Crisis X Last Survival
Crisis X Last Survival
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Version: 1.8.5
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Download Crisis X: Last Survival APK to learn new skills by participating in this game based on a warrior's life story and survival. Get ready to settle into the story!

Name Crisis X Last Survival
Version 1.8.5
Updated Oct 21, 2022
Category Adventure
Google Play Link com.wygame.crisisx

What To Know About Crisis X: Last Survival

Crisis X: Last Survival is a third-person game powered by publisher HunterGame. It is set in a post-apocalyptic time. The game has some peculiar content, including violence, blood and Al iBook use. For this reason, it is not an advisable option for children. This game tells the story of a lone warrior who aims to survive in a world that has gone through an apocalypse.

Crisis X: Last Survival is also an open-world action game. A deadly infection spreads through the game world, Oakport and wipes out almost everyone in the area. Mutants and zombies take over the city, and the people alive are left to live in fear of the terrors caused by these strange beings.

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You're on your own here. It's every character for himself, and you must survive. That's how you play the game. Crisis X: Last Survival is a role-playing game where you are placed in a strange world to survive the strangeness.

The most annoying thing about the game is that the infection did not entirely kill most people, so now, you're in a busy world bustling with humans turned monsters. This is the core of the game. Prepare yourself to get frustrated at intervals. Finding ways to survive when everyone wants to have their head is difficult.

Crisis X: Last Survival Background

Crisis X: Last Survival tells the story of the people of Oakport, a seaside town. Life ends as they know it when something bad happens. Some scientists have been messing around in secret laboratories, creating extremely dangerous weapons. One of those weapons is a disease that spreads quickly and causes rapid, uncontrollable mutations in the body.

This weapon gets released into Oakport. This is only the start of the town's problems. Everyone in the town gets infected. Everyone except the character you play. Most of the town's population mutate into zombies, destroying the land and killing the uninflected. The houses are abandoned and hard to live in.

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You can choose to play as a male or female character. Note that you are very much alone in this game. There are no party members to aid you, no friendly faces. You must try your best to keep fighting through the weather conditions and bloodthirsty monsters to keep living. The zombie attacks come in waves. Prepare to deal with each one and keep your head.

Exploring The Gameplay

The game starts with you customizing your character. Have some relaxed fun with this before you begin the heated game. When you're done with this, it's off to the post-apocalypse town to fight for your life. The goal is to live as long as possible. It's like one of those endless tuning games. The difference is that here, you're taking part in endless surviving.

Although you only have the support of one character(yourself), Crisis X: Last Survival aids you in other ways. You are given instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Mission goals are also provided and explained. Just follow what the game prompts tell you and play your game. As you progress, there are better tools to guide you.

Since you're surviving independently, you'll need to find food, shelter, water, craft tools and defence mechanisms. Crisis X: Last Survival focuses on both combat and survival. To live, you must fight, and to fight, you must live. Unfortunately, the zombies are some bloodthirsty you've ever seen.

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Your combat skills from every game you've played, you'll need them here. You'll get interrupted by battles because these guys won't let you rest. It almost feels like they're mad you're not infected. As mentioned earlier, you may find this annoying because sometimes, it distracts you from building shelters or gathering food for survival.

You'll just have to endure it. Here's one thing to know about the zombies here. They move singly or in groups. Deal with them based on this. Modify your attack strategy when battling them. In some cases, retreating becomes the best option. Living to fight another day is an applicable principle in this game.


You can play alliance games by teaming up with other players online, but it doesn't make a difference. The zombies will still come from all sides, so you'll always be busy fighting. This game will take your time, consume it even, but games like this are usually worth all the time you invest in them

Crisis X: Last Survival Features

Besides the fights and survival hustles, here are some things to watch for in Crisis X: Last Survival.

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  • Graphics: A game's graphics constitute your first encounter with the game. The visuals are the first thing you see when you launch it. Crisis X: Last Survival's graphics are not the best, but they're manageable. The 3D designs are okay, and you can see the hard work on the creations. There's also a third-person view that lets you take a look at the space around you.
  • Sound: Battles are very loud because of the sound effects in Crisis X: Last Survival. Every action makes a sound. It's attractive and a bother at the same time. It's a good thing because it makes the battle seem more realistic but can be distracting when it's too much.
  • Open World: Discover the open world of Crisis X: Last Survival with your character and the monsters as you go on adventures. You can only do this if you're alive, so keep fighting.


If "survival of the fittest" were a game, this would be it. Your survival skills will be tested, and so will your combat skills. So keep your weapons are drawn and your guard up. These zombies are not here to play with you.

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Crisis X: Last Survival is an action-packed journey game. There's no rest, so there's no time or space for boredom. You're on your toes every minute of playing. If you're interested in this experience, download the game and start your journey.

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Download Crisis X: Last Survival APK to learn new skills by participating in this game based on a warrior's life story and survival. Get ready to settle into the story!


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