Dino Hunter Deadly Shores
Dino Hunter Deadly Shores
Size: 81.0 MB
Version: 3.5.9
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Download Dino Hunter Deadly Shores APK and experience the sensation of hunting giant lizards and some of history's ferocious creatures while being chased.

Name Dino Hunter Deadly Shores
Version 3.5.9
Updated Aug 13, 2022
Category Action
Developer Glu
Google Play Link com.glu.dino

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

In this beautiful simulation-like game, the player is allowed to hunt prehistoric beasts that are easily more than 20 times the size of the largest man. Locate, track, trap and shoot all sorts of dinosaurs in the Dino Hunter Deadly Shores game. The targets include the calm and gentle stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, the fearsome T-Rex, and many other dinosaurs' players do not know. While hunting, be careful because the hunter could quickly become the hunted.

The player is given access to high-grade military weapons, which include; Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, night vision goggles, bombs, and stun grenades. A large variety of accessories are also available to fight against massive and extremely powerful beasts. This is about your character's survival. So, make sure your character does not end up as Pteranodon baby dinner.

dino hunter deadly shores

Nonetheless, in a world of giant lizards and huge carnivores, herbivores, and prehistoric omnivores, man is quite easily overpowered by the lack of keen senses to detect the approach of enemies immediately. Hence smaller predators like raptors and prehistoric cats could easily bring about an unexpected death. And this is another reason for the game's success.

Game Description for Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Game

The game was developed by popular game studio Glu Mobile and released on the 8th of July 2014. Being relatively popular among game lovers who enjoy hunting games and have a flair for prehistoric beasts, Dino Hunter Deadly shores has acquired an impressive 50M+ downloads.

As a single-player game embedded with action and hunting, the game has been rated 4.5 stars by a total of 1.5M gamers who enjoyed it and dropped a review. Dino Hunter Deadly Shores runs across multiple devices and operating systems, from online web browsers to Android and IOS devices. The game is suitable for anyone and everybody from the age of 12.

dino hunter deadly shores game

Interested individuals who want to give the game a try, hoping to experience an enjoyable gaming session, often input searches like; Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Game, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Game Download, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Download, and Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Free Download.

Regardless of what text or keyword one inputs into any operating system, the official Dino Hunter Deadly Shore game would be readily available.

Dino Hunter Deadly Shore Gameplay

Trapped in a Jurassic-type island that is locked in time, the player is alone and surrounded by flesh-eating behemoths that move at unnaturally fast speeds for their size. Everyone and everything here is prey to something larger or more intelligent and dangerous. 

Dense forest blankets are everywhere on the land, raptors, other giant lizards, and dinosaurs prey on anything they see. In the air, giant bird-like creatures black out the sun with their wings while searching for prey to take up as a meal. The real horrors lie in wait in the sea and other water bodies, waiting for unsuspecting prey to dive in for the last time as they quickly face a bloodcurdling death.

dino hunter deadly shores apk

Nowhere is safe, stay in one place for too long, and your scent would be a beacon for all creatures that could make a quick meal of man. Your only means of survival is to join the hunt with powerful weapons and accessories to help you see the next day and hopefully survive long enough to conquer the island.

On running the game after installation, players are first introduced to an in-game tutorial that runs them through the game's mechanism and helps them make their first successful hunt.

As the player advances in levels and completes the tasks given at every level, the game gets a lot harder, with predators becoming keener, alert, and teaming up to take down stronger opponents, which could also be the player.


Dino Hunter Deadly Shores has a lot of features that keep the player seated. Some of these are:

dino hunter deadly shores download


The game has a shop feature where players can purchase guns, health kits, and other items to keep their avatar alive. There is also an in-app purchase feature in the shop where players can purchase special items and accessories using actual money from their debit cards to ensure more interesting gameplay.

HD Graphics and Environment:

High-Definition graphics and a very interactive environment are the number 1 feature gamers love in games and the number 1 trait present in Dino Hunter Deadly Shores. Interact with your domain in various ways to better take down targets.

Hunt in 34 Different and unique regions:

Discover and unlock new locations and journey there to hunt the beast at the top of the food chain in the site, be it on land, sea, air or mountains.

dino hunter deadly shores free download


With a map feature present, the game helps you identify your position and direction. This is exceptionally good for assisting the player to plan and prepare himself when entering hostile environments and possibly facing large groups of dinosaurs.

Equip powerful experimental weapons:

Own weapons that shoot thousands of volts of electricity, streams of fire, biodegrading, a sniper rifle that helps you see the position of a prey's vital organs, and a host of physics defying weapons in the game. Ballistics devices like the grenade launcher and RPG rocket launcher. These would help the player take down overpowered enemies that conventional weapons would never defeat.

Dynamic Shadows

The game's dynamic shadow system makes it more realistic and appealing with fast-moving creatures and an interactive environment.

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Dino Hunter Deadly Shores is a truly epic hunting simulation-type game set on the life of a modern-day man hunting prehistoric lizards and monsters. Run, hide, shoot, and chase down prey to get much needed coins that would help players get higher-grade weapons and accessories to survive the day and night.

Nowhere is safe in this game of strategy, planning, and shooting, as dinosaurs will track a prey down till they get it, especially one that enters their territory.

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Download Dino Hunter Deadly Shores APK and experience the sensation of hunting giant lizards and some of history's ferocious creatures while being chased.


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