Guns and Spurs 2
Guns and Spurs 2
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Version: 1.2.6
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Download Guns and Spurs 2 APK to enjoy a cowboy adventure in the Wild West. You can hunt criminals with impressive weapons and earn bonuses as you play.

Name Guns and Spurs 2
Version 1.2.6
Updated Nov 20, 2022
Category Action
Developer Sakis25
Google Play Link com.frozenlakegames.GnS2

About the Guns and Spurs 2 Game

Guns n Spurs 2 is the sequel of the exciting cowboy adventure game, taking you to the Wild West as a cowboy. You can complete different missions and get fantastic bonuses as you play the game. It’s quite similar to the first game, as you must use different weapons to kill your enemies while riding your horse and loading your gun.

The Guns n Spurs 2 game is offered by Sakis25 and was first released on the 1st of May, 2020. It is rated for teenagers, with the content of violence and blood. The game features fantastic visuals with impressive 3D graphics and a well-developed landscape. The controls are also pretty simple, so anyone can enjoy playing this game with the joystick and action buttons on both sides of the screen.

guns and spurs 2 apk for android

At the top of the game screen, you will see a map showing your position in the world and all the other locations and buildings. So, you can easily find the facilities you need to visit and where the enemies are to fight them. Also, the Guns and Spurs 2 game offers you a lot of weapons and resources that will advance you through the levels and give you more weapons to defeat your enemies.

The Guns and Spurs 2 game offers a lot of exciting features that you can enjoy. Play as a cowboy and cover every inch of the map to play.

Exciting Storyline and Gameplay on Guns and Spurs 2

The Guns and Spurs 2 game has an interactive storyline behind the gameplay. It tells the story of Jack Lane, a cowboy and skillful bounty hunter who goes on a mission to explore the territories in the Wild West. But during one of the missions, he finds himself in the Old West and sees that the area is chaotic.

In the Old West, there were bad guys everywhere that you had to fight. Most of the criminals live outside the law, and the locals in the region are always afraid. Due to this, the local police cannot control the criminals anymore. When Jack lands in the Old West, he holds on to his courage to restore peace to everyone. If you enjoy games about justice, action, and defeating the bad guys, you’ll definitely enjoy the Guns and Spurs 2 game.

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The Guns and Spurs 2 game starts with a simple tutorial that teaches you how to control the character and interact with the other NPCs. After completing the tutorial, you can learn how to control the character using your weapons. Jack can hide under wooden crates, run from criminals, use ropes to evade attacks, and use his guns to fight. And Jack has his trusty companion, which is a horse.

At the end of the tutorial, you can move on to start playing the Guns and Spurs 2 game. You will have to face different tasks and missions and will even be given goals to complete. Show your skills as a professional bounty hunter in the Wild West.

Weapons Fit for a Cowboy

A cowboy’s gear isn’t complete without a gun. You need to ensure that you have the right weapons and gear to win. The game features a store where you will use ammunition, bombs, and guns. The weapons also have different effects that will help you win.

guns and spurs 2

In the Guns and Spurs 2 game, the most powerful weapon you get is the bomb, which has a really strong destructive power. If the target is within close range, you can use your pistol like the Golden Revolver, Custer Pistol, and Pierre Revolver to kill them. These weapons are flexible and lightweight, and you can reload them quickly.

There are other types of rifles that you can use when playing the Guns and Spurs 2 game. The rifles include the Classic Repeater, Semi-Auto Shotgun, and Trapper Shotgun to defeat the target. The weapons have high damage and quick-fire, but they will take a longer time to load.

Explore the Wild West

In the Guns and Spurs 2 game, you can explore the Wild West located at the border of the United States. The game offers a lot of land that you can explore, and the criminals are also hidden in different locations on the map. The game is located close to the sea and other countries.

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This makes it easy for you to find where they are exchanging and trading banned goods. Criminals usually do the trading activities, so Jack can go there to find them. The secret organizations are constantly attracting more criminals, and this faces a threat to the local government in the Wild West area.

You will face different challenges hidden and waiting for you in all the geographical locations.

Attractive 3D Graphics

The Guns and Spurs 2 game features quality 3D graphics that bring the gameplay to life. All the objects, characters, and environments in the game are designed with attention to detail, and this reacts to the wild and vast nature of the Wild West. You will feel like you’re really on an adventure in the Wild West.

guns and spurs 2 apk

With the seamless graphics and animations, anyone can easily move through the Guns and Spurs 2 game. The controls are easy, and the joystick allows you to go from place to place. The sound effects are also of high quality, as the sound of gunshots is realistic, and the soundtrack adds fun and excitement to the gunfight scenes.


The Guns and Spurs 2 game expertly combines action with adventure in the Wild West, regardless of what you’re into. The game offers vivid graphics and animation, a fitting soundtrack, and a fun plot that the game is based on. You can enjoy playing Jack in the Wild West and defeat the criminals that are intimidating the locals in the Old West.


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