Dog Life
Dog Life
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Version: 1.8.2
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Download Dog Life APK, the recent version of the BitLife developers' text-based life simulation game. Live the Dog life and discover a dozen scenario options.

Name Dog Life
Version 1.8.2
Updated Feb 22, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Candywriter, LLC
Google Play Link com.candywriter.doglife


In this interactive storybook life game, will you be a rough-and-tumble stray on the streets, an attention-seeking domestic dog, or a man's best friend who is a little bit pampered? As you engage with thousands of scenarios on your quest to become the sweetest (or Scariest) dog on the block, YOUR tale is YOURS to unfold. You will keep playing this addictive game since no two DogLife adventures are the same.

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DogLife: Bitlife Dogs is a BitLife video game that generates a character randomly for a game life that you can modify based on the choices you make. This game is part of the Bit Life series and simulates a dog's life. By making certain choices, you can alter the course of the randomly generated story.

Description of DogLife

Nowadays, finding weird games to play is a trend among young people. More delight and excitement are provided by something strange. Additionally, if you share their insane interest, check out DogLife: BitLife Dogs.

Start of the game.

Unless you purchase DogLife premium, the game always begins with a random character. A random name, a random location, and a random breed of dog or cat are assigned to you once your life has begun; these three things serve as the character's initial point for the duration of their life story. Before increasing your age, be sure to take a variety of introductory activities, sniff the surroundings, and try to act amiably toward everyone. 5 sections will outline all the information you may access and the many activities and tasks you can carry out at the moment.

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Progression of the game

You can advance your age and learn more about how your choices as you've grown older have affected the main events by tapping the +age key on the screen. These significant occurrences will determine what turns your life may take. As a result, a chain is created, whereby your minor acts have an impact on your larger ones, and so on. Events may progress so that you are relocated, the owners are changed, or your residences are altered.

Plotline of the game

One of the most crucial elements is the plotline, which advances your story by succinctly expressing it in a narrative pattern. It keeps a history of the specific story you may refer to later in the cemetery. It keeps track of the acts that can be performed to raise your vital bars by recording the activities in the order in which they occur and their effects.

See how it goes by going back to the game's beginning. You can pick a dog from different backgrounds, including a home dog, a dog purchased from a pet shop, a stray dog, or a well-groomed dog that has been cared for since birth.

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Numerous issues that need to be resolved will arise throughout the dog's life. This succession of facts is incredibly realistic and occasionally really funny.

Ultimate twist

What would you do, for instance, if you saw a lovely girl on the street? There are three choices: To follow the girl, bite, or run. The girl has the highest level of satisfaction, so if you decide to follow her home, your fury will soon reach its pinnacle when you learn there are seven cats and the apartment is not clean. However, once you make a decision, you'll be forced to begin living in that unkempt home for the rest of your life.

The ultimate boss kick is that, after you pass away and are properly buried, a sentence that reads, "I was saved from a wandering existence by a wonderful girl," appears on the gravestone. Since then, I've led a comfortable, loving life with the girl and our home's seven most cherished feline companions. However, the reality is that you and those frightening cats fight every day of your existence in that house. Yet ironic?

But go slowly. Look at the gravestone for a moment, then select "Start new life" to start a brand-new chapter with a different breed of dog and new circumstances.

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Life appears to be straightforward, but it is fraught with peril. DogLife: BitLife Dogs contains a plethora of modest but appealing and humorous things. It could be anything that happens in your apartment, on the sidewalk, in a shelter, or at the pet store, and it could be caused by any animal or human in your life. 

You also have the talents of a genuine dog to adapt to these scenarios. Your brain and nose contain a vast database of fragrances. If you smell something once, you will remember the odors, and the next time the animal or event appears, you will notice and respond promptly. The dog you're playing with has different skills, including the ability to play alone, bark, or do charming antics to attract attention. The dog can escape/run away from rioting, surrender, instigate, or do various other tricks to survive.

Features of DogLife

  • View your home, humans, and other animals in a household, street, shelter, or pet store.
  • The owner's residence is the household.
  • Stray dogs live on the street.
  • The shelter is similar to a prison, except that you are only freed if you have been adopted. Because of your behavior, you may be returned to the shelter.
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  • One place where you might be adopted is a pet store.
  • Scent - Smell other animals to see what they smell like.
  • Check out other animals organized by their respect.
  • Players can act out, draw attention, run, play alone, instigate a riot, rehearse a trick, and submit.
  • You are at the risk of being put to death for misbehavior or old age.
  • If you succeed in killing your owner, animal control will capture you and put you to death.


It combines interaction with a simulation game. With millions of odd circumstances and clever storytelling, the gameplay is unique. DogLife: BitLife Dogs is renowned for having a high replayability factor, as each decision creates a new life. You can download the latest version to play if you enjoy this kind of game.

There are ENDLESS options available! Your fate is decided by your decisions. Start your DogLife adventure as soon as possible to discover how your stories develop!

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Download Dog Life APK, the recent version of the BitLife developers' text-based life simulation game. Live the Dog life and discover a dozen scenario options.


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