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Fast VPN
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Download Fast VPN APK now! It is a secure, tested, and trusted virtual private network. Software built specifically to give you an anonymous ID while surfing the net.

Name Fast VPN
Version 1.9.5
Updated Aug 1, 2023
Category Tools
Developer VPM Master
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Fast VPN

Have you ever been prevented from accessing salient information because of your location? Do you desire to hide your identity from dangerous sites? Then Fast VPN is for you! It is excellent for hiding your identity on the internet. With that being its primary goal, it is one of the very few reliable VPN services out there - for the public to use in shielding their information from info-stealing websites and servers.

It is not uncommon for websites to have certain elements that work diligently in the background to get users' data, either for selling items to them or for spamming purposes. In worse scenarios, malicious websites may acquire your identity, information, and credentials to sell them, perpetuate heinous crimes with your ID, or attack you physically or via cyber assault. It is to guard against this, that virtual private networks (VPN) like Fast VPN are available.

fast vpn apk

Fast VPN comes in two versions: Fast VPN android and Fast VPN apple (for apple devices). These subsequently make use of an additional two sub-plans; Fast VPN free (with limited options) and Fast VPN paid, also known as the pro version, with no limitations to services rendered. These pro versions are efficient - while also being very affordable to acquire and use.

Fast VPN for android boasts impressive features (which are also present in the apple version) like:

Hide IP address

IP address or Internet Protocol is a unique set of numbers assigned to mobile devices as they surf the internet. No gadget can surf the vastness of the internet without an identifiable IP address.

These IP addresses are used to track and monitor the activity, location, email, type of device, and permission levels to many and any service used on the internet. While this is not only risky, it highly limits the amount of work and services you can access due to your location or device type.

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With Fast VPN, this problem has since been overcome as you can now surf the net with a completely different IP which you discard once you turn off the VPN. All these and more for simply inputting a search of Fast VPN free download.

Work from anywhere on the Fast VPN app

Perhaps you want to change your location to access sites and services that are restricted in your current location? Well, this service is available on Fast VPN. Here, you get to change your locale to that of any country in the world and be assigned an equivalent IP address to go with your new location.

Enjoy 'no logs' browsing

Most VPNs sometimes collect information and keep tabs on the activity of their users - which essentially defeats the purpose of a VPN. Fast VPN is the ideal VPN service as it keeps you anonymous to the web's probing eyes, but it also does not save your original IP address, browsing history, DNS queries, and the likes. This way, even at the force level, they cannot provide a record of their users' history or identity.

Fast VPN Proxy

Fast VPN fast secure proxy is one of the many offers users enjoy when using Fast VPN. Browsing a proxy means gaining access to the internet through an intermediary who provides you with safety from malicious websites with info-stealing elements.

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Proxy browsing is a great way to access the internet as you do not have to follow the process of changing your location and worrying over what limitations may exist for your newly chosen region. So, you can access the web through a trusted server (the Fast VPN server) and still maintain your desired anonymous state on the internet and to Fast VPN due to their no log policy.

Access Restricted Sites

With the Fast VPN app, you can access sites that have been previously restricted to you. This is because sites are usually restricted to certain locations on the globe. Sometimes whole countries are restricted from accessing certain sites, other times, it is just a building like a home, school, office, or similar establishments. A blocker is installed to prevent access to particular sites. With the use of a VPN like Fast VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and access websites and information unavailable to your location.

Fast VPN Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the sheer amount of data transmitted over any internet connection in any given instance. It is not the speed of surfing cyberspace, but the maximum amount of data sent and received by and to any device surfing the net.

fast vpn free download

There is an ever-expanding number of data, information, knowledge, and services to be gotten from the internet. A low bandwidth would not only be frustrating but also considered dangerous to your work and business if you work remotely.

Stand-By Customer care

Online businesses and services support the need to have a customer support program - where they tend to the inquiries and problems of their users, but how many have 24/7 stand-by non-computerized customer care service. Fast VPN goes to great extents in making sure its users are satisfied with very little or no complaints on any of their services.

One-month warranty

It packs an impressive advantage with a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who want to go for the Fast VPN pro plan and gain access to all these offered services.

fast vpn fast secure proxy

If, after subscribing to a program, you regret such action because of the rise of a problem while in use, you can contact the accommodating customer care and narrate their ordeal to get a refund of their money, provided it is within 30 days of their first subscription.

How to use Fast VPN app

In simple steps, here is how you can use Fast VPN:

  • Download the app and turn off your location.
  • Log in with your email address.
  • Choose a preferred plan since a warranty is in place for your protection.
  • Access the services how you see fit.


Explore the world wide web and the limitless opportunities of the internet every day, with equivalent boundless connectivity, bandwidth, security, and access to whatever information or service you desire, all with a VPN! Fast VPN has over 1000 servers and more than 50 locations for you to choose from.

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Download Fast VPN APK now! It is a secure, tested, and trusted virtual private network. Software built specifically to give you an anonymous ID while surfing the net.


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