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Download Blokada APK if you detest advertising while browsing websites. Prevents the tracker from the website and stops websites that are aware you have blocked them.

Name Blokada
Version 22.3.7
Updated Aug 31, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Blokada, INC
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About Blokada

Blokada is a famous advertising blocker and security software available for Android and iOS. The excellent developer community is fully promoting and developing it.

A fantastic app to manage your phone and get rid of bothersome adverts is Blokada, Premium. Boost the functionality of your smartphone and browse privately without being bothered by advertising. Blokada Slim Adblocker functions to eliminate any annoying advertisements or pop-ups permanently. You have undoubtedly experienced the issue of adverts quite a bit in the past. It also discourages you from using one of the applications or viewing one of your favorite movies. Just not right now.

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All suggestions and pop-up windows may be eliminated with Blokada. Use Blokada Plus as well to extend battery life. Additionally, you may unlock a premium to access the tool's capabilities for free. Below is some information regarding the instrument and downloading Blokada Premium for iOS.

Blokada Plans

There are three active plans on Blokada: Libre, Cloud, and Plus Mode.

Libre Mode

The Libre mode is a free, local on-device fake VPN-based adblocking solution now supported on Andriod.

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Features of Libre Mode

  • Its significant feature of the Blockada app is to block trackers and ads.
  • It is compatible with all browsers and applications.
  • There is no need for jailbreaking or rooting.
  • There is an inbuilt VPN for enhanced security

Cloud Mode

Cloud Mode is the most recent cloud-based adblocking solution made by Blokada. It is far more dependable, speedy, and currently the only reliable iOS option. Moreover, because cloud maintenance is costly, there is low-cost membership.

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Features of Cloud Mode

  • There is no discernible influence on network and device speed.
  • Little use of device battery
  • Much more dependable and stable than the accessible mode
  • There is no need to have our program running in the background.
  • It is possible to utilize Blokada VPN through the Wireguard app and have adblocking enabled immediately.
  • It is possible to utilize any device that supports the DNS over HTTPS or TLS protocols.
  • The dashboard allows you to modify the setup of all linked devices instantly.
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Plus Mode

Blokada Plus is a charged, at-will premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) designed specifically for use with Blokada. One of the most potent encryptions with no influence on speed or battery life is available. With Blokada's time-tested content filtering capability, the VPN provides security to ensure your exclusive activities remain private. Using Public WiFi is not excluded, as no one can see or access essential data.

Features of Cloud Plus

  • Hide Location

Connecting through any of Blokada's gateways, which are located in various locations across the world. This allows to conceal the actual IP address and appears to be somewhere else. Some websites base their price on your region to earn some more cost by saving. It's not a barrier to where your connection is from. You have access to more information and unblock webs.

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  • It is unlimited, fast, and stable.

Protecting your privacy shouldn't reduce the battery life or cause the phone to slow down. The servers and protocol have been specially selected for maximum performance and stability.

  • Safeguard all of your gadgets

VPN can be used on five or fewer devices at the same time.  In addition, Blokada Plus is WireGuard friendly; Download the private layout file to activate directly using the WireGuard app for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

  • Assistance and money-back guarantee

There is a guarantee for your money to be returned after seven days. If you are unsatisfied with the app, use the app's support button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Blokada Free?

Blokada is a free and secure tool that effectively eliminates viruses, and adverts, protects and saves your private data, blocks monitors, and speeds up your phone.

  • Is Blokada available in different languages?

Blokada is available in multiple languages, which English is the most used.

  • Can Blokada be trusted?

Blokada is incredibly successful at blocking advertisements on Android. It employs a VPN to filter all ad trackers and prevent them from showing on your phone.

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  • Does Blokada drain the battery on iOS?

No. The battery effect varies depending on your settings, and on the majority of new smartphones, especially those running Marshmallow or above, you won't notice any power drain.

  • Can I use Blokada on an iPhone?

Using DNS (Domain Name System), Blokada for iOS lets you view only the material you want without being interrupted by advertisements. Utilize Blokada Cloud to prevent advertisements and trackers while maintaining the privacy of your DNS traffic. To use our extensive VPN network and encrypt all traffic, upgrade to Blokada Plus.


Blokada is an amazing app that mainly blocks trackers and ads, and its functions are expanded depending on the Plan or Mode.

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Download Blokada APK if you detest advertising while browsing websites. Prevents the tracker from the website and stops websites that are aware you have blocked them.


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