Idle Life Sim
Idle Life Sim
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Version: 1.44
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Download Idle Life Sim APK and take control of a new adventurous life. Create an avatar and manage important decisions to succeed in this new world.

Name Idle Life Sim
Version 1.44
Updated Apr 25, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Codigames

Idle life Sim

Idle life Sim is a casual simulator game where you can create and watch the characters live their lives. You also interact with all the items and characters in this fantastic game developed by codigames.

This game app would help you experience the extraordinary life that you created yourself. You can beautify yourself as much as you want, choose your favorite job and enjoy all the pleasure of life you can imagine.

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In this game, you can access great 3D graphics and an entire world to explore. Once your character has been created, you would meet your grandmother, offering you missions leading to your coin earnings.

You can decorate your home in the idle life sim game, and as you make more money, you can improve your house or move to a better one. This game is exciting. Live a life of unlimited possibility with idle life sim.

Description of Idle life Sim

This app features a unique simulation world where you can build your life as you would like. Idle life sim download comes with a fantastic game compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

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This game app allows you to choose your career and start a new life. The idle life sim game will enable you to build and decorate your house. You get to take control of the new life you have created. With idle life sims, you can explore different lifestyles and life options.

With this app, you get to create avatars and manage the critical decisions all your avatars need to make to make them a success. This unique fantasy world is designed to make you live a life you can control.

Choose a professional career, go shopping, buy your house, decorate your room, and live without limitations. Live the life you want in a fantasy world where everything is correct. You can place objects wherever you desire and arrange your house as often. Place everything in the home however it is comfortable for you.

Customize your physical appearance and home with the idle life simulator game. You get to live independently, and you must train your professional skills to increase your income. When you increase your idle life sim unlimited money and gems, you can purchase a bigger house and move into it.

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Also, get extra jobs to make more in the game. Talk to your grandma in the game for some help if living is too tricky and you need help.

Features of Idle life Sim

This simulation game has a lot of unique features you should explore.


In this game, you need to create your avatars, which are the players. You are free to explore all combinations until you are comfortable with the avatar you have made. You can choose your avatar's appearance, facial features, clothes, and hairstyles.

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Allow your avatar to try on different clothes and add whichever you like to your wardrobe. Pick up different dresses for other occasions. To get more attention, you can change the color of the avatar's hair.


Asides from creating avatars, you also get to build and organize your home. This game is all about building the life you want. Starting, you get to live in a lovely little apartment you made for your comfort, but as you go higher in the game and make more money, you can build and own a grand mansion. Visit the decoration store and purchase new ornaments and furniture. 

You can start by purchasing fundamental needs like a bed, TV, carpets, wall clocks, sofas, and other basic needs. With more money, you can also explore purchasing pictures, paintings, and a fully equipped kitchen. Build the apartment to your taste and be comfortable in it. You can purchase more things and move to a better house when you make more.

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In idle life sim, you get to be whatever you want.  You can explore many career parts; you could be an artist, sports person, a techy, cook, and many more. The career you choose would influence your whole lifestyle. You can improve your professional skills and be a lead figure in your field. As you improve your skills, you would move higher in your company as you'd get promotions with a pay raise.

Gain prestige points and have better skills and a better wage. Accept many other jobs and get extra money. Buy yourself a new house, upgrade your furniture, and get unique and outstanding outfits for work and other occasions.

Decision making

You have complete control over your avatars, so you get to make crucial decisions for them. You need to control their lifestyles and ensure they succeed in their field. You get to enjoy watching the players you have created grow and live their life. You also watch them make money, spend time at home, and use some of the objects purchased at the store.

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Make daily decisions for your avatars as they go about the reality you created for them. All characters in the game would have to carry progression based on how you have created for them.


Idle life sim online is a unique game that features fantastic gameplay. If you are a lover of management, simulation, and idle games, you would love sedentary life. This game comes with a unique user interface and high-quality graphics. It is an easy game; you must be strategic in your decision-making. Make sure to develop your avatars and make profitable decisions.

You can develop the lifestyle of your avatar and grow your mode of living from a small one to a modest one and many more. There is a whole world of virtual items for you to explore and actively enjoy. Make sure to progress in the personal and professional space to enjoy many achievements. Take hold of new opportunities and get the best out of your life.

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Download Idle Life Sim APK and take control of a new adventurous life. Create an avatar and manage important decisions to succeed in this new world.


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