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The GTA 4 APK mobile game latest version is ready for download! Read this article to learn all about its exclusive features, and how to download GTA 4 for free!

Name GTA 4
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 1, 2022
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
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GTA 4 Mobile

If you're someone who enjoys gaming, you've definitely heard of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The original GTA 4 was released over a decade ago in 2008 for PS3 and Xbox users. But now there's also a mobile version available for Android users.

Unlike the past GTA game series, the new GTA 4 mobile game has stunning visual aesthetics not seen in any of the previous games.

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The visual details are amazing, along with improved game mechanics and graphics.

Download the GTA 4 Android game today and experience its amazing gameplay first-hand. It features a detailed storyline for you to explore and engage with.

In-Depth Description of The GTA 4

The GTA 4 mobile game is a compressed form of the PC version of the game. Game files are optimised to save your phone memory and ensure the game can function optimally on your Android phone.

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GTA 4 is an interactive action game full of rough language, graphic violence, and sexual themes.

In the GTA 4 Android game, you play as Niko Bellic, a tough-looking man who comes to the US hoping to live a good life with his cousin Roman, but is instead thrust into the street life. The entire game follows This storyline and is extremely detailed and interesting.

One of the best features of this game is that it offers 'sandbox' play. This means you have free reign on what you want to do within the game.

Sandbox Play

If you're new to online gaming, you may be unfamiliar with 'sandbox' gaming. The GTA 4 online mobile game, along with other Grand Theft Auto games offers 'sandbox' play. Simply put, this means you can go anywhere within the 3D cities in GTA 4 and do anything you want to buildings, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.

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This includes hijacking vehicles, listening to music on the radio, listening to commercials, beating up NPCs, going swimming, and whatever else you want to do with your character.


Players love this feature because it means you're not limited to the missions.

Storytelling Features

Grand Theft Auto games are known for their engaging content and storytelling. The GTA 4 storyline is very interesting, with amazing characters and props. You can interact with NPCs, and use cars, weapons, and phones to drive the story forward.

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Game Mode

The GTA for Android has 2 game modes, single-player gaming, and multiplayer mode. With the multiplayer mode, up to 32 different players can play together. This makes the game more exciting, complex and engaging for players.

Realistic Game Graphics

The graphics in this game are more realistic than in previous Grand Theft Auto games. The characters look and act like normal human beings, and the game environment is extremely realistic too.

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Top-Notch Game Mechanics

Another significant aspect of the GTA 4 mobile game is its improved game mechanics. The city, characters, vehicles, and building are designed and animated with 3D graphics. This makes the game look better, and allows the game to run smoothly.

Unique Features of the GTA 4 Mobile Game

Here are some insane features the new GTA 4 mobile game has;

  • Compatibility - The GTA 4 online game is designed to be extremely compatible with Android phones. This ensures the graphics and gaming features are functioning properly.
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  • The in-game phone - One of the best interactive features of the game. GTA 4 broadened the use of the in-game phone for more than just phone calls. Players can use it to maintain allies, build relationships, activate the multiplayer mode, and lots more.
  • Decision making within the game - Gamers love GTA 4 online mobile game because it gives you freedom to make individual choices during missions, and in the general gameplay.

In addition, your choices have a big impact in how your story ends. This makes your decisions feel more grounded and important to the game.


Is It Any Good?

The primary question before downloading any game is, ‘is it worth the hype?’ in the case of the GTA 4 mobile game, it certainly is. The game is full of high-definition graphics, and a smooth 3D animated style. The storyline is impeccable and contains lots of free play. There are weather effects, lips synching, and a new and improved physics engine that improves game realism.

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There is more hand-to-hand combat and an improved car GPS. The level of interaction with NPCs is also out of this world. You can shoot cops, battle pedestrians, and use foul language if you want to.

GTA 4 is definitely a game you won’t regret downloading.

First and Third Person View

GTA 4 mobile game can be played in first and third person view. As the name implies, the first person view allows you to play the game through the eyes of your character. It gives you a unique insight into the game, and let's you experience it differently. You can perform all the usual 3D gaming features using first person view.

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On the other hand, third person view shows the player's body from behind. This is the default gaming viewpoint in GTA 4, and is equally engaging and interactive.

Both viewpoints allow for interactive gaming and let you enjoy the GTA 4 gaming environment in full.


GTA 4 is an amazing interactive active action-packed game full of endless possibilities. You can go on missions and explore every part of Liberty city (the city the game is set in).

Once you get the GTA 4 download for Android, you can enjoy the game even more. This optimised version offers lots of amazing features and a quality gaming experience right there on your phone. Download the GTA 4 mobile game today to access all its amazing premium features!

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The GTA 4 APK mobile game latest version is ready for download! Read this article to learn all about its exclusive features, and how to download GTA 4 for free!


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