. The high-speed shooter was created to keep players active. However, the main character, series of enemies, context, and color of bullets was designed to bring color, energy, and positive vibes to the game.

Players are bound to enjoy the in-game actions and effects of shooting and running around. The gameplay is lag-free and smooth; relatively straightforward to understand.

The audio matches the graphics and gives life to the whole gameplay. Enjoy beautiful music as you play as there are interesting soundtracks and sound effects.


Download Killer Bean's unlimited heart and enter a whole new world of action. Join the hero on his adventurous journey and embrace the challenges that are bound to arise. Enjoy intense game levels, unique game modes, and unlock amazing weapons as you progress.

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Download Killer Bean APK, a great high-speed shooter game with the best features. You can role-play and engage in gun battles when you download the game.


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