Kick The Buddy Remastered
Kick The Buddy Remastered
Size: 180.32 MB
Version: 1.14.1508
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Download Kick The Buddy Remastered APK latest version free for android to find a safe place to unleash all your stress and pent-up anger from your daily activities!

Name Kick The Buddy Remastered
Version 1.14.1508
Updated Jun 27, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.playgendary.ktbremaster

A Deep Analysis Of Kick The Buddy Remastered

We all often go through stressful periods at our workplaces or in our personal life and want a convenient way to vent our frustrations. Kick The Buddy Remastered is the perfect game to give in to your anger and release all the stress. There is a dummy doll, Buddy, and you can do anything you want to try and destroy it.

You can punch it, feed it to the fishes, torture it or attack it with weapons of mass destruction – anything to destroy it all. There are no rules, and there is nowhere you can go wrong. It is a very simple yet interesting game that gets people instantly hooked. Try it out on your mobile or tablet devices, and you will certainly feel relieved!

kick the buddy remastered apk

Tons of Weapons

The latest version of this game, Kick The Buddy Remastered, comes with a wide range of weapons for players to try out. The collection of weapons includes firearms like AK-47, grenades, swords, and even godly powers. Though you may be unable to use all the weapons at the beginning of the game, you can earn them slowly. You can also choose to spend real-life money to unlock higher-tier weapons at once!

Realistic Physics

This is one of the best features of this game – it features realistic physics. All types of damage you do to the doll get reflected on it. Further, with time, damage to the dummy doll accumulates, showing signs of wear and tear as it should. It follows Newton's law – every action has a reaction, and the doll moves according to the attacks on it. This feels really realistic, and it often makes one feel that the dummy doll is a real-life object and not simply something on a screen. However, sometimes the damage taken by the doll is lowered to make the levels harder and more exciting. Even Buddy, the dummy doll, has realistic responses when you attack it.

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Fun Remains Never Ending

The most exciting thing here's that the fun never ends. You can attack Buddy endlessly or start a new game when Buddy is completely destroyed. There is no Game Over for you, nor do you ever lose. This is a fun and addictive game, and it offers a lot of weapons to test out for players. You can test out your favorite weapons and destroy Buddy as many times as you want. There is simply no alternative to this game.

Simple & Relaxed Gameplay

The simple and relaxed gameplay that Kick The Buddy Remastered offers is one of its most redeeming features. There is no objective or goal you have to accomplish. You can simply play it for fun or just attack buddy to relieve all your daily stress and pent-up anger. There's no better technique to relieve your fatigue and tired mind than to play this game. You can complete certain challenges to get better rewards or unlock a weapon or character skin. The controls are very simple, and you need not spend even a minute trying to figure them out.

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How To Play

Kick The Buddy Remastered is the latest version of the popular game series. You don't have any goal or aim in this game. Rather, it is meant for a place where you can vent your pent-up anger and relieve your daily stress. The game kick starts with a tutorial that tells you how you can play the game.

You just need to select the weapon of your choice and keep tapping on Buddy to attack it. Whether you are using your bare hands to punch or firearms to attack, your only aim is to destroy the doll to tatters. Attacks help you earn either gold or money or unlock some kind of weapon. You can unlock weapons or character skins for Buddy in a variety of ways, including watching ads, inviting friends, or following the developers on Instagram. There is no rule in this game, and there is nowhere you could go wrong while you play it. Everything is allowed – you can do anything you want to destroy the dummy doll!

kick the buddy remastered unlimited money and gold

Look For Gold & Money

While playing the game, you will find gold and money hidden in different places in different stages. Keep an eye out and collect them whenever they appear; otherwise, it may be too late. The gold and money will also let you buy newer outfits for the dummy doll and weapons. However, if you end up spending all your gold and money and wish to buy something else, you can use real-time money to purchase them. Though the game is essentially free to play, using real money can help you get more skins and dresses for your doll and a greater collection of weapons.

Lightweight Game

Kick The Buddy Remastered is a very lightweight game and does not require high hardware specifications for you to play. Further, it is quite small in size, so you do not have to worry about your memory space running out. Even older phones with lower graphics and RAM specifications would be able to handle this game pretty well.

kick the buddy remastered unlimited money

Addicting Challenges

The game comes with several in-game challenges that you can clear for greater rewards. Complete the required challenges to earn points that you need to level up. Further, these simple and fun-to-play challenges make the game even more interesting and attractive to people of all ages. However, there may be unusual and gory scenes, so it is often not recommended for very young children.


By now, you must have an understanding of how Kick The Buddy Remastered works. However, nothing would help you understand the game better than actually trying it out yourself. It is free to play, so you can enjoy it on your mobile or tablet devices. It is extremely lightweight and does not need high hardware specifications to run. This lets you play the game on even older smartphones and tablet devices that do not have high hardware specifications. Download Kick The Buddy Remastered now and release all your pent-up stress and anger!

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Download Kick The Buddy Remastered APK latest version free for android to find a safe place to unleash all your stress and pent-up anger from your daily activities!


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