Franco Kernel Manager
Franco Kernel Manager
Size: 5,8 MB
Version: 6.2.3
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Download Franco Kernel Manager APK and improve your device's performance! Get stats on the hardware and software on your device and manage all features better.

Name Franco Kernel Manager
Version 6.2.3
Updated Nov 28, 2023
Category Tools
Developer Francisco Franco
Google Play Link com.franco.kernel

Description of the Franco Kernel Manager

The Franco Kernel Manager is a mobile application that gives you complete details on your device's hardware and software. It measures the performance and displays statistics by accessing your battery, memory, threads, and basic processes.

You might not know this, but background tasks still run while your device is asleep. Not only this, but there can be unknown features on your phone that consume battery power, bandwidth, and data. The Franco Kernel Manager app helps you solve this problem.

franco kernel manager apk

The app was developed and published by Francisco Franco, with the first release on the 1st of January, 2012. For the Franco Kernel Manager to work effectively, it needs root privileges but will not edit or add to original device files.

Users can manage the CPU clock, ZRAM, BUS, uptime, GPU, battery, Wakelocks, and other CPU parts on the Franco Kernel Manager. The highlight is that the app can retrieve the right parameters and statistics quickly.

Manage Your Device Battery

The Franco Kernel Manager helps you manage your battery, an important element of your mobile device. You can manage your battery closely to prolong its lifespan and reduce the chances of damage. With the app, you can view the apps using the battery.

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The kernel manager also shows the apps that consume a lot of battery power and how much time they use. You can view those working in the background and turn them off. The Franco Kernel Manager will show you the amount of battery consumed from when you open your device and predict how much battery power is left based on your usage. This feature is helpful if you're traveling without a way to charge your phone.

Intuitive Control Panel

The Franco Kernel Manager includes a control panel that gives an overview of your device. It shows the parameters of the active hardware and software components as they are being monitored in real-time. You can view the CPU clock levels and other cores.

Since the kernel manager has root privileges in your device, it can interfere with the operating system and hardware operation. So, you can set parameters for an operation like the maximum RAM usage when gaming, etc.

Flasher Feature

One of the highlights of the Franco Kernel Manager is the flasher. The kernel manager supports changelog and auto-flash and has a Manual Flasher. The Manual Flasher allows you to flash anything from your device without going to the recovery section of your device.

franco kernel manager battery

To use it, click on Manual Flasher and select the zip from your internal storage.

Create Kernel Backups

The Franco Kernel Manager also allows you to set up backups. You can backup your boot partition and restore it whenever you need it. Create backups and rename them so you can easily find them later.

Other Features of the Franco Kernel Manager

The Franco Kernel Manager has a wide range of features that make it easy for you to take care of your device. These include:

  • CPU & GPU Stats: With the Franco Kernel Manager, you can change your CPU and GPU. These include changing your CPU frequencies and governors and GPU frequencies and governors. You can also boost frequencies in CPU input, change stune boost values, change CPU governor parameters, create Governor profiles and manage the state of your CPUs.
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  • Kernel Settings: The Franco Kernel Manager's best settings are related to your device's kernel. Some options depend on the kernel, like sound control, but most of the settings on the app are available for all devices. The tunables include ZRAM, I/O, memory, vibration, etc.
  • Night Vision: Another feature of the Franco Kernel Manager is the Night Shift. This feature allows you to freely use the app at night by changing the screen's color. You can set a schedule for the screen to automatically turn yellow, and it will remove the blue light. This makes the screen light softer. You can also change your RGB, saturation, contrast, and hue to reduce the strain on your eyes.
  • Live Monitoring: The Franco Kernel Manager provides a full overview of your device's component with live monitoring and graphics. You can see the ZRAM., IO, thermal zones, wake-locks, and Network Usage. The platform will also show you the kernel log and allow you to search for different kernels.
  • App Profiles: This is another powerful feature of the Franco Kernel Manager. You can customize profiles based on different tunables and apply them to your apps. The platform will detect when the apps are in the foreground and activate the profile you set. Then when the app runs in the background, it sets the values back to how they were before. If you're in a situation where you can't charge your phone, you can use this feature to limit its activities.
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  • Manage Scripts: This kernel manager also allows you to create shell scripts and import scripts from other people. After importing the script, you can run them or pin scripts to Quick Tiles. This allows you to run the script without opening the app.
  • Custom Kernel Settings: You can add your custom tunable to the kernel manager and enhance the use of your mobile device. The app also comes with a scheduler for managing the different parts of your kernel, system health, and CPU temperature.


The Franco Kernel Manager is an ideal app for users who want to enhance their device's performance. It works for all devices and kernels, although it requires root access for all features except the battery monitor. You can backup and restore kernel and application settings, access the app directly from the desktop, and take care of your system health. From simple tasks like battery managing to complicated app profiles, you can control every aspect of your device with the Franco Kernel Manager.

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Download Franco Kernel Manager APK and improve your device's performance! Get stats on the hardware and software on your device and manage all features better.


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