Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2
Size: 208.05 MB
Version: 1.60.5
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Download and install Hill Climb Racing APK and assist Newton Bill in fighting his way to reach the first position at the top of the hill. This game is indeed engaging.

Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Version 1.60.5
Updated Apr 3, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Fingersoft
Google Play Link com.fingersoft.hcr2

Description of Hill Climb Racing 2

This game provides challenging and enjoyable experiences you must overcome on the track. As a player, you will have to battle several other players, and they shall possess their signature cars with parts they have the liberty to select on their own. Also, in the game's new version, you will unlock cool rewards and a specific type of car.

hill climb racing 2 apk all cars unlocked 2022

This game is a sequel to the success of the previous terrain racing game, but this present one is done on very high hills. Overall, the gameplay of Hill Climb Racing shares some similarities with its predecessor. However, the graphic, controls, and new attractive elements have been significantly improved.

The enthusiast of racing cars called Newton Bill has returned to this game. You will continue to assist him in achieving the task of climbing the highest hills.

New Vehicles and Challenges

In this game, you will be able to participate in a new Cup – it is referred to as the Mystical Cup. You will also have to continue to battle other players with different terrains and ensure that you emerge as the first. Also, the screen of each game will have a specific number of laps; therefore, you must win all the levels required. Therefore, the awards that you can achieve are pretty diverse.

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You can locate chests having different qualities, so there is an added reward to each type of chest. You can also discover new parts to improve your car. Also, the newly-included vehicle, known as the CC-EV, possesses a beautiful look with its usual golden colour. Then from this place, you will have the opportunity to unlock this care and continue increasing its performance. All these are crucial information you are not supposed to eschew.

The Gameplay and Its Predecessor

As already mentioned, the basic gameplay of this sequel is closely similar to the first game, where you control a car driven by Newton Bill.

On the control platform, there are only two stepping pedals that brake and accelerate, and you must use these two pedals to cross the massive and cleverly sliding slopes to keep your vehicle from being overturned. And while you climb up the hill, you have to overcome different obstacles in your path. Also, always remember to collect coins as you try to win.

Overcoming Several Different Opponents

You will be transported to an intriguing level in this game and must arrive at the finish line as quickly as possible. One interesting aspect about this hill is that you will hardly encounter any flat road, but you will come across different terrains. Then, you will attempt to utilise all these terrains to win other players as quickly as possible.

how to get coins in hill climb racing 2

The method of controlling the vehicle is pretty straightforward; there are only two buttons that serve as the major control. Hill Climb Racing 2 does not incorporate any other navigation element, so you must use only two buttons to outrace the other players. Also, you have to be aware of the objects on the road. These objects may help you to quickly increase your speed – one of these objects is petrol.

You will discover several gold coins and a petrol tank with red colour on the track; those gas tanks are petrol. They all have different functions, and the petrol will assist in keeping the race going. Whenever you move the car, you are burning some gas, so you must fill up the consumption to arrive at the finish line on time or increase the car's speed. From there, you will come across various matches that will provide different results.

New Modes

This game still includes the adventure mode that allows you to drive non-stop until you run out of fuel. But the most crucial aspect of the game is that the new Cups racing mode gives you the chance to take short racing with other players.

By increasing rankings and winning the Cup, you will be able to unlock new cars and new environments. There are currently only 5 vehicles in this game rather than the 29 of its predecessor. But even with the first game series, 29 other cars were continuously added within three years while updating the game. Therefore, hopefully, several new cars will be added

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Each vehicle possesses its characteristics. For example, jeep cars are slow and steady – their sturdiness can make their travel conveniently on the hilly roads. Scooters are lightweight, so they can easily move in the air. And some other cars are superfast. Learning about the characteristics of a certain vehicle will not only assist you in preparing for the next time and will open up new challenges on the track to improve its properties.

This game is also a lot more diverse regarding the environment. For example, if you can only go uphill and downhill in the first game, you can now cross ferry bridges, plains, hills, and so on with this second game; dozens of obstacles are available to make your journey difficult.

Open Up New Parts and Upgrade Car Parts

When you participate in various matches in this game, you can sometimes emerge as the winner of the game. However, in some other cases, you may also lose.

hill climb racing 2 apk

Therefore, besides increasing judgement and skills while driving, improving the car's performance is also pretty crucial. Therefore, you will also be able to use the coins to increase the function of each part of the car. In addition, you are free to include new elements to your vehicle and continue to upgrade its parts with the pieces you own to move on to another level.


This second part of Hill Climb Racing is almost a perfect racing game because it improves and solves every issue of the first version. This is indeed a fun game with beautiful graphic design. Like Newton Bill, do not stop until you achieve the highest hill and peak in the world. Your job is to assist Newton in achieving this dream.

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Download and install Hill Climb Racing APK and assist Newton Bill in fighting his way to reach the first position at the top of the hill. This game is indeed engaging.


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