Growing Up Life of the 90s
Growing Up Life of the 90s
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Version: 1.2.3929
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Download Growing Up Life of the 90s APK. Live your life from scratch till adulthood, have all the fun in the world, make the most awesome memories, be who you always wanted to be and all in the 90s!

Name Growing Up Life of the 90s
Version 1.2.3929
Updated Oct 6, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Littoral Games
Google Play Link com.VileMonarch.GrowingUp

About Growing Up Life of the 90s

Growing Up: Life in The '90s is an online life simulation and adventure game. It features a set of the 1990s in which the player lives and grows from childhood to adulthood.

The game was produced and developed by Littoral Games in collaboration with Vile Monarch and offered by Littoral Games. Growing Up was released for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows alike. The game is generally compatible with devices with the minimum operating system of Android 8.0, although the compatibility might vary from time to time. Growing Up was officially released on the 7th of March, 2022 and is available for download on Google and Apple Play Stores.

growing up life of the 90s apk

The game is new in the market and thus contains many new, exciting and relatively contemporary features. Growing Up is one of many simulation games available; however, the developers have taken the game to a whole new level with the intriguing concept of the 90s. Growing Up offers a good insight into life as it was back in the day while also helping the gamers to have the best time while exploring.

Since its release, the game has been making good progress, gathering steady reviews and impressive ratings. The context is exceptionally rich, relatable and with addictive gameplay too.

Unique Storyline

Growing Up features a 90's setting in the United States where the players live from birth and eventually grow into adults. The experiences in the game are quite surreal, and the player feels them every step of the way.

Slowly but steadily, the player eventually lives through all the stages of their life and gets to decide the path they choose to follow. The player carries out regular day-to-day activities like walking to school with their parents until leaving for school alone, going to the mall or salon, making friends, falling out with friends, having fun moments, going on outings, travelling and the rest.

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One player's experience differs from another based on the lifestyle chosen by that player. Experience also differs by gender, with boys and girls having different scenarios. The player is in total control of the game, as it virtually provides an opportunity to live your life all over again, albeit in the third person while assessing and understanding your actions and their consequent results.

The player also helps their character develop a personality that will be mostly shaped by their choice of words, acquaintances, and decisions. There are over 1000 dialogue lines for each character. All the events from childhood until the official age of 18 are orderly and in phase, and each moment is to be enjoyed and relished fully.


Growing Up has a gameplay that is similar to those of other adventure and life simulation games. The player always has options of choices to decide from, especially during dialogues or concerning reactions to certain events. The options pop up on the screen, and the player decides which is more suitable in their opinion. Their decisions always have different implications from the others. The result of the whole game is also a result of the collective decisions taken from the beginning of the game.

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Many characters are present in the school, family and home environment settings. The character is one growing up in an average family in the United States and holds the chance to be whatever they want to be, as long as they follow the right steps to their dream.

The character experiences emotional growth throughout the game and understands the nature and tendencies of the characters around them and themselves. There are many stories available in the game for the player to relate to; personal stories and the stories of friends. The player lives through these stories and makes worthwhile memories out of them.

The player's memories are collected and stored in the game, as every fleeting moment, and every word or action is crucial. This game feature makes it play out like a short film, but once in which the player is the only one orchestrating the show.

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There are 30 different locations in the game, each having its own unique experience to offer you. Create heart-striking memories as you travel around the United States and meet new people.

Features of Growing Up: Life in The '90s

  • Realistic gameplay
  • Clear and concise 2D graphics with surreal animations
  • The smooth sound and background music
  • Offers in-app purchases
  • Continuous gameplay is assured, with multiple outcomes and twisted events.
  • Has no location restrictions
  • Offers only online mode
  • Highly intelligent and interactive AI system
growing up life of the 90s apk free
  • Completely customizable characters


Growing Up: Life In The 90s is an excellent simulation game that allows the player to lead multiple lives in many different ways. The game serves as a medium to live out your dreams to the fullest. The events are natural and relatable, and the game is relaxing and intriguing to play simultaneously.

The gameplay in Growing Up is never ending, as the game can be played repeatedly to arrive at different results. No one knows exactly how many different outcomes there are, but all the outcomes result from the choices made in the game.

Growing Up is an awesome game of choice, especially for those who love simulation games. The game is a good choice on your device, any day, any time.

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Download Growing Up Life of the 90s APK. Live your life from scratch till adulthood, have all the fun in the world, make the most awesome memories, be who you always wanted to be and all in the 90s!


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