Hidden Hotel
Hidden Hotel
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Version: 1.1.106
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Download the object-finding adventure game Hidden Hotel APK. Play as the inheritor of an aging, deserted hotel. Remodel the hotel to restore it to its former splendor.

Name Hidden Hotel
Version 1.1.106
Updated Feb 21, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Tilting Point
Google Play Link com.whaleapp.hiddenhotel

Hidden Hotel

A vibrant game with an investigative plot that combines themes, tactics, and rules is called Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. To solve several puzzles and riddles, you will assume the role of an investigator who travels to an old hotel, following the writers' theory.

Once there, though, you'll need to explore the hotel, hunt for clues, gather evidence, and rebuild the devastated framework. To do so, you'll need money, which you can get by changing the economic system and infrastructure. It is important to note that you can swap from modes while keeping to the plot. Nicely done hand-drawn visuals and a large cast of characters complete the picture.

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This one's for you if you enjoy puzzle games. The tale and mystery are intriguing by the way you search and locate hidden objects throughout the game. One game that mixes hunt, investigation, resort, and architectural features are Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. You'll look for things, discover hidden doors, and solve various problems as you play these mystery games.

Description of Hidden Hotel

In the hidden object game Hidden Hotel, players must rebuild a hotel while locating different items hidden in the cramped rooms.

The gameplay is straightforward; at the bottom of the screen are the activities you must finish to restore this dated hotel. You must first accrue points before you can begin crossing things off your list. You obtain them by completing hidden object riddles, in which you must locate every item on a list before the time limit expires. You can check items off as you get them, but keep in mind that if you tap things arbitrarily, you'll lose credits and it'll take time to rebuild your hotel. You can select from different models and alter the rooms as you see fit as you rebuild them.

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Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery features an article about a prominent owner who has disappeared for seven years. The iconic hotel has been given to a grandson in its entirety. That fortunate young man is you. Actually, I'm not sure if that qualifies as lucky. Your destination seems to no longer qualify as a hotel. It's all just an ugly, unkempt, dirty structure that wasn't designed for people.

An old steward called Oliver entered the middle of the chaos. Following the pleasantries, the servant began to discuss the hotel's troubles. At the same time, he reminds you of the work that needs to be done to restore this hotel.

You almost do whatever Oliver wants because what you need for now is to get the hotel back in business and figure out what happened to your grandpa.

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Hidden Hotel is a game with lovely visuals that should provide plenty of entertainment as you improve your vision.

Features of Hidden Hotel

Several rooms

The hidden room Hidden Hotel provides a range of goods; you must remember them as rapidly as possible in the time provided. After you've finished memorization, go ahead and explore the rooms. Every bedroom has been damaged, and you must properly arrange it before getting those objects. Things will come steadily during the setting process, and you will be able to obtain them quickly. However, you must remember and locate in the order as specified by the game.

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Excellent surprises

In this game, the player must locate the goods and objects in his custody and then care for his life. The player can select a place, such as a deserted royal castle or a ruined hotel. Hidden Hotel is always full of surprises and the wonderful part is that the task never stops growing.

There is debris around and everything appears to be in disarray. With a character that values hygiene, you will be tasked with transforming that resort into a haven. That is also the duty the game expects you to complete. All of the riddles surface, and amusing tales emerge in this game.

Graphics and sound

Crisp, precise 2D visuals with vivid colors. Because the game's focus is on little and huge objects everywhere, the visual is done well. Each bedroom and space is constructed individually, with its own traits and style that can provide you with creativity while you work on repairing the hotel.

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The music is beautiful and mellow, and the gameplay is unhurried and peaceful. But keep in mind that each assignment has a timeframe. The majority of the sound and color effects are not overpowering, it is the precision and attention to detail in the picture that will lure you into the domain of Hidden Hotel at any time.

Tips on Playing Hidden Hotel

1. Expect to replay some levels several times

While you may be enticed to play through as many stages as possible in as little time. To obtain a Ten-star review on each level, you might have to replay some stages numerous times. Especially when you continue through the game and confront more difficult levels.

2. Return to Hidden Hotel

Because your energy bar depletes after each level, it's a good idea to visit Hidden Hotel several times.

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3. Finish many tasks

If you grow attached to Hidden Hotel and can't bear the thought of waiting for your exhausted power bar to replenish, earn more energy by finishing as many activities. In addition to earning free energy via completing defined chores, you can unlock additional incentives such as uncommon ornamental objects.

4. Think about joining a club

Hidden Hotel's partnerships are known as clubs. What are some of the advantages of being a member of a club? After successfully joining a club, you can request that your club members donate your energy. Helping your members and sending them power is one approach to urge them to send you energy.

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5. Swap some of your earned coins for extra energy 

If you're having trouble finding objects in a short time, use a booster to add 45 secs to your game or to assist you to find three random items on your list instantly.


The game is good and gorgeous, different styles are cleverly mixed, and you may play fast or slow based on your observation. The remainder is for a sense of style and careful integration to rebuild the big room. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery's world is fascinating and well worth the journey and research.

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Download the object-finding adventure game Hidden Hotel APK. Play as the inheritor of an aging, deserted hotel. Remodel the hotel to restore it to its former splendor.


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