Hills of Steel 2
Hills of Steel 2
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Version: 4.3.2
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Download Hills of Steels 2 APK, a truck mechanics action game featuring real-time fights. Join your friends in exciting 3v3 matches to thrive for top positions.

Name Hills of Steel 2
Version 4.3.2
Updated Jul 27, 2023
Category Action
Developer Superplus Games
Google Play Link com.superplusgames.hos2

Hills of steels 2

A video game arcade shooter with 3v3 conflicts in real-time is Hills of Steel 2. In conclusion, the concept is simple; your goal is to defeat every adversary on the field in facade combat. There are many features, though, including practical gameplay mechanics, a wide variety of strategies, play modes including Rumble, Star Capture, Conquest, Titan Battle, and Squad Survival, vibrant visuals, and frenzied action.

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In this arcade shooter for Mobile devices, you may engage in epic tank fights. An exciting smartphone game will offer you a whirlwind of unparalleled feelings! Hills of Steel 2 allows you to participate in insane combat on the most deadly and terrifying combat machines armed with powerful equipment and iron armor. Prepare to battle hundreds of gamers in the world, demonstrate your abilities, and establish a record as the toughest warrior in these fantastic events.

Description of Hills of steels 2

Hills of steel 2 is a two-dimensional online arcade game in which you operate a tank and compete against people in intense battles lasting only two or three minutes.

Hills of steel 2 makes excellent use of smartphone-friendly features. Use the icons on the left side of the screen to maneuver your cannon, and the keys on the right to launch standard attacks or threats that increase as you cause havoc. There you have it, then! With just those basic controls, you can annihilate your rivals.

How to play?

Hills of steel 2's controls remain straightforward. The keys for front and back motion, aiming, and using special powers are placed on each side of the display. To do the corresponding action, simply tap.

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As we can see, Hills of steel 2 is a simple game with simple controls. To win, the player must mix several aspects, including environment, team, and tank capability. The fate of the war is influenced by all three elements. Consider the terrain. You should not stand on a ledge to shoot at attackers below since you will have no cover if they retaliate. If you try to battle alone, your comrades will find it hard to assist you.

Hills of steel 2 is an enjoyable game with nonstop activity, straightforward mechanics, and gorgeous graphics. Additionally, there are eleven tanks to choose from, each with unique armaments that must be learned.

Features of Hills of Steels 2


The game features 3D graphics that are both witty and amusing. All ages are sure to like it. Furthermore, the physiological impact will contribute to the creation of fun when the vehicles clash or employ talents. Hills of Steel 2 is an excellent pick if you enjoy games with basic gameplay and eye-catching graphics.

Mode of Play

There are three primary game modes today; the following describes how each mode works. The first form is Domination, a 3v3 match where each team must obtain the flag and get a flag rating of 100. The two groups will combat vehemently to seize the tricolors that can change the situation. Killing an enemy has no effect on the goal.

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The 2nd mode is Survival, which is a survival mode with up to three team members. The mission here is to avoid attack hits (BOT) and if the adversary proves successful in entering the base, the reward is centered on the team's lengthiest longevity time. The final option is Team Battles, a simple 3v3 scenario in which the party with the most marks to eliminate the adversary in 1p30s wins.

Because the game is still in early access, the present cars are only 9, with the promise of more cars.


Each truck will have its individual firearm, but they will all use the same loading procedure. It is the autoloader, and its operation is simple. Each truck has a specific number of bullets in a band, and bullets will be fed into the tape constantly if there is space. However, you will not have to wait for the complete barrel load to shoot; the more your barrel loads, the more rounds you'll fire.

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If your car is damaged, you must retreat immediately. If you do not take damage for a long time, it will automatically recover the lost Hitpoints. When you lose Hit points, you will be withdrawn from the game for a short time before being automatically revived and able to rejoin the combat with your teammates.

Distinct battle tanks

Tanks are the primary combat vehicle in Hills of steel 2, and there are numerous types to pick from. Each tank will be outfitted with its own battle weapon and some unique skills. The Joker tank, which the system hands the player by default, only fires standard ammunition. Since this ammo is so light, it will force the bullet to go more quickly than with other tanks.

The Stinger tank also boasts a sophisticated missile system, which allows it to fire up to six missiles in succession and do a significant amount of damage to the opposition. The Gatlin is a different tank model; it has an excellent cannon, fires more quickly than the other two tanks, and deals far more damage overall. But to obtain this tank, you must invest a significant amount of cash and time.

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After every game, you will earn a certain quantity of gold based on your performance; if your side wins, the amount of cash will be increased. On the game's home page, there are loot boxes in addition to gold, which may include jewelry, diamonds, car decks, and gadgets. The quantity of stuff found inside a treasure box varies depending on its rarity. Each of them will need a specific period to open; for a typical one, this period is two hours. If you'd like, you can use gems to speed up the opening process.


Hills of steel 2 is experiencing a bloody battle. To score highly in the world rankings, everyone is competing and recording accomplishments. How are you doing? Are you able to afford it? Join the fight right away by downloading Hills of Steel 2.

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Download Hills of Steels 2 APK, a truck mechanics action game featuring real-time fights. Join your friends in exciting 3v3 matches to thrive for top positions.


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