Zombie Diary 2
Zombie Diary 2
Size: 22.55 MB
Version: 1.2.5
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Download Zombie Diary 2 APK latest version and explore a new feature with exciting gameplay. Take the hero badge and save humankind from evil zombies.

Name Zombie Diary 2
Version 1.2.5
Updated Dec 16, 2022
Category Action
Developer Mountain Lion

About Zombie Diary 2

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution presents a new gaming experience for lovers of exquisite games.  Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is loaded with fun and adventurous activities unlike other gaming apps. Hence, it is ranked as the best app in the Entertainment Category of the Google play store app. After being launched recently, the gaming app will peak in no time. All thanks to its notable features and friendly user experience.

Usually, when a new version of a popular franchise is made, you can expect a better and more exciting experience. The same goes for Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, except double fun, double adventure, and everything else. The game's sequel is about a defeated hero. He has a great responsibility to ensure that the enemies (zombies) are prevented from overtaking the earth or erasing the trace of mankind.

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Like every Hero, you will have to use the finest equipment to kill all the evil zombies. However, the game comes with the incredible advantage of earning unlimited money, which implies that players can purchase any amount of equipment without bothering about the cost factor. By following all these advantages, ensure that you become the best player.

This great advantage is one of the secret ingredients that makes Zombie Diary 2: Evolution a popular choice in the gaming community.

More About The Gameplay

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution has a unique storyline whereby users will take up a savior role as the only surviving fighter against enemies. Their goal is to defeat cunning and deadly zombies. And, of course, players will have plenty of post-apocalyptic weapons for every battle they encounter.

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Players will design and improve their character's skills and new weapons from the illustration.

  • Remember to avoid enemies, bring all kinds of attacks to an end and claim the hero badge.
  • Gear yourself with weapons and be ready to fight for your life. The reward for killing zombies and finishing a mission is getting gemstones or gold coins. Thereon you can advance to purchasing a new weapon: power-ups, mecha gadgets, and special products. All of this can be purchased when you receive a gemstone.
  • You can also earn extra coins with good practical training for your character. And after rounding up five days of Zombie Diary 2 Unlimited Money, the training process will be available to you. In addition, users will get a bonus for each completed assignment according to their health level.
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Destroy demons and complete the levels

To improve the gameplay and get more exciting packages, you will need to get through the following: Raise your bosses, Unlimited Money, Endless Monster, and Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. The second option provides a limitless number of games such as treasure hunts, tower defense, arcade games, skill games, fighting games, shooting games, etc. You can play Boss Battles to cross past the deadline for the second option.  

What Makes Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Better Than Other Gaming Apps

  • There are chances that players will get exhausted after repeating the same gameplay all over again, and lately, this is one of the issues with game developers —following one pattern of game style. However, the creators of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution have introduced a more fascinating idea of acquiring about thirty or more weapons; each weapon has its arrangement of unique characteristics. Players can easily buy these weapons from the store and experiment with new features.
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  • The creators have added Another stimulating element to ensure that players do not slip into boredom; they resulted by creating the 11 puzzling guides where players can discover new and exciting trouble levels. The mystery maps comprise new stimulating levels, making it a remarkable game.
  • An uncommon idea is the major part of the fight affecting every engineer. However, another issue has excellent and exciting interactivity. The creators of Zombie Diary 2 made an impressive illustration, and a continuous interaction filled with peculiar fine arts and dramatic sound experience. This kind makes you feel as though it's a real-life game.
  • You will get more energetic and fun levels in the game when you play with your companions. The game is also created in a way that allows you to explore your fighting skill with your Facebook companions. Additionally, you will be able to welcome all your companions from the Facebook companion list, compete with each other and find out the best player among yourselves.
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  • Another fun part of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is the variety of zombie reprobates. Players will have to kill all of them using their mighty weapons. Not just that, there are even more zombie managers; each type of zombie has special abilities, which means you will need to be ready with the appropriate weapons.

 Key Features

  • No restrictions
  • No Ads
  • More than thirty unique weapons
  • Creative system of upgrading weapons
  • Creative characters and skill advancement system
  • Awesome tools and mecha devices used against enemies.
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  • Mysterious maps containing interesting missions.
  • Awesome animation, artwork, and sound effects
  • Play against Facebook friends
  • Countless zombie enemies as well as powerful bosses.

Other Speculation About Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

Some people dislike using the apps created by the developers, while others would prefer to play Zombie Diary 2: Evolution for free to save money for a paid version. Those who wouldn't purchase the paid version feel that getting the game app from a third-party source does not affect the quality of the game.

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Nevertheless, it is worth noting that both the free and paid editions have wonderful graphics, great sound effects, and a variety of other benefits. Finally, those who download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution are satisfied with the outstanding zombie gameplay, including all the fabulous features.


Now everyone can download the latest version for free and enjoy different and updated features absent in the previous edition. On Zombie Diary 2: Evolution you will receive unlimited money, diamonds, coins, new rewards, and gems. Including getting new missions and enjoying the latest characters. Also, players will get all the new weapons and upgrades, more advanced graphics, customization options, and much more.

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Download Zombie Diary 2 APK latest version and explore a new feature with exciting gameplay. Take the hero badge and save humankind from evil zombies.


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