Crash Bandicoot On the Run
Crash Bandicoot On the Run
Size: 726,3 MB
Version: 1.170.29
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Download Crash Bandicoot: On the Run APK and embark on this endless running quest with Crash and Coco. Explore the Wumpa Archipelago and save the world from evil.

Name Crash Bandicoot On the Run
Version 1.170.29
Updated Oct 7, 2022
Category Action
Developer King
Google Play Link com.king.crash

About Crash Bandicoot: On the Run.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is an intriguing endless runner game with adventurous locations to explore, bad guys to defeat, and interesting challenges. With action-packed levels and different game customization options, this game is designed to take the endless runner genre gaming experience to the next level.

This game is the newest addition to the release of the mobile game series published by King Digital Entertainment. It was released worldwide in March 2021 and is available for download on iOS and Android platforms. It is a free game, with in-app purchases available. The in-app purchases feature different character customization options to maximize the player’s gameplay experience.

crash bandicoot on the run apk latest version

With single and multiplayer options, the game is intended to provide pure entertainment to the fullest. With the elements of action and adventure, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run introduces a different perspective to the endless runner genre and a fascinating user experience for the player.

Explore the Bandicoot Multiverse.

Explore the fictional universe of Wumpa Archipelago in an immersive experience playing Crash, or his sister Coco, the main bandicoot characters, and save the multiverse from dominance by villains. Designed with an entertaining storyline attached, you can rest assured knowing the game is sure not to be a bore.

You can run through islands like Wumpa Islands or Turtle Islands and collect different items or battle a villain at different points in the game.

Get into the Gameplay.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run starts with a short animated scene of the game plot that gives the player a background synopsis of the game’s storyline.

crash bandicoot on the run apk

This Crash Bandicoot release features a gameplay interface that is common to a lot of endless runner games. The selected game character sprints in one of three lanes and can be manoeuvred into these different lanes each time you make a horizontal swipe. The character, Crash has a special move also that can be activated by tapping on the screen.

The major objective of this game is to defeat the main villain and his henchmen whilst running across different islands and accomplishing different missions. When it comes to the part of warfare, the player is required to create the required weapons by collecting specific materials on “Collection Runs.”

The weapons are built weapons to trump enemies at the base of operations called Coco’s base. Coco’s base is available to buy ingredients and skins or select different game modes.

To improve the crafting buildings and increase the variety of weapons made, some resources collected during the “collection runs” can be utilized.

This game edition has different game modes, each with its unique feature and exciting gameplay to keep you entertained the entire time.

crash bandicoot on the run apk 2022
  1. Collection Run: Run without end to acquire ingredients, which change depending on your level. Junctions serve as exit points. Run eternally to collect components that change depending on your level.
  2. Challenge Run: a mode in which you must do certain activities (such as smashing crates or slaying spiders) to obtain certain materials needed for crafting.
  3. Gem Run: A more challenging run without a checkpoint to get you a coloured gem. Some Gem run levels demand that you eliminate all spiders, smash all crates, or gather all Wumpa Fruits before advancing. A coloured gem for each level is present on each island.
  4. Battle Run: Earn a Power Gem each time you complete a run by taking out a Henchman or Boss.
  5. Survival Run: Run alongside two bots as long as possible before passing out. Awards of trophies occur every 10 seconds. As time goes on, the game speeds up, and the number of trophies increases by a multiplier.
  6. Time Trial: Find a Sapphire, Gold, or Platinum Time Relic in a race against time. The clock will freeze for up to three seconds if you break time crates.
  7. Team Tournaments: Team tournaments are majorly survival runs and Team leaderboards.

Quests are also available where the players are given missions in groups of three and are awarded useful items and materials upon completion.

Stunning Graphics

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run has really exciting and colourful visuals. The colours are vibrant, bringing the game to life with many bright colours. The shadows and lighting effect also make a great impression and gaming experience. The simple colour contrasts give a rich definition and help easily read the character’s actions.

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The game also has an addictive and interactive interface, with quality animations that animate the characters and keep them true to their origins.

The game controls are pretty easy to get by, with a horizontal swipe left and right to move left and right between lanes, and a swipe up and down allows a jump and slide down, respectively.

The surroundings and aesthetics are designed in great quality, especially for a mobile gaming app.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run Features

You can enjoy different features while playing Crash Bandicoot: On the Run. These features combine to give you a fun gaming experience, including customization, realistic skins, and upgradeable features. Some of these features include:

crash bandicoot on the runapk free download
  1. Crazy villains to combat and defeat.
  2. An addictive plot involving Crash and Coco, who must save their multiverse from terrible villains.
  3. Interesting destinations to unlock and explore
  4. Single and Multiplayer options for more fun-filled and competitive experiences.
  5. Leaderboards option for monitoring multiplayer competition wins.
  6. Character customization with different skins to unlock
  7. Vast weapons to create and choose from depending on the threat.
  8. Different game modes to choose from.
  9. Highly compatible with all devices and is safe with no viruses.
  10. Immersive graphics.
  11. Easy to handle controls.
  12. Tough villains with increased difficulty with each passing level.
crash bandicoot on the run


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is the ideal endless runner game with a twist of action and adventure. With features not common to conventional runner games, this game will keep the player hooked.

With smooth gameplay and wonderful graphics, even the in-game purchases are worth spending. Expect the thrill and vigour that this game brings.

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Download Crash Bandicoot: On the Run APK and embark on this endless running quest with Crash and Coco. Explore the Wumpa Archipelago and save the world from evil.


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