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Download Annihilation APK game if you love action and adventurous games. Annihilation is a survival game where you have to battle with over 50 people. It is quite fun.

Name Annihilatio
Updated Sep 14, 2022
Category Adventure


Annihilation is an action-packed survival game for teens and adults. It is a significant competitive game, and it is not recommended for young people. Annihilation is a thrilling shooting game that is exciting and fun to play. Full of adventure and engaging content.

The game has a competitive mechanism as it is one person against over fifty people. Annihilation is available on all mobile devices; hence there is no limit to other mobile users. The game is seasonal and full of episodes.

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As you progress in the game, you will gradually unveil the progress of the game, and you will understand the Annihilation universe. The game is now available worldwide and globally accessible.

 Annihilation is an interactive online multiplayer, story-based 5vs5 game system. Players involved will battle in a royale field.

Annihilation is full of Fantasy and massive arenas for players. There are many features the game offers which have made players find the game Interesting to play. Let's discuss more on this game if you are a lover of shooting games, especially the one that involves severe survival.

Annihilation Description

Annihilation is an interactive, engaging shooting and survival game. The game is robust and diverse; hence it is advised that adults play the game. It is full of action, adventures, and fun content. This game is a survival fantasy shooting game that immerses players in a realistic and awesome gaming experience.

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The gameplay is easy to understand, and it involves that in the future, in years to come, a secret organization called Control is plotting an ambition to invade and attack earth and the whole galaxy. Several strange things happen and appear one after the other ranging from alien landing, alien-fighting, unnatural deaths, etc.

Everything happening seems to be related to control, and as the player, you have the mission of discovering and uncovering things with your teammates. Whereby you will fight lots of mighty soldiers, aliens, and more trying to find out the truth about the invaders, eradicate the council and protect the world, making it peaceful. This is super cool and amazing.

The game comes in seasons and episodes whereby as you progress, you can uncover the truth about the invaders and find a way to prevent the problem. The first season involves an introduction to the basis is the game mechanics and the game mode. During the season, you will roleplay havoc with other players. Take part in quests and inspect the storyline.

Different game modes make the game fun and lovely to players. To win in the game, your mission is to be the last player after a round, and this can't be easy. You would need a lot of weapons.

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At some time in the game, you might need to move. You can move on foot or use vehicles you come across in the game. Your main aim in the game is to eradicate the organization and kill aliens. You have to stick with the mission to win the game. Annihilation has many features incorporated to make users engaged and lively while playing hence giving them a fantastic game experience

Features of Annihilation

Here are the exciting features annihilation game offers;

Enjoy Awesome and Fun Gameplay

The Annihilation game has fun gameplay for a shooting game. You are tasked to complete many levels and uncover truths about the council against the world. Engage yourself in the fun game the game offers. The incredible gameplay gives players an immersive and realistic game experience.


Enjoy Great Graphics and Images

The graphics quality of Annihilation is stunning because it is a cross-platform game. The massive shooting effects are outstanding and clear, and the character movement is smooth and fast. All of the graphics and images are very great. Getting to customize each character is astounding. The graphics control gives an immersive experience to players

Enjoy Diverse Game Modes

This is an essential feature of most shooting games, and annihilation has this feature hence making the game fun and lively. Each game mode has a different goal and limit. Annihilation has two game modes

  • Team battle 5v5
  • Survival battle with 60 players.
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In the 5vs5 team battle, you will form a team of 5 (you either choose among your friends or allow the game automatically pair four other players with you). The two teams play against each other, then the team with the highest score wins. This model comes with a competitive mechanism system.

On the other hand, playing with 60 players, you will be put on a large map with other 59 players till one person is left who emerges as the winner. This is quite interesting.

Access Powerful Weapons

The game is a high-speed survival shooting game. On the verge of eradicating the council, you need tons of weapons to help you win the game. There is arsenal of firearms where you can bag fun in the game.


Annihilation is an excellent and engaging shooting game. It is thrilling and fun. Download the latest version to enjoy these features and more.

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Download Annihilation APK game if you love action and adventurous games. Annihilation is a survival game where you have to battle with over 50 people. It is quite fun.


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