Zombie Derby 2
Zombie Derby 2
Size: 66.32 MB
Version: 1.0.18
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Download Zombie Derby 2 APK and enjoy epic racing action around the various scenes of the game. Zombie Derby 2 is a driving simulation game full of adventurous scenes.

Name Zombie Derby 2
Version 1.0.18
Updated Aug 20, 2023
Category Racing
Developer Brinemedia

Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2 is an exciting and engaging driving game. The game does not only involve racing or driving, but it involves killing zombies while driving in a land full of zombies.

The Zombie derby 2 differs from other classic shooting games you have played or come across before. You don't have to use your hands to shoot the zombies in the game. Instead, there are barrels placed in the front of the car, which help you destroy the bloodthirsty and aggressive zombies.

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Zombie derby 2 has a plot of fighting zombies in a dangerous world. There have been too many zombie-themed shooting games in existence, but most focus on the third-party person or first person who is involved in handgun shootings.

If you are looking out to try a new shooting game genre, you should consider playing zombie derby 2. Imagine a zombie attack occurs in an environment; the environs will be deserted; this is the kind of environment zombie derby 2 engages players with. Let's learn more about this fun game

Zombie Derby 2 Description

Zombie Derby 2 is a fun, interesting, and immersive racing and shooting game. The game is considered an arcade-style shooting game. With the game, you will have fun playing with different vehicles. These vehicles have their unique traits and features.

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The game is set in an apocalyptic world where the player aims to escape from the ravaging and bloodthirsty zombies by using their vehicles. With the vehicles, players will travel long distances killing and crushing zombies.

Brine media limited developed and published the game. Zombie derby 2 has gathered more than 10 million downloads on google play. This is impressive and encouraging.

This is a game where players will cross several land terrains which have been plagued with zombies. Your goal in the game as the player is to kill as many zombies as you can till you reach the finish line of the game.

However, sometimes or most times, you will not see the finish line; you will run out of gas instead. The game is an engaging and exhilarating shooting game that belongs to the arcade-style game. Zombie Derby 2 is classic with a daring new approach to gameplay.

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Zombies in the game are diverse. Some are tall, some can love fast, can jump, and some live long to destroy. Remember that in the game, you are not only driving or racing but shooting with a barrel at her to the car. Aiming to shoot zombies is not an easy task to do; you have to be focused, quick, and sharp-eyed before they run away, jump off or kill you.

The gameplay and control system of zombie derby 2 is easy to understand and navigate. All you have to do is drive around the environment and shoot the zombies before they attack you. The number of zombies in the game at the beginning is significant and countable; however, you must be careful when the zombies come in troops.

You have to constantly deuce through several complex terrains killing diverse zombies. Zombies derby 2 has provided players with an immersive game experience that has kept players glued to it.

To complete all the levels, you must keep playing and losing while earning money to upgrade your car, the engine, and weapons, or even buy new ones.

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Players will control the characters and the vehicles by tapping on the screen to accelerate and tip your device to lean on the vehicle while jumping. Several buttons will appear when you unlock the turbo and firearms. This is fun!!!.

Features of Zombie Derby 2

Here are all the exciting features of zombie derby 2:

Awesome Gameplay

Zombie derby 2 has an interesting and impressive gameplay that immerses players in a car racing and shooting experience. All you have to do in the game is shoot zombies you come across as you journey in the hand terrains. This is easy and awesome.

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Setting preference

This feature allows players to customize and set their character, game theme, and area. Also, players can choose the type of car to use in the game. You can explore up to 50 vehicles in the game.

Enjoy and explore in-game worlds

Zombie Derby 2 is a car racing game and shooting game which means that you will drive across many areas hence making you explore several locations and terrain.

Customization and upgrade option

With this feature, players can customize and upgrade their characters. This will allow them to change how they look and appear in the game ultimately. You can use several customization features, from simple paintings and decals to adding new body parts. This is super amazing.

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Awesome graphics and sound quality

Zombie Derby 2 belongs to the 3D graphics game giving players an immersive and realistic gaming experience. Players will play the game like it's real life. Also, the game's sound quality is superb, giving off a smooth tone.

Additional features

  • Free to play
  • Replay your fighting scenes
  • Enjoy imaging the game offline


Download the latest version of the game to enjoy the immersive experience it gives players.

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Download Zombie Derby 2 APK and enjoy epic racing action around the various scenes of the game. Zombie Derby 2 is a driving simulation game full of adventurous scenes.


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