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Version: 2.0.47
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Download FilePursuit APK and search the internet for documents, audios, videos, eBooks, and many more. Then, search for that one file you need in no time.

Name FilePursuit
Version 2.0.47
Updated Feb 8, 2024
Category Tools
Developer shades
Google Play Link com.filepursuit.filepursuit

About File Pursuit

If you ask someone to name a search engine, 95 percent of the time, they metion 'Google.' But, of course, there is another search engine. Still, Google is so dominant that even giants like Bing or Microsoft Edge must wait for a mention.

However, suppose individuals are seeking something unique and maybe more accurate that can search for video and audio files. In that case, an intriguing search engine is often unnoticed. FilePursuit, which can be accessed over the Web or straight from its own Android apps, is one you should try out.

FilePursuit is a free mobile app that provides accurate file arrangement and search service that allows you to locate one file among a million others stored on online servers. AI robots update the database daily and search free online sites for all sorts of files.

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It's a search engine for files where people from all around the world provide links. It gives you access to search that one file among the millions of files you can find on the internet.

FilePursuit saves your time in two ways: by allowing you to find files automatically, saving you from having to painstakingly read through each website's contents one by one, which would be stressful and tedious. It instantly compares your criteria to billions of Web sites and provides results. You can conduct dozens of searches in a short period, changing the requirements as you reduce the number of results.

It searches every free resource on the entire Web and stores thorough information about each page cataloged. It aids in locating obscure websites that you might not otherwise be aware of because it includes so much information about files. As a result, you are more likely to receive too much information from search results than not enough.

It's just as easy to use FilePursuit as other search engines. Simply put your search term in the text box and press the search button. A list of files that match your search criteria will be displayed to you.

FilePursuit doesn't host any content; instead, it merely gives users access to already-existing files, much like other search engines.

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Search for the file you wish to utilize FilePursuit for. You will be sent a list of relevant files and links to those files. Use the library to save links and downloads and FilePursuit to add more search functions. The software application has all the necessary information in one location and may access news and updates.

Why Use FilePursuit

A good Appstore replacement

FilePursuit is the most fantastic App Store replacement. If you dislike App Stores, you can use this app. This software can provide direct download links to everything you're looking for. Google displays website links in its search results. So we must go to that website and discover a download link there. However, many users cannot locate the correct download URL and end up clicking advertising.

Search for almost any file

FilePursuit is a file search engine; it provides file links as results. However, it is possible to search for file links directly from Google, but only for documents. You can search for practically any filetype on FilePursuit by selecting 'custom' and inputting filetype in the search results.

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Discover hidden files

It's astonishing what FilePursuit can find while performing searches. Files lead to directories, including thousands of files ranging from every music artist imaginable to private text files that individuals should take extra care with. Other things are genuinely odd.

No copyright infringement

While even burial l recordings may have a copyright owner somewhere, the service's more frequent mainstream content is the most easily found. The site does not contain copyrighted content, but that does not imply it is unresponsive to takedown requests.

Easy to use

FilePursuit is simple to use. File Pursuit, which uses a straightforward interface to offer a simple operation, ensures that anyone may accurately search files by pressing a button.

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Features of File pursuit

Effective Search: A high-quality search engine allows you to find files quickly and precisely with very little input!

Supported worldwide: FilePursuit is available in several countries, including India, the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Several devices are supported. Many devices, including iOS, Windows, Android, and Web-based capabilities, are supported, giving you virtually limitless alternatives.

Download FilePursuit on your mobile phone or tablet to access expert features on the go, no matter where you are!

Well-Organized: The user-friendly interface provides accurate organization features for simple access.

Non-trackable: Because FilePursuit hosts no material, no tracking capabilities are available.

Accurate result: You will increase your productivity and work faster and wiser. In addition, you will have less downtime because you will obtain accurate results within a short time.

filepursuit apk download

There are also new features added to the updated one on Play store, they include:

  • Significant redesigning of the UI
  • Complete Dark Mode
  • Complete Support for Android TV
  • Search suggestions turns up automatically
  • Advanced controls for the video preview
  • Preview for audio
  • Preview for eBook on preferred file formats
  • Videos may now be cast
  • In-app subscription made available
  • Off or on Video Autoplay
  • Copy real URL
  • Use Phone browser rather than App inbuilt browser
  • Major bug fixed
  • Usable for Russians
  • Changeable downloader settings
  • Updated TV Remote Controller Support
filepursuit apk old version


FilePursuit is an excellent software tool to download to boost your chances of success in finding that particular file you want. FilePursuit's regular subscription is free, and the Pro subscription is $19.99 monthly. In addition, the FilePursuit Pro subscription will remove all advertisements from your application, allowing you to concentrate on searching for the files you need.

FilePursuit has seen a massive increase in traffic in recent months. However, it remains a very modest player in the search engine industry, with roughly 7,000 to 10,000 hits daily. However, this innovative site can handle five times the traffic, and updating servers to handle surges can be done in two to three minutes, "at most." Download FilePursuit for free today and see what advantages this straightforward software application may bring to your search engine power.

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Download FilePursuit APK and search the internet for documents, audios, videos, eBooks, and many more. Then, search for that one file you need in no time.


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