ARK Survival Evolved
ARK Survival Evolved
Size: 2.29 GB
Version: 2.0.29
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Download Ark Survival Evolved APK latest version and explore the Jurassic-era world. The game has 80+ dinosaurs and numerous challenges to showcase your creativity.

Name ARK Survival Evolved
Version 2.0.29
Updated Feb 6, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Studio Wildcard

Critical Analysis of Ark Survival Evolved APK

Ark Survival APK is a game that takes you back to the prehistoric era. In this game, you must unleash your survival skills and overcome difficulties on a mysterious island.

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You can make dinosaurs your loyal friends, and use their help to build a new, exciting world. You will also have lots of activities to keep you busy, such as taming dinosaurs, crafting new items, and discovering new secrets.

The game has excellent graphics that brings out the best of the Jurassic/ Mesozoic world. Overall, Ark Survival APK is the ultimate game for lovers of dinosaurs and adventure.

Game Download Requirements

Ark Survival APK is available on Android 7.0 and up. Your device must have a touchscreen to play this game.

Additionally, you must have a minimum of 3GB RAM and an updated Vulkan support driver. The game also requires an internet connection to play.

An Immersive Gameplay

The Ark Survival Evolved game is intense and has lots of activities to keep you glued to your device. When you start the game, you will be stranded on a strange island with no help. You will have to find food, shelter, and ways to survive.

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The island is full of dinosaurs that can either help or kill you. Taming these creatures is one of the most exciting activities in the game. Once you have tamed them, you can use them to gather resources and build structures.

You will also need to craft various items to help you survive on the island. There are over 80 different dinosaurs in the game, each with unique abilities. The game also has a day-night cycle, which makes it more challenging.

As you progress, you will unlock new crafting recipes and engrams. You can also join or create a tribe to survive with other players. Ensure you have an internet connection to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Gorgeous Graphics

The graphics of Ark Survival Evolved APK are top-notch and will keep you coming back for more. The developers have done an excellent job in recreating the Jurassic world.


The dinosaurs look life-like, and the island is full of lush vegetation. The lighting and shadows are also well done, making the game more immersive.

The graphics will also scale well on lower-end devices. Overall, the graphics are one of the best features of this game.

Diverse Animals to Capture and Tame

Ark Survival Evolved APK boasts a high-level diversity of animals. It has over 80 different dinosaurs and other primal creatures, each with unique abilities. You can capture and tame these creatures to help you survive on the island.

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Taming them requires patience and effort, but it is worth it. Once you have tamed a creature, you can use it to gather resources or fight other players.

Form Tribes and Work Together!

The game also allows you to form tribes with other players. This is a great way to survive in the game because you can share resources and help each other.

You can even join an existing tribe or create your own. Working together with other players is one of the best ways to progress in the game.

Tribes can also build large bases and fortifications to help them survive on the island. This way, you will safeguard your resources and have a place to retreat to when things get tough.

Outstanding Features of ARK Survival Evolved

  • 80+ Dinosaurs. The backbone of this game is the dinosaurs. You have a chance to experience what it was like to live with them. You must be cunning to capture them and use their abilities to help you in your quest to survive.
  • Breed Wild Animals. Once you capture an animal, you can tame it and make it your pet. You can even breed them to create new species. However, this requires intense training sessions, which can be quite tasking. You can capture land, air, or sea creatures and train them to become your best friends.
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  • Survival of the Fittest. The game is all about surviving in a hostile environment. You must find food & shelter to stay alive. The island is full of dangerous creatures that can kill you, so be on the lookout.
  • Craft and Build Your World. The game also allows you to build structures and craft items. You will build an Ark and other structures to help you survive. You can also use the resources you gather to create new items and engrams. There is an extensive crafting system that lets you be creative in how you build your world.
  • Lots of Items to Collect. In this game, you will find lots of items to help you survive, including clothes, armor, and weapons. You can also find food, water, and other resources on the island.
  • Diverse Game Modes. This game offers single-player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode is more exciting because you can interact with other players and form tribes.
  • Detailed Maps. The game also has an extensive map that is full of secrets to discover. There are also many side quests that you can undertake to get more rewards.

A Rewarding Game System

This game rewards your progress with experience points. You can use these XP and re-spawn points to level up and unlock new items. The game also has a loot system that rewards you with resources and engrams.

This system makes the game very rewarding and encourages you to keep playing. There are also daily rewards that you can earn by completing certain tasks.

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You can also upgrade to premium to get a 2 times XP boost, ad-removal, and other benefits. This is a great way to progress quickly in the game.

Ark Survival Evolved Menu APK

The Ark Survival Evolved Menu APK has these benefits:

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  • Ark survival evolved apk god mode
  • No ads


The Ark Survival Evolved APK is an excellent game that offers a lot of value for money. It is a great game for people who love survival games.

The game is very rewarding and has a lot of content to keep you occupied. The game is also well-optimized and runs smoothly on most devices.

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Download Ark Survival Evolved APK latest version and explore the Jurassic-era world. The game has 80+ dinosaurs and numerous challenges to showcase your creativity.


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