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Download Gris APK for a serene roleplaying experience in a beautifully designed game world. Enjoy this simple game free of death and violence. Sounds unreal, right?

Name Gris
Version 1.0.3
Updated Nov 23, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer DevolverDigital
Google Play Link com.devolver.grispaid

What Is Gris?

When introducing Gris, one must start with its beauty. Grid is a masterpiece in terms of its visuals. The watercolor drawings pop at you and carry you through the entire game. The themes cut across loss and grief. It is evident in the style of the illustrations and characters. Although basic, the design is important because it tells the story through the use of symbols.

Gris is a 2D platformer game from Nomada Studio, a developer based in Barcelona. It is a side-scrolling game where most of the usual elements you see in games are absent. There are no enemies or death. Your journey through a colourless world in an attempt to bring back light and color.


Gris is an independently developed game with an adventure theme. It was made available on the Google Play Store for Android devices in April 2020. Today, there are many video games with great stories and gameplay. What differentiates Gris is the unique story and how the game evolves in amazing ways.

Gris is a game designed to evoke emotions in you. You explore a world’s intricacies abs see it brought to life with beautiful animations and colours. Gris is simple at its core, with easy controls and almost no text popups.

The Gris Story

The game content is based on the story of a girl named Gris. Gris has struggled with her emotions since she was younger, and this is what brought her into this world. Gris is a hopeful girl lost in this game world. However, due to painful experiences in her past, she’s also full of sorrow, and her dress shows this.

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You play the role of Gris in this game. You are her new hope, and you must help her eliminate her negative emotions by joining her to return colour to the world she’s in. The world is bland at first, but as you progress, the richness is seen through the layering of colours and textures. The light effects are also really nice.

Gameplay Mechanics

At the beginning of the game, Gris stands lonely in the middle of an area surrounded by rocks. The plot is introduced to you. Although there are no clear instructions, it is easy to figure out what to do and what not to do. You must journey through different weather conditions and explore new places to accept their colours.

Primarily, Gris is about exploring the world. Doing this helps you unravel the mysteries of the game. At first, just walk through empty spaces and take in your surroundings. After a while, the game begins to add new concepts. For example, you’ll see orbs scattered around as you walk. Gather them and use them to create constellations in the sky.

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These constellations will eventually be great contributors to bringing colors back. New colours are added to the world, one at a time, and they birth new experiences. The first is red. The world turns into a desert with harsh winds that toss you around and make you have to find things to hold on to.

Later on, you get blue, which brings water bodies and rains. Green births plant life and animals. These changes in the world increase how you interact with the game. With the introduction of water and animals, your character can swim, float and play with the animals present.

Since there are no clear instructions, Gris presents itself as a puzzling game. However, solving the puzzles and figuring out the gameplay can be satisfying for some people. The gameplay mechanics are good, with a double jump that does the job well. At first, all you can do is walk and jump, but as you play, you discover other movements your character can carry out.

As the game unfolds, Gris also grows emotionally to see her world in a better light. This is when the onset of colours begins.

Key Features

Gris’ main features are the visuals because of how they contribute to making it an aesthetically pleasing game. The key features that makeup Gris include:

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  • Graphics: As mentioned several times, this is the highlight of Gris. The game has a minimalistic style, with many emphases placed on the visual art’s images and colours. However, it’s not just done for a nice aesthetic, and it contributes to the personality of your character too.
  • Weather: The weather conditions are important too, especially the winds. Pay attention to them because they make it difficult for your character to move. They’ll disrupt your climbing, jumping, and other movements by blowing you around strongly. You can avoid this by hiding behind rocks and buildings.
  • Dot Lights: You can’t die in the game, but some challenges feel insurmountable. Some obstacles seem too far to jump or too high to climb. Lights play important roles in playing Gris. Dot lights are scattered inside buildings. Collect every dot light you see. Usually, the last one creates a bridge for you to move past the current challenge.

Too often than not, you get stuck and need the dot light hack. Detailed instructions, guides, or tutorials would have been helpful additions to this game. Sadly, they’re not present. The lack of guidance can be frustrating.

The great visuals and ever-changing works attempt to make up for it. This almost makes all the work worth it. In addition, the game is relatively short, so you don’t have to endure the frustration for too long.


Gris is so beautiful. This fact cannot be overemphasized. You’ll find yourself taking screenshots of scenes in the game. It feels like you’re in an animated movie, where you get to determine and fully experience the turnout of things. Everything has so much detail, from your character to the creatures that chase you occasionally.

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When Gris was launched, it received favourable reviews. If you’re used to games with tutorials, you might find it hard to figure out what to do in this game. While you do this, just enjoy the scenery and relax. The light puzzles, platforming, and game challenges immerse you into a fun world you will be unable to resist. Although slightly complex, this game will have you hooked!

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Download Gris APK for a serene roleplaying experience in a beautifully designed game world. Enjoy this simple game free of death and violence. Sounds unreal, right?


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