Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight
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Download Dead by Daylight APK and dive into the multiplayer horror game. Try to survive as a ruthless killer hunts you down in a deadly game of hide and seek.

Name Dead by Daylight
Version 5.4.1024
Updated Dec 10, 2022
Category Action
Google Play Link com.bhvr.deadbydaylight

About Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is among the legendary multiplayer thriller games and is now adapted to Android devices for players to enjoy. The game is just like the desktop console and PC versions, based on four survivors trying to escape an assassin featuring mystical powers. This enemy will do all he can to get rid of you. Keep in mind that the players control the survivors and assassins.

Despite being a mobile game, Dead by Daylight was well adapted to an Android version. The controls are easy to understand, with a virtual stick on the screen's left side, and the action buttons on the other side. In addition, you get different controls regardless of who you are controlling while playing the game. For instance, if you are playing as an assassin, you can access supernatural powers that help you discover the surviving players.

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Dead by Daylight allows you to pick one from four survivors or the assassin. Your friends can also pick the players that they want. Also, you can equip your player with different equipment and decorative elements that help you customize your character's appearance. For example, the skins of the assassin differ from the characters, and the most iconic horror film characters inspire them.

Dead by Daylight is offered by Behaviour Interactive and was first released on the 15th of April, 2020. It is rated for those 17 years and older, with the content of blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language.

Exciting Gameplay and Running Theme

Dead by Daylight will remind you of the console version, which was well optimized for your mobile device. It appears to be an endless runner game, but it combines many factors that make it exciting. These include survival, strategy, and adventure, which you must use to defeat the killer or kill the survivors.

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One person plays a killer, and the others are unfortunate survivors stuck in a strange forest. The enemy is chasing the survivors for one reason: to cause them to die and take advantage of their fears, translated into energy. The only way to escape from the forest as a survivor is to find, fix, and launch five generators worldwide.

The generators are in scattered places. You must confuse the enemy and work with the team to fix the generators. Once the generators start running, the village door opens, and you can escape from the terrible nightmare.

There are different ways that the killer can approach the survivors. Although the killer has poor vision, he easily senses your location with supernatural powers. If the killer catches a survivor, he will place the scapegoat on hangers in dark places. This slowly reduces their life, and they're out of the game. Before they die, other survivors can rescue them and assist them in healing. But they need to confuse the killer, so they don't also die with the player.

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The four survivors are not good at attacking the killer. The killer has stronger weapons, speed, and power, with special powers like traps and stun guns. Running from him isn't wrong either, and you can leverage the windows and barriers to get out safely. You can also surprise the enemy for a short time, like a flashlight in his face, and then use that time to escape. When playing the Dead by Daylight game, you should wear headphones. As the killer comes closer, the character's heart beats faster.

Remember that Dead by Daylight is a fun game, so you will be paired with other players, and each person will take their role. Focusing on communication and team-playing is important, especially if you're playing as a survivor. If you're working with your team well, you can quickly repair the generators and rescue any captured survivor.

But remember that the enemy will conveniently catch you if all the survivors are clustered in one spot. So spread out and keep in contact.

Horror Characters to Keep You Engaged

If you prefer to take the position of the enemy, Dead by Daylight gives you the chance to play some of the scariest horror movie characters. These include The Ghost Face, The Pig, The Spirit, The Trapper, The Legion, and The Nightmare. Also, the killer features special skills which give unpredictable gameplay.

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For instance, The Ghost Face is able to make a victim paranoid, while The Trapper will place bear traps in the forest. Also, Dead by Daylight has many characters and enemies that you can select from. Among the many characters, you can choose one that suits your plan best and customize it to meet your needs.

Game Features

There are different features to look out for while playing the exciting Dead by Daylight game. Some of these features include:

  • Hide and seek with multiplayer gameplay. Dead by Daylight allows you to experience being the killer or survivor and act as a team with your friends or outlast them as the killer. The game offers jump scares, unexpected moments, and more with five players.
  • You can play as iconic characters while playing Dead by Daylight. The game has a lot of licensed characters that you can try out, whether you're a killer or a survivor.
dead by daylight apk download
  • Dead by Daylight features a deep progression system. There are multiple in-game experiences, character-specific perks, and randomly generated maps that you can check out. The game also comes with regular updates and a wide range of events that make the gameplay more fun.


Dead by Daylight is an action horror game that will keep you engaged. The action-packed gameplay offers an exciting theme with an interesting storyline. Also, you get to play some of the best and scariest horror movie characters out there. Enjoy a hide-and-seek horror game with your online friends, and do your best to outsmart each other.

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Download Dead by Daylight APK and dive into the multiplayer horror game. Try to survive as a ruthless killer hunts you down in a deadly game of hide and seek.


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