Cyber Fighters
Cyber Fighters
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Version: 1.11.76
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Download Cyber Fighters APK to battle lords and goons and show the underground world who is the best. Playing Cyber Fighters will transport you to the cyborg universe.

Name Cyber Fighters
Version 1.11.76
Updated May 12, 2023
Category Action
Developer ZITGA

Cyber Fighter

You will experience never-ending mayhem on the battleground with Cyber Fighters Action RPGs. The finest cutting-edge firearms and secure clothing are lovingly provided for you. Collectively, a fight among numerous cartels begins, and once you do not join it, do not get up and brandish a weapon, you do not belong in this realm. You will step into a world of magical warfare where you can take part in the dark battles valiantly without the need for the net.

Description of Cyber Fighter

In 2077, cyberterrorism has split the Northern part of America into several areas that are obliterating anything in its way. You're striving to find a life as a computer warrior in the town of Detroit, where all areas connect. Your goal is to establish security and harmony in this cybernetic metropolis while creating the ideal defense against the hordes of invaders lurking around every street.

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You can battle with 5 various characters in Cyber Fighters. Each has a distinct set of abilities and qualities you can use. You can use a blazing blade, a thunderbolt mallet, or a cannonball to deal relentless power to your adversaries. Have fun upgrading your protagonist's abilities, weaponry, and security until you achieve an unrivaled level of strength and protection.

The stages become more challenging as you progress. Because of this, it's critical to increase your arsenal by earning gifts throughout each level. Increase your protagonist's rank by using your winnings, and approach every combat like it is your final. Cyber fighters' battle system is incredibly straightforward. You will navigate by sliding your fingertips from left to right, and you can utilize your techniques by tapping on them. You must master a protagonist's motions to finish the contest. Each person has a set of these transitions. To win, call your fighter and apply your strategy.

To top it all off, players can enjoy the match offsite, and engage in PvP battles with other users. Personalize their protagonist, and find various undiscovered features that enhance the fun of the action. In this fascinating quest, you must persevere in the town of Detroit despite the threats posed by these cyber warriors and travel as far as you can.

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After the 3rd world war has finished, Cyber Fighters begin in Northern America. The town of Detroit serves as the intersection for the 5 sections of the area. When international deals fall through, Detroit devolves into anarchy. The worst part is that all the lawbreakers will be banished here, causing riots worldwide. Detroit is thought to be the biggest correctional facility on the entire planet. It is readily available but difficult to leave.

This location has also been saved by you, a Cyber warrior. Either you want to be in charge or you want to be Detroit's victim.

Features of Cyber Fighter

Select characters

Coming into this planet, you are only allowed to use five warrior players instead of the increased number of individuals available in the previous video games. Due to the absence of personality, every character created has a set of extraordinary traits that make them unique and potent in their own right. Depending on your playing style, each hero will provide you with unique combat skills.

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Your 5 selected players will continue from chapter to chapter, but your foes won't. You will specifically face an unforeseen adversary scheme with every new chapter. In the battles of the Cyber Fighters, killers, undead, avengers, crime bosses, or even criminals are all taken into account. Every fight you have with an opponent will be filled with intense battles and blasting sounds in the air.

Personality System

Only 5 personalities are included in the game's player structure, which limits its diversity. There is one value and 4 more that need to be activated.

Hachi, a man who was presented as the bee monarch. He attacks from a range with rapid speed and devastating sting.

A battle device outfitted with armaments is called Czerno 21. Inferno, born in a cell and reared by criminals, was born in God's name. When armed with a massive metal mallet and a powerful physique, he is referred to as the emissary of anger.

Nala, the murderous phantom, is the last. She is a black woman who could run like the air and with a Zigarium sword.

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Each individual has a special edge and combat techniques as a unit. To increase your chances of winning, activate them and pick the best fighter for each encounter.

Latest firearms

Every player in Cyber Fighters cannot overlook the arsenal structure that consistently rises to the top. In numerous firearm sets, this kit is regarded as the biggest and most technologically advanced. The heat sword, thunderbolt mallet, or power javelins are all weapons you can employ to quickly dispatch foes. To maintain raw power on the battleground, the video game also lets you utilize spears and guns.

Vibrant collection

In addition to the well-known modern weaponry, you may make an impression with various outfits and crafts. You can wear many styles of superhero armor kits made of steel, gold, or even jewels based on your choices and requirements. Gamers are always encouraged to try as various battle techniques as they can. You won't possess much knowledge combining the skills to build an unstoppable superhero until then.

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You'll never feel lonely in this jungle because of Cyber Fighters' innovative squad structure. They are partners who fight against the same foe as one and join forces to make a single force. You call them forth and coach them following each strategy, assisting the group's increase in force.

Can you alter Detroit's surroundings with your power of will? You will be pleased with the killing on the city's battleground if you have an armory of firearms and a powerful, obedient force. Gamers can always count on the blazing-fast sky, ocean, and ground-cutting fights. Additionally, you can engage in combat with each other online in the Online multiplayer option.


One of the most exciting hack-and-slash games with intriguing themes is Cyber Fighters, which you should enjoy unwinding. Detroit and its forces of evil are still present. And you—will you lead Detroit and reclaim your authority here, or are you merely a big target waiting to be sucked up?

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Download Cyber Fighters APK to battle lords and goons and show the underground world who is the best. Playing Cyber Fighters will transport you to the cyborg universe.


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