Cover Strike
Cover Strike
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Version: 1.8.44
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Download and install Cover Strike APK to play an incredible shooting game. Players have the choice to play alone or join other teams to increase the chance of survival.

Name Cover Strike
Version 1.8.44
Updated Aug 21, 2023
Category Action
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Description of Cover Strike

With Cover Strike, you can participate in counter-terrorism missions. However, you must be careful with your surroundings because an enemy may be aiming a sniper at your head from afar – ready to fire.

Many action games have been developed, and it is hard to find one with anything new to offer besides shooting at enemies and earning points. However, cover Strike is one of the leading first-person shooter games ever developed.

Naturally, the most popular shooting genre is the game genre, which draws in the most players. This is a great game for action gamers that enjoy first-person shooters. Players will assume the position of a particular hero and engage in an intriguing gun battle. This game's features and 3D graphics will provide you with the best possible experience.

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The battles of Cover Strike occur in abandoned dark houses. With Cover Strikes, just two teams are playing, such as the opponent team and the friendly team, excluding any other stranger. Therefore, it would be wise to control the movement of your character to be careful and skilful in observing the enemy's actions. Also, you will determine the position of the enemies by how their footsteps sound, and you also have to be mindful of objects on the map because there can be explosions when you don't expect them.

Your opponents can hide in any spot, expecting you to pass before they attack you. Therefore, you must keep a peeled pair of eyes and not allow yourself to be fooled; otherwise, you will be killed. When you are eliminating enemies, you are free to collect equipment, weapons, and other valuables they have on them. In addition, you should also be careful with your armour because it can be easily damaged after an enemy has attacked it, or its defensive ability might be compromised.

Unique and Diverse Game Modes

The game mode of Cover Strike provides you with several choices and an excellent adventure with two game modes, such as Campaign and PvP modes. The Campaign mode is the major one with six episodes, and there will be 20 varying levels of each episode. Every location will serve as the battle base of an enemy. Your major mission is to attack the headquarters, eliminate the foes, and destroy their headquarters to survive and win the level.

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You will gradually pass through the gates, but when you have reached stage 20, the difficulty level will increase; level 20 is probably the one with the most enemies. In this manner, you and your team must be extremely determined to kill all the enemies and excel in the level. After you have won the levels, you will be taken to the next episode to continue your mission and discover new and intriguing stuff. You will discover several valuable items, equipment, and weapons to earn and serve for the following challenges at higher levels.

If you don't want to play alone in some cases, you can search for teammates that you can fight the battle with.

Great Arsenal of Combat Weapons to Select From

Although Cover Strike also possesses an offline game mode, it is still fitted with a rich and modern arsenal with the latest gun models, and such typical guns include Gatling gun, 3Z, K98, AK47, M249, M4A1, and so on. Each gun possesses different special destructive power and firepower, and you only have to fire one bullet to destroy the foe.

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In addition, all the guns support long-range, and they have outstanding zoom ability to give the player the chance to make accurate. You will also have the chance to use high-end R-File guns with which you can defeat the enemies more efficiently. You can also use some secondary weapons like baseball bats, hammers, knives, grenades, etc.

Major Features of Cover Strike

There are several different aspects for you to enjoy when you decide to download Cover Strike for your Android device. The following are why people would want to include this game in their arsenal. Consider the following features:

  • Gain access to more than 20 skinned guns. Some of these guns can include AK47, GATLIN Guns, AWP, Desert Eagle, and so on
  • You will be able to enjoy the incredibly realistic 3D graphics with tight animations
  • Additionally, there are several maps you can play through. Each of these different environments demands specific tactics and other strategies to be victorious
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  • The controls and user interface are easy to understand
  • You can even enjoy the game from any location at any time. You can also play Cover Strike in offline mode
  • You are free to optimise the game for weaker devices. That means that you can play Cover Strike with any grade of device you have

As a soldier, you do make not only quick decisions but also efficient ones; you have the duty of making decisions that will benefit the team. In this game, you have to be selfless because a great leader always thinks about how society can be safe. However, you must look out for yourself at the same time. Therefore, you achieve the best results when you play for yourself and your teammates.

Coordination is a great factor if you want to excel in Cover Strike. You must have impressive coordination with your teammates to attack and defend yourself incredibly well. You will further be able to put casualties in check and bond even stronger. Cover Strike is a 3D game with nice graphics. Another awesome thing about Cover Strike is its offline feature, where you can play it without data. The game is designed lightly, so it does not consume too much space when downloading.

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There are several maps you can play on, and each map is unique in every aspect. Therefore, you will never be tired of the same map settings. Also, several different guns are available because it is a shooting game.


Cover Strike offers a simple but extremely enjoyable experience. Rather than developing various complex features and game modes, it focuses on just one aspect to satisfy you. Hopefully, you will enjoy some new things with future updates.

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Download and install Cover Strike APK to play an incredible shooting game. Players have the choice to play alone or join other teams to increase the chance of survival.


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