Jurassic Monster World
Jurassic Monster World
Size: 957,4 MB
Version: 0.17.1
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Download Jurassic Monster World APK and battle monster dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic universe. Tame and take charge of blood-craving and dangerous metal hunters.

Name Jurassic Monster World
Version 0.17.1
Updated Sep 21, 2022
Category Action
Google Play Link com.azurgames.dinosaurs

About Jurassic Monster World

Jurassic Monster World is a game developed by Azur Interactive Video games Ltd. The mobile game app is free to play and available for Android users. It is a mobile game, unlike anything you've ever played. A free-to-play action game with multiple modes and 5x5 coordinated PvP. The fact that you must combat dinosaurs adds to the game's distinctiveness. At the same time, if a dinosaur dies during the combat, you can continue playing using another beast.

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There are diverse dinosaurs and weaponry in the game. You'll have access to new creatures as you level up your account. After each combat, you will gain experience to raise your level. The awards are determined by the number of kills or special beacons you capture when fighting.

There are currently two game modes:

Capturing points: Players are split into two teams of five apiece. The objective is to seize as many beacons as you can. Then, you approach the location and wait for the end of the capture time while the capture happens gradually.

Team fight to the death: 2 teams of 5 players are also involved. The goal is to eliminate as many dinosaurs from the opposing squad as possible. The team must hit 15 targets to win.

Game Story

If you like dinosaurs, you'll enjoy this Jurassic Park adaptation. This includes well-known movie characters such as saurians, velociraptors, and Triceratops. The story begins from the perspective of a little boy who discovers the existence of these creatures in the jungle. It's an intriguing game with a third-person arena shooter. You control a dinosaur and dash about the battlefield using lasers, mounted cannons, and missiles.

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The game is as crazy and chaotic as it sounds, with you continuously riding about on shrieking monsters and having them fire and bite your enemies. There are single-player and multiple-player versions available, with the former having shorter sessions due to a limited number of participants. In single-player mode, you must locate and save all dinosaurs, including their eggs. Jurassic Monster World is a new adventure based in the same world as the original Jurassic Park film.

You begin by locating and battling the remaining dinosaurs to save the island from extinction. There are various levels to complete and unique things to obtain. The game has eight episodes and eight diverse screens.

Game Currency

There are three sorts of gaming currencies in Jurassic Monster World. Crystals can be gained through participating in battles, watching commercials on the battlefield, or logging into the game daily for multiple days. Required to purchase riders, accelerate spore production in the Incubator, and accelerate operations to develop dinosaurs and weapons.

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Fuel is required to raise the number of dinosaurs and equipment. You get them during battles and or get awarded after watching an ad. Spores grow in the Incubator; you use them to purchase certain dinosaurs must be purchased.

Gameplay and features

Awesome setting: Only the fittest and strongest will live in this cruel new world!

Variation in-game mechanics: Chew through foes in close-range attacks, strike from afar, wreak havoc on the fly, or charge headfirst into the fight!

A plethora of various creatures: Choose from organic, metal, augmented, or organic materials.

Air and land battles: This is something fans of sky battles will love! There are flying dinosaurs and more. Choose your warzone!

Wide range of weapons: You can arm your dinosaur with anything you desire, from normal guns to new-generation energy blasters!

Dinosaurs varieties

Complete Metal - Artificial Ontelligence machines with no biological tissue or mercy. Specially designed with a defensive armor radiating energy against ancient world weapons.

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Tyrannosaurus reigns supreme on the metal food chain in the jungle. He has the ability to jump from one location to another and stun multiple adversaries simultaneously. In melee combat, he is lethal. With one wrong move, the opponent is toast.

Organic: Life keeps growing on the rubble of the wreaked ancient world round. Jurassic-era beasts are now out to destroy and kill, not to survive. Spinosaurus is a voracious hunter-killer. Spinosaurus, who prey on smaller creatures, can stand their ground in close-range combat against more vigorous opponents. Their leaps allow them unmatched movement, and it loud roar can paralyze an entire group of foes, leaving them vulnerable to lethal strikes.

Augmented: They happen to be the finest of both universe since they exist on the boundary between human and machine. Human intelligence combined with technological technology is a lethal combination.

You won't want to stand in the way of a charging Triceratops. Triceratops are continuously on the lookout preys. It's almost impossible to avoid their lethal horns in melee combat; these monsters can even heal themselves if necessary.

New features

 - A new modern UI! New design, animations, and much more!

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- Each faction has a unique hangar design!

- New animations for the hangar!

- Improved battle interface

- Getting ready for the event - tune in for more information on our social media!


The game is accessible for free play and download. However, some in-app items must be purchased. In addition, a solid internet connection is required for the game. It's preferable to use a Wi-Fi over mobile internet. More than 5 million people have downloaded this game on Google Play Store. As a result, this game has grown in popularity and continues to do so. There are dinosaurs in Jurassic Monster World! You will fight alongside dinosaurs to fight other people with dinosaurs. Fight together with four friends to defeat five opponents in a fantastic world full of wonders. Nothing is impossible in this game. You can ride on animals that soar across the skies. You have the option of riding a fully mechanical, organic, or enhanced ride! As you command your creatures as you battle for outrageous rewards and try to live in this dangerous, savage world.

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Download Jurassic Monster World APK and battle monster dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic universe. Tame and take charge of blood-craving and dangerous metal hunters.


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