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Hide N Seek
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Download Hide N Seek APK, the enjoyable 3D simulation game which lets you play the traditional hide and seek game. Run about the house looking for the young ones.

Name Hide N Seek
Version 1.9.49a
Updated Jul 24, 2024
Category Action
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Hide 'N Seek

Find someone or be found. It depends on you. The age-old game of hiding and seek. Play as a seeker or a hider, and construct your shelters out of automobiles or office desks. You can decide to conceal yourself in the haystack, the cornfield, and, most importantly, push other players into the seeker's field of vision. But try to be sympathetic.

Hide 'N Seek is a strange and unique game built on a thousand-year-old concept of navigating mazes. It is important to note that in this project, you will have the chance to creatively adjust the maze. After hiding, try to spend as much time in the shade.

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You will be able to speak from the perspective of the fleeing person in this situation, and you can look for the opponent who is hiding. Your ability to concentrate on the games will be maximized by stylish, minimalist graphics because the task demands that you be challenging.

Description of Hide N Seek

A childhood classic, hide-and-seek is a game that almost everyone has enjoyed. But what about hide-and-seek on Android? With the casual game Hide 'N Seek!, hide from or seek out other players in online matches, so yes, it is possible.

A fun multiplayer arcade game called Hide 'N Seek brings the traditional hide-and-seek game to the convenience of your Android device. Thanks to its simple and engaging gameplay, Hide 'N Seek! is one of the best games in the genre, whether you want to play as the seeker or the hider.

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Practically anyone can start enjoying the game because of the gameplay's clever design. Use the gamepad on the left end of the screen to control your character. This is the sole control you need to be concerned about.


You can play as a hider or a seeker in the basic 3D Hide 'N Seek. It is similar to playing hide & seek outside. You will navigate the maze and avoid the seeker's "vision" when playing the hider. If you are found, you will no longer be the person you are now and turn a seeker. If you are not found by the end of each level's 30-second detection period, you will go on to the following screen. To begin, you will need to disperse to locate those hiding. If you find someone within 30 seconds, they will take your place. The others are deemed to have been captured if they come into your line of sight.

Playing as a seeker in this game is more challenging than playing as a hider. There is a maze, and all around it is gold coins, which are really distracting. The fugitive travels at the same speed as you. As soon as you arrive, they leave immediately. Only 30 seconds remain. Being in the position of a seeker, it stands to reason that you won't see someone unless they are physically present in your area of vision.

The key to being a seeker is to be on the move and follow routes that have the strangest logic. If you're walking on the right and then suddenly turn left, or if you're traveling north and then suddenly turn south, or if you're through with road A and then suddenly turn back to A. Even if the hider can see you, they can't do much about it because you're moving quickly. And you have a better probability of meeting someone.

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It is a bit simpler to breathe when playing the hider. The seeker and all other hiders are visible to the hider. After a bit of playing, something will appear in the maze, such as a person who is caged and pleading for assistance. If you choose to save, you will go to the individual and touch them to receive many perks.

Situations like this frequently serve as a type of bait. Because the seeker might be nearby, beside the person asking for help, and creeping steadily closer to you behind the wall. Each maze has coins and gold lingots that will help you increase your score, but various traps can make it easier for the seeker to locate the hiders.

Features of Hide N Seek

Maze map

The map is a maze with many hiding places. The hiders can avoid capture far easily as a result. But it also implies that there are lots of opportunities for mistakes to be made. Try to remain mobile and avoid remaining stationary unless it is necessary. You have the chance of avoiding detection if you travel more in the seeker's opposite direction.

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You can try to approach the seeker earlier in the game; by doing so, you'll be less likely to arouse his suspicion.

Nevertheless, doing this is dangerous because you might be discovered very fast.

Online gaming

Online games let you compete with players from around the globe. Unfortunately, you can't invite your friends to play right now, but given how many people have asked for this option, we anticipate it will eventually be implemented. While playing against AI looks simple and more artificial, competing against other players helps the game feel more realistic. By obtaining a streak, you can dare the world and demonstrate your prowess at avoiding capture.

How to Play

Find the lost children.

It's your job to find the kids now that they've run away. To find them, scour the area and look in every closet and room. There are more kids to find as the levels advance, and the search area grows. When that happens, you might need some assistance.

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Utilize technology to locate them.

If you wish to make the game easier, you have an option of 2-3 improvements at the end of the round. Put an end to your problems using an x-ray, compass, stick, or dog to locate the children.


You are to play whatever you choose and come up with your own Hide/Seek tactics. You are free to wander the 3D maze of vivid colors. Hide 'N Seek is a simple game that will allow you to relive numerous experiences from your youth.

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Download Hide N Seek APK, the enjoyable 3D simulation game which lets you play the traditional hide and seek game. Run about the house looking for the young ones.


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