Zombie Age 3
Zombie Age 3
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Version: 2.0.3
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Download Zombie Age 3 APK latest version zombie apocalypse game and go on a one-person war. Campaign against the city of the dead and struggle to claim the earth back!

Name Zombie Age 3
Version 2.0.3
Updated Mar 15, 2024
Category Action
Developer DIVMOB
Google Play Link com.redantz.game.zombie3

Zombie Age 3

It's been years since the zombie plague broke out, infecting millions worldwide. The event caused several mutations, including bringing back the dead(with an insatiable thirst for human flesh).

In the first few weeks, it started in a single country. Before the month ran out, it was a global crisis. Nations and world governments were holding meetings and quickly resolving their issues to find a solution to the infection. Before long, many countries fell or fled to the ground as it became clear the results of these meetings were ineffective in curing or handling the plague.

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With the situation in dire distress, the military stepped in to contain the plague as much as possible. They started moving uninfected civilians to underground bunkers and launching nuclear strikes on the most affected places. All these were years ago, and the rest of humanity that survived have gotten used to living six feet below while the dead walk the surface.

You are part of a solo program; A one-person war. It is a risky program where you will be dropped in the most infected location (The City Of The Dead) with all sorts of weapons and ammunition you could ever dream of. The mission is simple, survive by staying calm, don't get eaten, and take back the city!

Your success would be a step through the door that allows humanity to return to its reign on the surface again.

All About Game

The Zombie Age 3 game was developed and published by DIVMOB studios on the 24th of September, 2015. It gradually gained fame as an entertaining zombie survival game with its fun graphics, guns, and solo player.

The game's rating gradually grew from 0 to 4.5stars from more than 438,000 reviews and 10M+ on the android platform only. Also made available on the iOS operating system, it is an easily accessible game to download and play without much effort in searching.

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The Zombie Age 3 latest version, 1.8.5, was released as an update to the official game on the 15th of April, 2022. The update was to solve the problem of bugs and lags on certain devices and add a new Summertime Day setting to the game's modes.

With the gameplay of moderate violence and in-app purchases, the game is highly recommended for players 12 years of age and above.

Zombie Age 3 download gives a player an interesting gaming session with its HD cartoon-style design. It is acknowledged as one of the best in the game category of action, offline, single-player, first-person shooter games (fps).

Zombie Age 3 Gameplay

It is no more about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Now, it is a fierce battle of man versus undead in a struggle to seize control of the surface world. How long would you last with a large collection of bullets and sophisticated weapons before an army of multi-class zombies? In this story, there is no backup; you are always surrounded. Take back the city and accomplish your mission with your wits, sweat, and will.

The game starts, and the player is taken through a training(tutorial) program on the interactive controls of the game. Also, on the different weapons, they have access to and what it will take to survive.

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Set in a two-directional platform environment where players face off waves of zombies and slaughter them as efficiently as possible. You must interact with your background and pick up supplies you stumble on in your quest.

While the infection has evolved to accommodate the lack of flesh to feed on, your presence brings hibernating zombie mutants and bosses back. These mutants and high-grade zombies are more resilient to attacks and can only be taken down quickly with multi-headshots.

The game is available for Android and iOS as "Zombie Age 3 for Android and Zombie Age 3 for ios. This allows users on multiple platforms to enjoy a truly epic game time.

Game Features

Some of the game's most iconic features are;

  1. Shop and Inventory: Your resources and weapons are stored in your inventory, while the shop is your ever-ready connection to the command center to trade combat money and points for new resources.

Guns, med kits, ammunition, and even experimental weapons are available in the shop. However, some game-changing high-class resources are only offered when payment is made in real-world currency.

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  1. 20+ Characters with unique abilities: Play as any one of more than 20 characters. Each with exceptional skills and special train These characters take the game to a new dimension as each has its unique combat style. Many of these characters are locked at the start of the game. However, here is how you can gradually transform your game to a dreamy " Zombie Age 3 unlock all" status.
  • One way to do this is to play any of the many game modes (but the main campaign mode) and gather up resources earned. Unlock characters and weapons one at a time; eventually, you will have unlocked them all.
  • The infamous request "Zombie Age 3 unlimited money" is a more risky way. This method has led to many players installing malicious unofficial versions of the game.
  • You could always take advantage of the game's in-app purchase to make purchases that would help ensure better gameplay and a longer survival period.
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  1. 10 Game modes: With multiple game modes apart from the campaign/story mode, players are guaranteed to be busy.
  1. A lot of ways to slaughter enemies.
  1. Offline multiplayer: Play with friends over wifi connectivity and kill zombies together for more engaging gameplay.
  1. Over 30 Deadly weapons to choose from.
  1. 10+ Zombie grades from average to mutants to boss-level zombies.
  1. Multiple achievements rewards and global leaderboards
  1. Tons of missions in each mode to strategically take down the city of the dead.
  1. HD cartoon Graphics:

The latest version runs on tablets and features a new SummerTime setting.


Play as the pioneer of man's struggle to take back the surface world from the walking dead alone.

In this amazing post-apocalypse world, you are constantly driven to the edge by the sheer amount of enemies on all sides who crave your flesh.

At all times, stick to your training, keep calm, survive, and do not get eaten!

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Download Zombie Age 3 APK latest version zombie apocalypse game and go on a one-person war. Campaign against the city of the dead and struggle to claim the earth back!


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