Doctor Who The Lonely Assassi
Doctor Who The Lonely Assassi
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Download Doctor Who The Lonely Assassi APK, a mystery video game available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Don't let the angel cry or else you will die.

Name Doctor Who The Lonely Assassi
Version 1.866.127
Updated Nov 21, 2023
Category Puzzle
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Doctor Who: the lonely assassins

At the end of March 2021, a captivating adventure game named Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins was made available on mobile platforms. This time, the "main character" is the most cutting-edge horror creatures: the Crying Angels. In particular, if you love the Doctor Who series, this is a scary video game to look forward to.

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From what appears to be an abandoned London home, someone vanishes. Discovering the phone. Ex-UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood requests your help in locating hidden hints and resolving challenging problems. Do you possess the necessary skills to unearth the dark truth about the enigmatic disappearance of former UN scientist Petronella Osgood? Don't blink and don't forget to look around.

You will die whenever the "Angel" cries.

Description of Doctor Who: the lonely assassins

Dark Background

Let's talk about the popular British scary program Dr. Who for a moment. The protagonist of the tale is Dr. Who, a Time Traveller who left his home world and used the Tardis telekinesis gadget to traverse across several galaxies. Dr. Who has the ability to take on a fresh appearance and identity before dying. This is the secret to all of the missions that involve a variety of foes designed to protect civilisation across the cosmos. Dr. Who, in his 11th persona, has vanquished and imprisoned the terrifying deadly monsters called Crying Angels. They've come back and sharpened their cunning.

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The video game Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins has a prequel. Despite being part of a horror game franchise, this game's presentation and gameplay are unsettling in an odd and unanticipated way.

Gameplay: calm but scary

At the beginning of the game, you'll see a strange device with a number of mysterious algorithms. After that, a call will be made to you. The person who responds to the call is Petronella Osgood, a former scientist for UNIT. After a short exchange, you learn that Lawrence is no more living and that the device in your possession actually belongs to him. To find Lawrence's location before it becomes late, you and Osgood must cooperate to decipher the many hints buried in this phone. The phone is going to blow up, according to Osgood. Osgood speculates that underlying Lawrence's absence, there might be some more dark mysteries.

You must begin your investigation with Lawrence. To do this, you will face a variety of big and little challenges. Imagine operating a smartphone while simultaneously holding one in each hand. Osgood will bombard you with texts that include instructions, duties, and advice after that sad call. Every time Osgood sends you a message asking for something, you must reply; the game will give you a choice between two or three options. Your decisions will have an impact on Osgood's following reaction. However, this is not the secret to the game because giving the same answer in different ways will produce vastly different results.

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You might get chills while initially playing the game's first level. Your first mini-goal is to discover Lawrence's image in the device while playing the game since you can use his image to access several of the actual device's hidden capabilities. Then, select begin to utilize an advanced decryption program Osgood provided to search through the phone's concealed messages and certain private site domains. The incorporation of the recordings with the words that have been decrypted and presented will surprise you, from the effects to the real content. The scares in the game don't come from the usual gore sequences.

All of the game's primary functions revolve around the phone and a sequence of drag, pick and touch actions to evaluate data on Lawrence's phone, who has lost count. To learn how to battle these bad angels, gamers will need to sort through conversation logs and various in-game programs during gameplay.

A life of conflict

The videogame also has a number of additional terrifying twists. When you examine the images captured before Lawrence vanished or comes upon the home video of the last witness, for example, things start to make more sense. Osgood shows up just in early to try to protect you from the frightening Crying Angels assault since you are the impending "Lawrence."

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The amazing aspect of the Dr. Who story is that the creatures don't just take threatening forms; they can emerge anywhere and at any time. The Crying Angels strain is one of the most extreme types. They could appear to be ordinary stone statues with a solemn look, but are aliens who have accessed the most advanced civilization knowledge. No technology is secure, and no location on earth is off-limits.

This all started with Lawrence's lawsuit, but that's not all. The moment you handle this enigmatic phone, the dark disaster could strike you at any time.

Features of Doctor Who: the lonely assassins

Heart-pounding music and terrifying imagery

The graphics and soundtrack in this simple-to-play but hardcore game are a horror. The scenario of the game was created using actual person footage, genuine photographs, and even real surveillance cameras. You will be shocked frequently because it is so dark.

Sometimes the equally eerie background music echoes it, and other times the quiet purposefully raises the hairs on his neck. According to rumors, the game's producer also recruited actress Ingrid Oliver to play the role of Osgood, the mentor who leads you through the entire eerie experience.

Phone mystery

You by chance come upon the Lawrence phone from the first movie in the middle of a series of incidents that took place in that abandoned cellar. He vanished, which may have drawn Osgood. Now it's up to you to determine what happened to him before. If you handle everything on your own, it cannot be simple.

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Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, on the other hand, provides you with an enigmatic companion. Information from scientist Petronella Osgood will be sent to you. Assume you will email the scientist any new information you discover, such as a chat or a photo. A close bond will develop as a result of the two of them having interesting and engaging conversations.


An award-winning team of developers created the game Sara Is Missing before creating Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. So, this game guarantees to give you enjoyable moments.

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Download Doctor Who The Lonely Assassi APK, a mystery video game available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Don't let the angel cry or else you will die.


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