Ares Virus
Ares Virus
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Version: 1.0.9
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Download Ares Virus APK, the best shooting role-playing game. Take on the role of a brave warrior in the adventure, challenging Humanity versus mutated monsters.

Name Ares Virus
Version 1.0.9
Updated Oct 6, 2022
Category Role Playing
Developer Qcplay Limited.
Google Play Link com.qcplay.aresvirus

Ares Virus

A role-playing game, Ares Virus, allows you to play from a bird's-eye angle. It's left to you to assume the role of a special operations warrior tasked with stopping a deadly disease from changing everyone into undead. Your only goal is to remain safe while forming alliances with as other people who survived as you can.

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There are now just a few surviving members left on Earth due to the zombie outbreak. They must work to stay alive despite commodity shortages and ongoing raids from the walking zombies. The surviving shooting basis of the game includes gunfights, investigation, building, and several other role-playing components.

Description of Ares Virus


The peaceful surroundings suddenly changed into a gloomy period. The abrupt appearance of the dreadful Ares Virus posed a severe threat to humankind survival. Humans produced the gigantic scientific creatures and zombie-like beings that continuously appeared to wreak havoc and ruin the planet.

Today, there are dangers, no safe place, and fewer people are surviving. Warriors appear in that complicated situation. He offers some commentary on the circumstance. They include yourself and your companions, strong warriors with unmatched shooting prowess. You will fight against all mutants, find and destroy the source of the Ares Virus, and put Humanity back to its former peaceful existence.

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Ares Virus is a leading 2D shooting game. However, its combat system, which is equally bizarre as its aesthetics and music, makes it so appealing. You take on the role of one of the brave soldiers of the anti-Ares Virus team. The player's mission is to locate the origin of these dreadful diseases, eradicate them entirely, discover a treatment, eliminate all the rampaging mutated beings, and regain Earth's peace.

During the entire game, you will constantly be enveloped by a bunch of zombies, occasionally enormously sized undead and monsters. Every time you encounter an adversary in Ares Virus, you must make a tough choice: should you engage them in direct battle or shoot them from a distance? Which weapon will deliver the most potent assault? What strategies will help you conserve ammunition and materials? What will you do to ensure your squad's protection?

Ares Virus's gameplay is peculiar in that it uses an overhead viewpoint while utilizing delayed shot techniques and requiring the player to focus before firing to kill the prey. In other words, you must pause for a short period before killing a specific monster. Thus, the combat is more complicated. You'll frequently find yourself in a hurry. Before you gather your composure and assess the weapon's course, you can discover yourself surrounded by a pack of zombies.

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Gamers are also given no option but to embrace the survival techniques Ares Virus offers. Timber, rock, water, meals, and other supplies are all in very short supply. And if you wish not to run out of resources and subsequently be unable to handle a firearm, you must work hard each day to gather resources.

Ares Virus has plenty of valuable possessions and goods, meals, and food to help you efficiently defend yourself and your allies. You'll need it someday, so gather as much as you can. In addition, you'll need materials to create medications, craft firearms, and construct residences. But, for the adventure in front, they are all helpful.

Features of Ares Virus APK

Graphics and audio

The zombie concept is not new. But, with the best point of view, Ares Virus's striking monotone visuals and fluid player action. And a series of powerful bursts that travel through the device can have an impact on your memory.

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In addition to the fundamental deep blue colors, Ares Virus uses pen lines to symbolize the planet's terrible period. In that shaded environment, the effects of fighting and wielding weapons get more apparent and obvious, creating a fascinating dichotomy.

In contrast to the blinding pandemonium we often hear during undead incidents, there is oddly little gunfire or fighting noise in that gray area. Once you hear the music and view the stylish graphic with the monotone writing, uncertainty and memories will come to mind. I believe it portrays the universe's fate well.

Anybody can contend that such eerie sounds and visuals contribute significantly to Ares Virus's notoriety.

Investigate the field of study

The Ares Virus tale officially starts when you witness a team of individuals travelling to the Ares Virus testing facility. It is why many individuals become sick and change into different creatures that solely target humankind for destruction. They encountered numerous opponents while travelling to this location and eventually came upon a gateway. But everybody in the team was caught off guard when there was a boom.

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The bomb's energy threw Neil far from the entrance. Several opponents emerged through the doorway and assaulted Neil's comrades nonstop. Having been carried to a boulder, Neil began to slowly deteriorate; luckily, a mysterious stranger soon emerged. The person then says his title is Bodden, and he is the individual who rescued Neil and took him to a secure location to recover. He continued his quest after all had gotten back to normal.

To destroy the leader, use firearms

Gamers can locate several firearms in Ares Virus, each with a unique set of characteristics and capabilities and a fantastic grip. Gamers will be given a variety of high-quality weaponry at the start of the battle. Then, they will work with their colleagues to uncover the virus's mystery. After getting hurt, you'll lose all but a blade and proceed on your mission-related adventure. Finally, gamers discover new weaponry to use against their adversaries at a similar time.

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Similar to other horror games, gamers will be capable of locating various undead, particularly monsters with challenging assault patterns. However, this will take a lot of time for you to eliminate them because they have a solid protective physique and inflict a lot of harm with their strikes. Additionally, their strikes will announce the spot of impact before they take full effect, assisting the player in precisely dodging.


A lot of fighting games are post-apocalyptic. However, finding a videogame with a high-efficiency level, a creative outlook, a compelling narrative, and numerous engaging game mechanics features can be challenging. Ares Virus will provide several outstanding monster-zombies firing adventures if you're still unsure about which game to play.

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Download Ares Virus APK, the best shooting role-playing game. Take on the role of a brave warrior in the adventure, challenging Humanity versus mutated monsters.


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