Bulu Monster
Bulu Monster
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Version: 10.8.2
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Download Bulu Monsters APK and become a monster trainer as you catch, train and battle with monsters. Play online with friends or train your monsters offline.

Name Bulu Monster
Version 10.8.2
Updated Jun 23, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Sigma Game Limited
Google Play Link com.sigmagame.imonster

Bulu Monster Game - Build Up Your Monster Collection

Fans of monster fighting games will love the Bulu Monster online game. The game was initially released in July of 2013 and has had multiple updates since then. While it was designed for the iOS platform, the game is available to both iOS and Android users on the Apple app store and Google play store, respectively.

Unlike most monster-themed games that focus on battles, Bulu Monster is a lot more detailed. Players can become monster trainers on bulu island. From there you can interact with other trainers and challenge players.

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The game quality is very high, and monsters and other characters are well designed and animated.

In this article, we'll be exploring all the unique features of Bulu Monster, including redeem codes you can use to win exciting game bonuses.

In-Depth Description Of The Bulu Monster Game

Bulu Monster is made by sigma team, a gaming company that has produced numerous action and fantasy games since 2003. They are known for their top-notch, high-profile games, and Bulu Monster is no different.

Bulu Monster is a roleplaying adventure game that allows players to fight and capture monsters within the game. In Bulu Monster, players must first discover the monster, capture it, fight the monster and win. Once you've won, you will be able to train the monster for battle.

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Bulu Monster has a large in-game world you can explore to your preference. The animation style is very unique and imitates an anime-style animation for the monsters. The game also makes use of very vibrant colours that makes characters and the game environment appear more bright and lively.

The Bulu Monster gameplay is pretty standard. Players can explore the game world and try to find monsters. You can capture these monsters or fight with them. There are over 150 monsters within the game.

To top it all off, it's completely free!

Online and Offline Play

Bulu Monster allows both offline and online play. This gives the game a big edge over other games that only permit online play.

No WiFi or mobile data? That's fine. You can still play and access all the amazing features. Capture monsters and train them, and only come online to play and battle friends. The choice is yours.

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Offline gameplay involves single-player gaming. You can activate multiplayer mode once you're online.

This makes the game more versatile than most, and more enjoyable. Enjoy Bulu Monster whenever and wherever you want!

Singleplayer and Multiplayer Gameplay

While online, you play Bulu Monsters with friends or other online players like yourself. Players can challenge each other and explore the Bulu Monster in-game world together.

For offline players, the single-player mode is available for you to battle against NPCs. You can use this to test your power and develop your skills. Evolve your monsters and improve your fighting until you're ready to battle online with others!

Game Controls

One of the best and most convenient features of Bulu Monster is the gaming controls. The game does not rely on a joystick for control. Instead, everything is done with a one-touch interface. You can freely move around and play the game with one hand.

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Exciting Features Of Bulu Monster Gameplay

  • Fantasy maps - The game comes with 14 different fantasy maps. These maps guide players interested in exploring the kingdoms in Bulu Monster.
  • Friend code system - This allows you to invite your friends into the game and compete against them.
  • Engaging storylines - One of the features that drives this roleplaying adventure game is its engaging storyline. The plot is funny, interactive, and introduced6 you to multiple important NPCs.
  • NPC monster trainers - For those who prefer offline play, you won't be bored at all. There are over 40 NPC monster trainers you can challenge in the game.

Bulu Monster - How To Get Evolution Items

Evolution items in Bulu Monster are items that help you build and evolve your character and monsters. This could make them stronger, faster, and more fit for battle against other monsters.

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If you've played Bulu Monster, you may be wondering how to get evolution items in the game. You can gain evolution items by participating in battles and winning. Battles can be started by challenging other players, or NPC monster trainers. When you win, you get gifts including evolution items.

Bulu Monster - How To Get Mythic Type

In the Bulu Monster game, the monsters and their skills come in different types. Each type has its weaknesses and strengths. Mythic element is one of these types.

To get the mythic type, you have to capture a mythic monster. Mythic monsters in Bulu Monster include Ardio, Sharky, Arctery, Ancie, Kirin, Kolter, Voltio, and Starry.

There are currently seven mythic skills in Bulu Monster; Swifty-Charge, Spirit Charge, Terror Wind, Ultimate Strike, Grow Up, Mystic Light, and Cannon Blast.

Bulu Monster Redeem Codes List

Redeem codes help you win bonuses to advance your character in the game. It could be promotional coupons, gift cards, etc. In Bulu Monster, you can use redeem codes to gain bonuses to evolve your monsters and their skills.

bulu monster redeem codes list

Lucky draw is one of the mini-games Bulu Monster offers to give players the chance to win redeem codes or other bonuses. You can get Bulu Monster unlimited lucky draw through bonuses and constantly playing the game.

With redeem codes, you can always renew past bonuses or promotions the game offers.


Bulu Monster is full of impressive visuals and engaging gameplay. The storylines and characters are well made and designed to ensure your gaming experience is the best.

You can use Bulu Monster redeem codes to advance in the game and evolve your monsters.

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Download Bulu Monsters APK and become a monster trainer as you catch, train and battle with monsters. Play online with friends or train your monsters offline.


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