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Download the Beholder APK game and enjoy amazing adventures and get the feeling of being in authority. Beholder allows you to be powerful and control others.

Name Beholder
Version 2.6.267
Updated May 13, 2024
Category Adventure
Google Play Link com.creativemobile.beholder


Beholder is an engaging, fun game to make players make choices. The game had a dark sense of humor with dark-shaped characters. The plot lies within a country where there is no freedom, and all civil and human rights of people have been taken. No one can make decisions in the game. Beholder has a thrilling hard-core puzzle where you have to decide what you use the information you get to do.

The game creates the concept of a country that looks outrightly normal on the outside, but the inside of the world is wild and dark. Authorities, Governors, and management in the state who are meant to protect the country and eliminate injustice and war are using their power and titles to steal the masses' safety and freedom.

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In the game, you will play as someone assigned by the government to look over an apartment. It would be best if you took up the job perfectly so you won't be eliminated. Those who love dark humor love the game, and Beholder has attracted many users to itself. Learn more about the game.

Beholder Description

Beholder is a darkly humorous game full of dark adventures. The game allows you to play as a landlord who oversees every activity of tenants and then is left with what to use the information for. The Beholder game preaches about a country without freedom. No one can make decisions of their own in the game environment.

Creative Mobile Games limited published and developed the game. The game has gathered over 100 thousand downloads on google play. Beholder's game is recommended for anyone within the age range of 12 and above.

Beholder's game revolves around a country ruled by the totalitarian. In a totalitarian regime, no one has freedom. They are all deprived of liberty. Their safety is not guaranteed either. The totalitarian state controls every area of the masses' private and public lifestyle. No one in the state has privacy.

In the game, you are given tasks to accomplish daily and engage in quests that let you earn money. You will play as Carl in the game, a middle-aged man with a wife and two children. The government of the totalitarian regime had just assigned Carl a landlord.

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The government wants to be coercive and authoritative, but they do not possess enough human resources; hence they look for henchmen who will secretly monitor people in the area and spread them out to different places. Carl happens to be among these henchmen.

You will play as Carl, who has just been chosen as a controller in an old apartment complex. The former controller has been eliminated due to his opposition to the totalitarian regime.

Your task in the game is to listen, observe, monitor, and trap all residents in the complex. Any suspicious movement or activity will be reported to the authorities immediately, and This is your duty. In the game, you are presented with a cross-sectional building that consists of six apartments and a basement where you will live with your family.

You will not only constantly identify any strange behavior or activities or observe, but you will also break into tenants' houses to search for contrabands and place a hidden camera in the room. Aside from that, you will constantly be challenged by tough questions regarded as the game's quests.

In addition, you are tasked to collect personal details of each person in the game to learn about their interest, thoughts, and background. This can be done secretly, covertly, or without their consent. The main aim is to carry out your job, report to the authorities and be loyal to your work.

As you play, missions and objectives pop up, and you are to complete them to earn money. This money will be used to get the necessary things like cameras, tracking devices, and many more, so your work will be easy as you sit in your office.


You must be loyal and faithful to the higher-ups and take care of your family; otherwise, you will be eliminated. To control Carl is easy. There are buttons around your screen to help you navigate through.

There is a button on the right hand of the screen which displays your tasks and several quests to answer. Beholder game is thrilling and has attracted people's attention.

Features of Beholder

Here are the exciting features of Beholder,

Enjoy Playing a Detective Role

Beholder has an excellent story plot; although it is dark humor, players will enjoy the role of being a detective. You will observe, listen and monitor a large number of people. This is thrilling and engaging because you must be on the lookout to report to the authorities.

Play Quest and Earn Money

Every action in the game ends in a specific result. In the game, you will be assigned tasks in the form of quests which you must complete earning lots of money. This will as well improve your reputation and loyalty to the authorities. This is cool and amazing.

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Graphics and Sound

Beholder is a darkly humorous game. Its gameplay is hard-core; hence in the game, you will mostly see dark things like gloomy walls, black shadows of characters, sad roads, and everything that looks dark and horror-like.

 Also, the sound is dreary and slightly intense

 The sound depicts the tragedy and situation the characters are in.

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Beholder is a fantastic, excellent game for people who love playing adventurous games. Download the full version of the game and enjoy its concept to the fullest.

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Download the Beholder APK game and enjoy amazing adventures and get the feeling of being in authority. Beholder allows you to be powerful and control others.


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