FIFA Beta 22
FIFA Beta 22
Size: 126 MB
Version: 15.3.02
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Download FIFA Beta 22 APK and experience HD realistic gameplay like never before. Work with famous players and get replays of their unique signature moves.

Name FIFA Beta 22
Version 15.3.02
Updated Aug 25, 2022
Category Sports
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FIFA Beta 22

FIFA Beta 22 is the 29th  game in the FIFA football series, an award-winning game series famous on almost all platforms and operating systems. Take to the pitch and become the Man of the match in no time with fine manipulations of the game's friendly controls.

FIFA Mobile 22 beta download was only previously possible on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Still, with the increasing number of FIFA fans and mobile devices, the 2022 version is readily available for players with mobile devices to access and enjoy interesting gameplay with their PlayStation and Xbox counterparts.

fifa beta 22 apk

The game flaunts an impressive hyper-realistic graphic, motion, and sound system, all based on real-world scenes replicated by a deep and extensive study of each player's unique movement and idiosyncrasies. 

Since its launch in 2021 till date, records have shown that one of the most reoccurring research on multiple search engines has been none other than FIFA 2022 beta download for android. The update release has been long anticipated, which is common with the series. The reason for this anticipation is the impressive high graphics each updated version brings, thereby increasing the game's competitiveness.

About FIFA Beta 22 Game

FIFA Beta 22 is a sport, action-free game in the FIFA football game series. It is an offline game, currently set in an open world or open field view for players to have multi-directional control. FIFA mobile 22 beta latest version 15.504, is the 29th game in the FIFA football series developed by Electronic Arts, popularly known by the initials' EA' displayed at the beginning of each FIFA game.

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The game is available on multiple platforms like Xbox, Playstation4, Playstation3, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, iOS, Stadia, and virtually any gaming platform. Similar to most games with a large crowd of people waiting eagerly for its release, FIFA mobile 22 download was made possible 4 days before its release on the 1st of October 2021.

The early access on the 27th of September of the same year was necessary to see how the game fared in a controlled space of loyal fans, who were willing to buy access to the game at a small fee and help the Electronic Arts team test and review the overall gameplay before the final launch four days later.

Despite being less than a year old since its release, FIFA mobile 22 beta latest version game has stormed the markets with an unbelievable 100M+ downloads of 4.4 star rating from a total of 10M+ reviews left by impressed players worldwide. These ratings are stats that take most games, even in the football sports genre, years to acquire.

fifa beta 22 apk download

The fame of the game's latest version is its record of constantly releasing better versions of itself every year, its amazing gameplay and features, and the efforts the producing house makes to ensure the game is available across multiple platforms.


FIFA 22 mobile game, unlike the others in its series, incorporates an option where the game player can choose to either be the manager of his club or just another player on the pitch. It creates a form of effect where the player is faced with taking the role of the club owner, which they have experienced in so many past versions of the game or that of a player, and seeing the game through the lens of another.

The game starts as other iterations of it, with the aid of an in-game tutorial that explains the game's mechanics in a detailed fashion, teaching the player the basic controls of the game and its complexities which adds an air of sophistication to it.

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Play a fulfilling 15-year career mode in-game time, during which you experience many victories and defeats. Play and earn experience points to level your player to new levels, with much higher perks. To keep the game exciting, EA studios introduced a card system where naturally high skilled players (termed as FUT) can be gotten for a significantly increased price.


Realistic HD: FIFA 2022 beta has been termed hyper-realistic because it adopts a more realistic touch than its previous game series.

Innovative Gameplay: Still as intuitive as ever, FIFA 2022 mobile gameplay endeavors to engage the player in the true magic of football.

fifa mobile 22 beta apk latest version

Game Modes: FIFA 2022 beta mobile game has three distinct game modes:

  • Career mode: where the player is faced with the decision to either play as a club owner or as a regular football player just starting his career.
  • Multiplayer mode: Compete with friends and family in the game's offline multiplayer mode in a contest to see who the best is. Extend this spirit of competition to the global multiplayer section to play with opponents globally, and earn a global reward.
  • Pro club mode: Here lies the option to play another regular FIFA beta 22 game as the owner of a club tasked with building the club from grass to peak, selecting the stadium and the rest.

Open-field Game: The games have a multi-directional control system and view, where the player can see the pitch in any direction and make a motion in 3D.

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Hyper Motion Technology: This is a unique feature, the first of its kind. It is a system developed by EA studios that copies a real-world football player's motion and characteristic traits and assigns it to its digital representative in FIFA 22 beta game, for a more realistic game.


Football is one of the most celebrated sports. It unites individuals from different tribes and races. The euphoria of a well-played match stays with you for days. People's love for football has placed it on its own cadre. So, to ensure you have your football charm, programmers launched the football video game series.

The FIFA football genre is unique for its ever-increasing graphics and gameplay in which players can make the most of the many features made present, train and level up their characters, gain mastery of the game, and ultimately win league after league and several multiplayer matches in a show of love for the fun of football.

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Download FIFA Beta 22 APK and experience HD realistic gameplay like never before. Work with famous players and get replays of their unique signature moves.


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