Case Animatronics
Case Animatronics
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Version: 1.67
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Download Case Animatronics APK if you are an enthusiast of simulation games. Case animatronics is an adventurous game that provides players with a thrilling experience.

Name Case Animatronics
Version 1.67
Updated May 2, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer OOO VALNAT

Case Animatronics

Case animatronic is an excellent game for anyone who loves detective movies, games, or puzzles. There are all sorts of games you can enjoy today regarding detective games; case animatronics is one of them. The game might increase your fear and anxiety; hence it is not advised you play the game generally. Case animatronics is known as the best horror game today.

Case animatronics game concept is relatively easy to navigate though it might be scary. The game is available on all mobile devices. The idea of this game will be familiar to anyone who has a knowledge of five nights in Freddy's series of games. 

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This game transforms the player into a policeman or detective who has an issue with a mysterious caller who wants to take revenge on him. The policeman stays up late at work, which becomes a danger to him as he has a weird call and sees strange creatures. Read on for more insight on this game.

Case Animatronics Description 

Case animatronics is an adventurous horror game available for download on all mobile devices. It is a scary single-person horror game where you will Allah like a policeman or detective who we locked in the office and stayed through the night trying to survive while dodging some strange object and creature.

The last level, Walnut LLC, developed and published the game. Case animatronics is a thrilling action game which was inspired by the hit horror game called Five Nights at Freddy's Series. However, unlike the Freddy series game, players are not only stuck in a room with the ability to close the door and look at the camera. Instead, they are requested to maneuver the entire detective office.

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Case animatronics is one of the latest and most highly rated horror games available on mobile. The game is a fascinating horror game. The gameplay and control of case animatronics are easy to understand and navigate.

This game case animatronic is not recommended for anyone who gets scared easily or can't stand a horror scene. When playing or engaging in this game, you will see a scary and challenging creative with a  stealth element. You will experience a chaotic event with the elements and horrors in this game. You will be familiar with the game if you have tried a case battle game that was dependent on a school police case; these games have a different concept.

The concept of the game starts like this- There is a police officer or detective John Bishop who, ever you want, loves to stay up at work late; this shows how hardworking he is and responsible. However, this turned into danger for him. He is the only one left in the office.

One night at work, he slept on his desk and had a terrifying dream. As soon as he woke up, he got a phone call from an old friend he had refused to help. Ever since he received the call, trouble started to happen to John Bishop. Immediately after the call, the power system of the office was shut down; the security system was locked and inaccessible. Now, on the table, you will find a flashlight and a tablet that connects to different areas in the police department, which will help you find a way out of the situation. The game is not for the weak because it is terrifying and horrific.

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Furthermore, the game has a typical control system. You will move your character John with the virtual D-Pad on the left side of the screen and then tap on the screen to interact with the environment. That is to open doors, use your tablets, pick things and hide.

The game is thrilling, and it is enjoyable for people who love horror games. It has features that are quite interesting.

Features of Case Animatronics

Here are the adventurous features of case animatronics;

No ads threat

Case animatronics do not allow any ads, which might be a disruption to players' fun in the game. This is an awesome feature. 

Different Characters 

There are different characters to interact with in case animatronics. The characters are majorly the robots that are after your life. In the game, there are over ten characters to interact with, giving you a thrilling experience -The wolf, the cat, and more 

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Awesome gameplay 

Though the game is terrifying, those who love horror games find it exciting and thrilling where you have to battle with robots aiming for your life.

Stunning Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the game are realistic and entirely relatable. Also, the sound effect is superb, giving you a scary and thrilling feeling.


Case animatronics is quite a thrilling and adventurous game. Download the latest version and enjoy excellent thrills in the game.

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Download Case Animatronics APK if you are an enthusiast of simulation games. Case animatronics is an adventurous game that provides players with a thrilling experience.


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