Contra Return
Contra Return
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Download Contra Return APK, a classic game that features the original contra experience. Enjoy classic action thrill in a two-person team with contra returns.

Name Contra Return
Updated Feb 16, 2023
Category Action
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Contra return

Contra returns a classic mobile game that brings the contra experience to our mobile phones. After 30 years of waiting, the contra you and I know, and love is back. This game is published by Garena game online. Garena collaborates with KONAMI and Tencent Timi to develop this game and bring it to our mobile phones.

This mobile game still features the classic side-scrolling shoot-them mechanic playstyle. It is a two-player game with an alien boss appearing in the pass series. Each scene and music play brings out the original contra atmosphere. Contra return has a new HD graphic and a 3D character model. This game's new model and aesthetics give a unique visual experience.

contra return apk

A contra return download features the PVP mode, pet system, party mode, and many more unique heroes that help heighten your gaming experience. The legendary Hero Bill and Lance are also here, download this game and let's save the world.

Description of contra return

Contra returns, the latest version, has all types of rewards waiting for you. All the Konami famous IP collaborations are here also; jackal, green beret, life force classic scene, and boss are all here.

You can play this game on your mobile phone. Access mighty party with both android and IOS operating systems. With this game, you get to enjoy the classic side-scrolling game player. Contra returns have a two-person team game style and aliens bosses. The game also has its signature settings and soundtrack from the original game. All of these features look better in the newly updated HD resolution.

contra return apk latest version

Contra returns mobile app has a 3D character model with vivid acoustic and visual effects, delivering a very realistic and intriguing experience. The news features have useful gaming information that would give you a better player experience. In the news bar, there are five options, the more options included. There are the latest announcements, events, and guide options, all of which give you information for better gameplay.

Contra return aims to bring the fantastic contra experience back to mobile platforms. This game has a fun sequel with better HD. You can show off your best weapons and skins when playing this game online with friends.

Features of contra return

Contra return has a lot of unique features, which are;

Void stimulation

With this feature, you can experience various types of gameplay. All you have to do is run and win a reward. You can develop your abilities along the way. There are also some new heroes. Quint from jackal, dual personality void Valkyrie Isha and mechanical scientist Lone Pioneer Orville are now present.

contra return apk 2022

Contra returns feature a new chapter with 4 in 1 IP collab life force. The original Boss Tehran and Theros invade the world of contra in this new chapter. There are many heroes to pick from; we have Alice, snow bear, Fang, Terminator, Bill Rizer, Sheena, Katelyn, etc.


This game features the pet system. You are allowed to own pets that are active NPCs in the game.  There is a new pet called the strongest SS pet. He is a stylish contemporary pet that is capable of self-evolving. The pet's max stat cap is 99 ms, the highest stat cap amongst all pets.


There are various levels in this game, and there is also a cap increase. When you increase the level cap to 310, more difficulty on the event mode would be unlocked. Team up with friends online and test your teamwork skills; rule the contra world with friends.

contra return apk download

The competition in this game is fair, and team pairing happens in seconds. You can also enjoy this game's different modes: challenge mode, arena mode, duo mode, and PVP mode. These are all varying levels with various challenges.


Contra return 2022 has some unique and upgraded weapons. You can use an arsenal of weapons to bring pain to your enemies. There are weapon categories, and there are various weapons under each category. You have the machine guns, the sniper rifle, the cannon, the thrower, and the assault rifle.  You can explore and choose the weapons with the best features from each category.

The Sonic weapon is now present; this weapon has a high condense sound which is compressed into energy to attack the enemies. This weapon is invisible to the naked eye but deadly. Contra returns free download has the dragon shop; this feature was used to upgrade the outlook of the arena. You can obtain new, rare weapons in the dragon shop.

Other features

The COA shadow hunt reward and Ranked PVP map have been updated.  The PVP new Map-Hero Battlefield doomsday and a new stage in the short and classic duo are available.

contra return apk download for android

You can customize your looks, play in various multiplayer modes, play one-life, and push your limits.


Contra Return download for android and IOS brings us the fantastic experience of a contra game on our mobile devices. With this game, you advance through scenes full of enemies by none stop shooting to kill them all. The game has a few control adjustments to make it fit for mobile, but the controls are still similar to the original one. Experience new gameplay with new teams, challenges, stories, and PVP modes. Pair up different heroes to unlock new skills, and explore your arsenal. Enjoy the new theme song.

Contra return's highly compressed app allows you to download this game with minimal storage space on your device. Fight like a warrior and kill all enemies that come along.

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Download Contra Return APK, a classic game that features the original contra experience. Enjoy classic action thrill in a two-person team with contra returns.


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