World Truck Driving Simulator
World Truck Driving Simulator
Size: 1.10 GB
Version: 1,389
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Download and install World Truck Driving Simulator APK to drive 3D trucks with a realistic experience. In this game, you will learn how to be a professional.

Name World Truck Driving Simulator
Version 1,389
Updated Oct 24, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Dynamic Games Ltda

Exciting Details about World Truck Driving Simulator

The World Truck Driving Simulator app was developed and published by Dynamic Games. This company launched this app on May 30 to benefit those who want to learn how to drive different types of trucks. If you are interested in having a car or think it's a nice idea to learn how to drive, you should consider going for a driving course.

Developers of World Truck Driving Simulator confessed to having to sit on trucks and drive them before creating this app. Driving simulation games, as already well-known, contain detailed 3D graphics. So a team of several developers develops World Truck Driving Simulator. The finished work has become a delight, and it was recently launched worldwide.

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Driving Jobs

If you know where to drive, you won't have to depend on any driver or bother about the type of vehicle – you will simply go anywhere whenever you want. You may not own a car or have the qualification to own one, but if there is a change in that in the future, you will possess the experience and will not be afraid of sitting in the driver's seat. World Truck Driving Simulator will help your dream become closer and more possible. You will be holding the hand of the steering wheel by navigating through all the keys provided on the screen of your android device.


The gameplay of this game focuses majorly on driving, just like Truck Simulator 2018: Europe. You will be behind the wheels of various capacity cars and gears, including American, European, and Brazilian models. However, the story has no beginning or end. As a player, you will explore the different terrain this game provides, such as highways, cities, or hills.

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Before beginning to drive, you must carefully assess the contents in the following order:

  • Adjust the mirrors to be able to see the two sides and rear of the vehicle
  • Ensure that your seat is comfortable
  • Observe the map and begin by tapping on the Start button

Your mission now is to navigate the truck's steering wheel, which you can find on the left side of the screen. On the right side are the brake pedal and accelerator. The vehicle's cockpit is designed like that of modern trucks, making it feel a lot more familiar so that you won't feel out of place when you drive a real vehicle. You can hit view maps, hit a gauge, or turn on the light when traveling at night. But you should exercise a lot of caution when you see traffic. You will encounter collisions each time you lose focus. Watch the rearview mirror regularly when you intend to pass or turn to ensure the highest level of safety.

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All the details of the game are designed carefully. The development team first performed their experiment on real vehicles and received feedback from the drivers before developing this app, allowing them to bring the experiment closer to the players.


The graphics in this game are 3D-engineered with the highest level of technology. What sets driving simulation games apart from most other games is the multidimensional graphics, which introduce the players to different terrains and maps. The many highways, the large city, the difficult terrain, the hills, and the wind and bluish fields make the game realistic.

The vehicle itself is impressively designed and detailed. The simulations are based on trucks from America, Europe, and Brazil. The image of the ambient environment and car smoke is also an impressive design. The developers and publisher have done a great job in bringing the simulation game to a mobile device to benefit those with no cars. Also, the audio system of the game is pretty realistic. A siren or boom and the sound of the brakes help the player have a wonderful and realistic experience.

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Light and Warning System

The truck has a light system that helps players navigate dark roads and tunnels. When installing the light system in the car, you are left with several choices, such as shape and size to high, medium, or low brightness. Besides that, the warning sound system when navigating through risky roads will remind you to avoid unexpected situations that result in traffic accidents.

Modern Auto-Driving Features

When driving through a straight highway with a safe width, you can use automated driving features sure to surprise you. You can activate the auto-driving features and then let go of the steering wheel, where you can rest after a long journey to allow it to work independently. However, ensure that you observe the driving to control it when it begins to move from the desired path to avoid crashing into other cars. The beautiful view outside the window will make you feel lost in a wonderland.

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Fun Experience of Refueling

While moving goods like the forest, agricultural, and food products, World Truck Driving Simulator provides you with the experience of facing different challenges and problems. For example, when the fuel is about out, you will receive a warning notification from the system. You will also be alerted about the nearest petrol station. Most importantly, you must watch your speed to avoid getting caught by the police.

Select a Truck with a Premium Showing System

To become a trucker, you need to select a vehicle from several other trucks presented before you. The 3D image of the vehicles is the most prominent parameter, including the car manufacturer's name. Such specifics will make choosing the car you want easier than ever. You will be presented with the most advanced, durable, and beautiful cars from the United States, Europe, and Brazil.


World Truck Driving Simulator is a game worth your time because you have a lot of things to learn from the simulation. This is one of the games that provide not only entertainment but also knowledge. This game provides players with a realistic experience and helps them understand and know about driving studies.

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Download and install World Truck Driving Simulator APK to drive 3D trucks with a realistic experience. In this game, you will learn how to be a professional.


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