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Download Grimvalor APK for a dark fantasy trip through the Lost Kingdom of Vallors. Slay beasts and build up treasure in this action-adventure fantasy game.

Name Grimvalor
Version 1.2.5
Updated Sep 6, 2023
Category Action
Developer Direlight
Google Play Link com.direlight.grimvalor


Grimvalor is a paid mobile game developed by Direlight Games. The game is a combat adventure game in a dark fantasy setting that takes inspiration from many similar games of the genre. Grimvalor is a paid game that features a storyline where the players work through the game by fighting various battles. It is a mobile game, available for both Google and Apple Play Stores, as well as on Nintendo Switch. The game has received favorable ratings across platforms since its release.

Game description

Grimvalor follows a loose storyline that allows players to get immersed in the story without it overwhelming or distracting from the action of the game. Grimvalor is set in the Lost Kingdom of Vallors where strange monsters are starting to appear at its borders. The main character of the game, alongside many other brave people, was sent to investigate the monster's appearances but they were overwhelmed. Many died and, in the ensuing battle, the main character was sent into a portal by one of the monsters called The Slayer. The portal sends the player into a distant land which is where the game starts.

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At the opening of the game, the player finds themselves in a dungeon in an unknown land. You will have to investigate and explore the creepy hallways of the dark and dangerous castle to uncover the story and why you are there. The player has to battle all kinds of monsters as they go through the game and some boss battles which help the player level up.

Grimvalor has a dark fantasy setting that is reminiscent of many games like Dark Souls. However, the game has its own identity and story. As the game proceeds, players build an inventory of weapons and special items that can help them during fights. Players can also forge new weapons and level up their stats. The overall gameplay takes about fifteen to twenty hours though the fast travel option that opens up as you continue to play can reduce the playtime.

Features of Grimvalor

Grimvalor is an action-packed game filled to the brim with fun features that help players at every turn of the game.


The gameplay of Grimvalor is straightforward to understand and use. The mobile version features on-screen controls which you use to move about the game and engage in fights. There are two buttons on the left side of the screen to control horizontal movement and then buttons for jumping, dodging, and attacking. When you first start the game, a small tutorial is given to get players used to the controls. However, the tutorial only teaches the basics and players will need to play continuously to obtain mastery of the controls. As the game progress and players level up, they will gain access to new powers and skills such as a charge attack.

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Players have a health bar located at the top left part of the screen. The health bar shows the player's strength and is reduced during battle. Refillable health potions and time are required to replenish player health before death. There is also a soul power bar located at the top of the screen. The strength in your soul power bar determines how strong your attacks are. Soul power is replenished with time after every fight. If a player dies, they will be sent back to the last save point where they leveled up.

The terrain of the game is set in a dark and derelict castle filled with monsters and booby traps. This means that players have to be cautious of their surroundings as they can be killed or harmed even when there are no monsters present. Secret sections of the castle can be unlocked by performing wall runs or smash moves. Quests and missions are what move the game forward though some can be skipped or ignored without affecting the overall story.

Combo attacks

In Grimvalor, players can make combinations of attacks, dodges, and jumps to make combo moves. This works by tapping on the required buttons in specific orders that create these special moves. Combo attacks are not easy to attain, especially when players are in the heat of battle because the opponents of the game are very ruthless. It is advisable to practice combo moves when alone to prepare to use them during battle. The game features both big and small bosses, as well as combinations of both. As you continue to play, you unlock more moves like double jumping, running up walls, and dashing in mid-air.

Game items

grimvalor apk

Grimvalor allows players to loot different locations as they go about the game. Looting brings forth different rewards such as weapons, special magical items, and new abilities. The items gained from looting help players get an upper hand during battles and give players new abilities and strengths. Looted weapons can be upgraded and it is useful for a player to have a wide weapons inventory. There are secret treasures scattered all over the game to encourage players to keep playing.

Save points

Save points are game checkpoints that come up after every boss battle. Save points are the only place in the game where a player can obtain a level up. Therefore, if players don't make it past a boss to the next save point, they cannot get past whatever level they are at. When players die, they are sent back to the last save point they leveled up at. However, Grimvalor differs from many games by letting players keep their experience, items, and in-game currency even when they die and return to save points. The only changes that occur are that players are taken backward on the map and have to re-fight enemies they had killed previously.



Grimvalor is an exciting role play game that takes all the best aspects of similar games in the genre and provides a unique gaming experience. The tone and setting of Grimvalor are dark, intense, and intriguing. The mystery of the monsters at the border and the strange dimension keep players wondering what the truth is

It is a great game for fans of fantasy RPGs that want a mobile option.

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Download Grimvalor APK for a dark fantasy trip through the Lost Kingdom of Vallors. Slay beasts and build up treasure in this action-adventure fantasy game.


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