CarX Street
CarX Street
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Version: 1.74.6
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Download CarX Street APK to test your skills across streets of various countries. Speed across streets in Australia, France, Russia, etc., when you play CarX Street.

Name CarX Street
Version 1.74.6
Updated Sep 7, 2022
Category Racing
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About CarX Street

CarX Street is a thrilling mobile game that allows players to enjoy an exciting car racing game in a beautiful environment. The game has several elements that add to its realistic gameplay and interactiveness. You'll be able to play with expensive and premium items without making actual money purchases. You aim to ensure you reach the finish line at a blazing speed while leaving everyone else chasing your tail.

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The game also has fantastic graphics and physics. Hence, you'll get a pretty impressive interface where you can interact with most game elements. Thanks to these visuals, the vehicles are also designed after the real models so that you can expect the optimal driving experience. You'll also be able to customize your unique vehicle to meet your aesthetic and performance standard.

The game adds some exciting features that make it more competitive. You'll not only be racing with opponents but also have to escape attacks from the police and keep the vehicle going despite all obstacles on the road. You'll be able to use two major control types on the game, too; these include the buttons and accelerometer.

The control buttons are well positioned on either side of the screen to aid your fingers, while you can set the accelerometer's sensitivity depending on how much you want the cars to react when you move your phone.

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The game was developed by CarX Technologies and has been around for a while. There are continuous updates to the gameplay and database so that you won't be getting a static game. CarX Street has quite a reputation online, with ratings surpassing 4.0 across multiple platforms. Likewise, you'll be able to play the game from anywhere worldwide, thanks to its compatibility with various androids and player languages.


Like most other car racing games, this game seeks to test your driving skills and strategies. You'll need to test your speed limit and control by racing against multiple opponents across different terrains. Each game has various difficulty levels, so you must ensure you improve your skills every time you play. You'll play across many landscapes, and once you win in the top 3 or take the first position, you'll be able to move to the next race.

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Of course, you'll have to start with the most basic vehicles in the collection, and your game will be against amateur AI drivers. However, when the competition intensifies, you'll be expected to have gotten accustomed to the environment and know how to control your vehicle to win the races against highly skilled players. You can also choose different game modes, such as the campaign or multiplayer.

Game Features

This game has many features that give it an edge over many car racing games. Check out some of them below:

Realistic Graphics

The game has excellent and sleek graphics depicting the scene in the most realistic way possible. The game environment, such as terrains, vehicles, and action, has many realistic physics that make it seem you're driving in real life. The designers paid a lot of attention to the subtle features in car races, such as drifts, car screeches, brakes, and controlling and maneuvering the vehicle. Also, you won't be seeing lags or glitches in the graphics while playing, thanks to the smooth transitions of the game scenery.

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Campaign Mode

Immerse yourself in this action-packed game and experience different modes. You'll be able to play the campaign mode as a default game mode when you start. This game mode allows you to create a career as a professional driver. So, you'll span your races across various terrains in Australia, France, or Russia.

Playing in these countries will help you progress to others and claim your victories there. You'll also be able to go on various other missions, such as revealing the activities of secret agencies and destroying Winston's empire. You'll also be able to make new friends while playing here.


The game allows you to make changes to various parts of your vehicle. You'll be able to choose any car you want once you unlock it, but the customization feature lets you create a unique vehicle based on your preference. You'll be able to replace parts and customize the car for specific races. You'll also be able to upgrade the engines, body, transmission, wheels, etc. The game also adds features to change the car's mirrors, lights, bumpers, edges, etc.

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Although there is a limit to those you can access when you start playing, you'll soon be able to access most of the game vehicles once you unlock them. You can choose between pickups, flat cars, and hypercars. Since more than 40 sports cars are waiting to be unlocked here, you'll have options to go for regular cars, sports cars, powerful supercars, etc., based on your preference and the type of terrain you'll be playing. The numerous customizations available make the vehicle collections much more extensive because you can easily create a unique car by replacing its parts.

Online Racing

You can compete with other players for first place in the multiplayer mode. You'll get huge rewards and advance to the next contest when you win. You'll also be able to unlock new competitions and challenges.

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Police Regime

This game feature is a special mode that allows you to play with a different concept. Here, your goal is not to race against other players but to become a cop and put the law back on track. You'll be given a police car and tasked to bring all the racers to justice by knocking them out on the road. The more culprits you catch, the closer you get to fulfilling each game mission and getting your rewards.


CarX is a racing game developed by CarX Technologies, and it is one of the most modern sports car racing games with many game elements. Enjoy the ride at blazing speed and exciting controls with different cars o CarX Street.

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Download CarX Street APK to test your skills across streets of various countries. Speed across streets in Australia, France, Russia, etc., when you play CarX Street.


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