Cafe Master Story
Cafe Master Story
Size: 45.2 MB
Version: 1.3.4
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Cafe Master Story APK Manage your dream cafe, serve delicious meals, and create heartwarming stories in this addictive restaurant simulation game.

Name Cafe Master Story
Version 1.3.4
Updated Oct 25, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Kairosoft
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Introduction Cafe Master Story APK

Cafe Master Story is a captivating mobile game that puts you in the shoes of a coffee shop owner. In this immersive simulation game developed by ENJOY GAME INC., you have the opportunity to design and manage your very own virtual cafe. With its unique and engaging gameplay, Cafe Master Story offers a delightful experience that will satisfy your cravings for both the coffeehouse atmosphere and entrepreneurship.



App Name

Cafe Master Story APK

Cafe Management

Run and manage your own virtual cafe

Customer Service

Serve customers and fulfill their orders

Cooking and Recipes

Prepare delicious dishes and drinks with various recipes

Decorate and Customize

Personalize your cafe with furniture and decorations

Staff Management

Hire and train employees to assist in cafe operations

Special Events

Organize events and attract more customers

Challenging Objectives

Complete goals and challenges to progress in the game

Time Management

Efficiently manage time to serve customers on time

Unlockable Content

Unlock new recipes, items, and features as you advance

Free to Play

Download and play the game without any cost

Unique Aspects of Cafe Master Story

Immersive Coffee Shop Experience

Step into the world of Cafe Master Story and experience the thrill of running your own coffee shop. From the enticing aroma of freshly roasted beans to the rhythmic sounds of the espresso machine, this game truly captures the essence of a real cafe. Immerse yourself in an authentic coffee shop environment and get ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a successful cafe owner.

Crafting the Perfect Cafe Atmosphere

In Cafe Master Story, you are not just arranging tables and chairs; you are creating an inviting ambiance for your customers. Carefully select decorative items such as magazine racks or stylish furnishings to craft a unique and aesthetically pleasing cafe. Engage your customers with a visually appealing environment that will leave a lasting impression.

Diverse Range of Beverages and Combos

Coffee and tea are just the beginning in Cafe Master Story. Discover an extensive array of hot and cold beverages waiting to be mastered. Experiment with different combinations to create delightful drinks that will keep your regulars happy while attracting new customers. Showcase your personal favorites through the Specials Board, transforming your menu into an expertly curated collection.


Not limited to beverages alone, you can also pair food items with drinks to create delicious Combo Meals. These gastronomic gems not only satisfy taste buds but also offer opportunities to participate in contests where selecting the right meal for each theme can help boost your cafe's popularity.

Cafe Customization and Personalization Options

Make your cafe uniquely yours by utilizing the wide range of customization options available in Cafe Master Story. Choose from various themes, furniture styles, and decorative items to give your cafe a distinct identity. Regularly update and refresh your cafe's appearance to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features

Managing Customer Service and Orders

Customer satisfaction is paramount in Cafe Master Story. Ensure that you attend to your customers promptly by tapping on their tables to take orders. Prepare and serve food or drinks with utmost efficiency to keep your customers happy and earn more coins. Deliver exceptional customer service to receive positive reviews, attracting even more business to your cafe.

Menu Creation and Recipe Experimentation

At the heart of a good cafe lies an enticing menu. The game allows you to create a unique menu tailored specifically for your cafe's offerings. Start with basic items like coffee, sandwiches, and cakes, then gradually expand by introducing new dishes. With each recipe comes an opportunity for experimentation – try out different ingredients and flavors to please diverse palates.

Staff Management for Efficient Operations

As your cafe grows, consider hiring additional staff members to help with the day-to-day operations. Train them diligently to enhance their skills and improve overall efficiency. Skilled staff can handle more customers, allowing you to provide swift service while maintaining quality. Effective staff management is key to ensuring smooth operations as you cater to the needs of your growing customer base.


Expanding Your Cafe Empire

Cafe Master Story goes beyond one town's borders; it offers opportunities for expansion and exploration. Relocate your cafe to new locations where fresh customers await. With each move, discover untapped markets while potentially encountering familiar faces along the way. Experience the thrill of growing your coffee shop empire as you establish yourself in multiple locations.

User-Friendly Game Controls and Interface

Ease of play is essential in any game experience, and Cafe Master Story excels in providing a user-friendly interface. The game supports intuitive drag-to-scroll and pinch-to-zoom controls, allowing for smooth navigation and precise interactions within the game. The emphasis on user experience ensures that you can focus on managing your cafe seamlessly.

Community Engagement with Kairosoft Games

Cafe Master Story is part of a wider family of games developed by Kairosoft. Connect with fellow players by following Kairosoft on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news and information. Engage in the community, share tips, and immerse yourself in the world of pixel art game series created by Kairosoft.

Tips for Success in Cafe Master Story

To make your journey towards becoming a five-star cafe owner more enjoyable, follow these helpful tips:

  • Serve customers quickly to keep them satisfied and earn more coins.
  • Expand your menu gradually with new and exciting food and drink options.
  • Create an inviting ambiance in your cafe by decorating it with stylish furniture and attractive artwork.
  • Participate in quests, achievements, and events to unlock rewards and progress faster.


Cafe Master Story offers an immersive coffee shop experience combined with the excitement of entrepreneurship. Craft a unique cafe atmosphere, experiment with diverse beverages and combos, manage customer service efficiently, expand your business empire, and engage with a vibrant gaming community. Don't miss out on this opportunity – download Cafe Master Story now and embark on your fulfilling journey as a coffee shop owner!

FAQs Cafe Master Story

Does Cafe Master Story own pixel graphics as usual?

Yes, just like all games from Kairosoft, Cafe Master Story features the familiar pixel graphic style that is characteristic of their games.

Do I need an internet connection to play Cafe Master Story?

No, you do not require an internet connection to play Cafe Master Story. You can simply download the game and log in at any time to embark on your coffee shop management journey.

How to increase profits and scale up quickly in this game?

The most common approach is to regularly log into the game and complete the remaining activities in your cafe. Additionally, performing assigned tasks will allow you to earn rewards, helping you increase profits and expand rapidly.

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Cafe Master Story APK Manage your dream cafe, serve delicious meals, and create heartwarming stories in this addictive restaurant simulation game.


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